Collin Jewett is an industrial engineer, author, and serial hobbyist from the mountains of Colorado. After publishing his first book Out of Your Wheelhouse, Collin turned his passion for learning and helping others pursue meaningful goals into a career. As an engineer by background, and nerd in general, he also enjoys number crunching and personal finance and has experience with working with small businesses and families on bookkeeping, budgeting, and analytics. When he is not coaching others to rediscover the joy of learning or take control of their finances, Collin can be found playing guitar, writing his next book, practicing Brazillian Jui Jitsu, or exploring the world with his wife and adventure partner, Jess.

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  1. Collin is a great coach with a realistic perspective, friendly demeanor, and ability to communicate effectively.

    I came to Collin with my concerns and frustrations regarding the speed reading “learning curve.” In just a few minutes, he not only helped me realize that my struggles are to be expected, but he gave me great recommendations to improve my concentration and retention. Not only was he extremely helpful, but he is very easy to talk to, he is humble, and it is clear he has a genuine interest in people and helping them improve.

    I would highly recommend Collin!

  2. Collin supplied me with great information about speed reading & learning difficult materials. He is very cool, down to Earth & well read.

  3. Collin was pleasant to talk to. He seeked to get to know me and my challenges and let me know where he might be able to help without it being all upsale. Even without an ongoing coaching arrangement, I felt I got value from the interaction.

  4. Robert Bomark
    at — Reply

    I have been coached by Collin one time so long and really thinks he’s a good coach. He want out your potential in what you are doing and seems for me to be very skillful and a good listener for your situation and have many good helpful tips to make your study better 🙂 I have hopes and plans to be coached more times by Colin in the future 🙂

  5. Dottie Arehart
    at — Reply

    Dear Jonathan, I wanted to write to you to tell you how
    HAPPY I am having Collin as my coach.  
    I cannot tell you enough what a nice man he is and such a good teacher.  

    I love your work.  I have been  a little slow starting.   But really into homework now.  

    Collins time and attention are outstanding.  He writes me every day I don’t give my report on what homework I have done.   I tell him “he’s irritating.  He asks if I want every other day .  So accommodating so nice.  He is so faithful and committed to me.  I feel so blessed.  We both really like each other it’s fun.   

    This  is the first time in my life I have done homework.  (I got by on my charm). Haha but true.  

    He is so respectful of you and we are both so appreciative of your brilliant work.  

    Thank you so much DOTTIE

  6. Marcin Żelezik
    at — Reply

    Collin is a great coach,
    He can feel the exact need you have for coaching, identify your specyfic problem and design a solution to it.
    We had a great talk, we had fun and overall – we managed to overcome my roadblocks (and I thought there was only 1) so I can step further with my learning.

    Thank you Collin!

    And you, reader, will thank yourself after having a call with him 😉

  7. Nanan Panichuttra (Toey)
    at — Reply

    Collin is always willing to help and support whatever my learning goals are. I always receive very useful advice from him. Since my coaching started, my life has positively changed, can’t thank you enough. Really glad I have him as my coach!

  8. Gustavo Alito
    at — Reply

    During a quick call, Collin provided me with the resources (created by himself) which would answer my current questions. You can really tell he has a genuine willingness to listen and help. All the reviews I’ve read are spot on and thumbs up for the great job he’s been doing.

  9. Dan Auldridge
    at — Reply

    Collin was very helpful ! He was always here to answer my question, no matter what they were, and he was able to give some great advice to help me improve ! I’d recommend him for anyone seeking to be a superlearner.
    Being in the Law field, I constantly need to memorize a massive load of information. Thanks to Collin’s techniques and advice, I was able to learn plenty of dates and case laws thanks to the memory palace and to the major system ! During the end, I had some lack of motivation, that Collin helped me overcome by making me apply the skills to my course’s material.

  10. Jeremy Gibson
    at — Reply

    Highly recommend working with Collin, he is down to earth, easy to talk to, listens carefully and great at helping you hold yourself accountable! Thanks Collin!

