Collin Jewett is an industrial engineer, author, and serial hobbyist from the cornfields of Indiana. After publishing his first book Out of Your Wheelhouse, Collin turned his passion for learning and helping others pursue meaningful goals into a career. As an engineer by background, and nerd in general, he also enjoys number crunching and personal finance and has experience with working with small businesses and families on bookkeeping, budgeting, and analytics. When he is not coaching others to rediscover the joy of learning or take control of their finances, Collin can be found playing guitar, writing his next book, practicing Brazillian Jui Jitsu, or exploring the world with his wife and adventure partner, Jess.

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  1. Collin is a great coach with a realistic perspective, friendly demeanor, and ability to communicate effectively.

    I came to Collin with my concerns and frustrations regarding the speed reading “learning curve.” In just a few minutes, he not only helped me realize that my struggles are to be expected, but he gave me great recommendations to improve my concentration and retention. Not only was he extremely helpful, but he is very easy to talk to, he is humble, and it is clear he has a genuine interest in people and helping them improve.

    I would highly recommend Collin!

  2. Collin supplied me with great information about speed reading & learning difficult materials. He is very cool, down to Earth & well read.

  3. Collin was pleasant to talk to. He seeked to get to know me and my challenges and let me know where he might be able to help without it being all upsale. Even without an ongoing coaching arrangement, I felt I got value from the interaction.

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Collin Jewett