  11. Chunge Wang
    at — Reply

    Collin and I worked together for four and a half months, and my reading speed has tripled and my learning strategies have become much more diverse and effective. It’s been a transformative growth process that will positively impact me for the rest of my life. As a coach, Collin sets clear expectations and is structured, communicative, and thoughtful. He taught me much practical knowledge beyond speedreading, such as how to use memorization techniques and tools, how to self-motivate, how to structure complex personal development projects, and how to create new habits. He genuinely wants to see his clients succeed, constantly improves his coaching system and helped me overcome obstacles along the way. Besides Collin’s effective guidance, I believe learning to speedread and acquire knowledge efficiently and deeply was also a process that will inevitably take commitment, and consistent practice from students, and I am glad that I have achieved great results with Collin!

    Moreover, I also love chatting with Collin because he’s a friendly, down-to-earth and knowledgeable man! I’ve learned a lot from listening to his perspective on things and experiences!

  12. Jeremy Ervin Richard
    at — Reply

    It was a pleasure working with Collin. After a few months I noticed major life changing shifts in my mindset and valued what I was taught exponentially more than I did initially. I went from wanting to be a faster reader to becoming a more effective learner who happens to speed read. Thanks again Collin.

  13. Daniel Espinoza
    at — Reply

    Collin! This review is long overdue. I met Collin back in either 2017 or 2018 when I was struggling a bit to go through the Masterclass and in life a bit to be honest. I was a little scatterbrained and had a ton of goals just could not connect the dots and execute. I knew the value of the course and just needed a bit more accountability. With Collins coaching I was able to get down the meat and potatoes of what I really want my life to look like. He helped me get through the masterclass and more importantly, reevaluate my priorities and ask better questions of myself to reach said goals. Thank you.

  14. Daniel Fockenberg, PhD
    at — Reply

    There I only two regrets I have with Collin: First, that I did not interact even more with him during this course. And second, that the system does not allow me to give him a 6 or 7 star rating. For me, Collin was not only highly informative and inspiring in terms of how to learn to learn, but also regarding what it means to be a good coach. He really impressed me deeply with his is always friendly and caring attitude, his at times profound insights, spot-on advice and leadership skills. Besides his immense knowledge, he also was always very approachable and open to learn and find even better ways for you, always placing your success at the very core of his endeavors. To me, Collin is not just a coach, but man with a mission: To help you overcome whatever damage your upbringing or schooling may have done to what you believe you are capable of in terms of learning. And from all I have seen, I believe that he has all the tools and personal skills to do so.

  15. Cristian Rojas
    at — Reply

    Extremely passionate, inspiring, genuine, down to earth, talented, understanding, attentive, (could keep going until I run out of adjectives) over-all mind-blowing dude. I find it hard to express my gratitude for what Collin has done for me. He showed support and encouragement pretty much like no one ever really has, which led me to finding worth in myself that before was not only barely even visible, but also neglected. Due to this, I’m literally not the same person I was before meeting Collin; I have taken a HUGE and BOLD leap to the person I want to, and will be. In other words, Collin is Boss.

  16. Chuck Windus
    at — Reply

    His knowledge of the subject and overall plan of attack was good.

  17. Edward Calderon
    at — Reply

    I greatly enjoyed learning from Collin. It is very clear he is passionate about helping others. Collin expressed a lot of enthusiasm and energy in teaching as well as demonstrating patience when working one on one with students to help them reach their full potential. I highly recommend Collin as a coach.

  18. Billy Appelhof
    at — Reply

    Collin is a great person to hang out with and he answer all your question with some form of solution even if it a wild goose chases to get that solutions. Collin is a great person an I always had a blast hang out with him in the Discover your Inner SuperLearner course.

  19. Jean Jordaan
    at — Reply

    Collin has a wealth of practical application knowledge when it comes to learning techniques. He has shown how anybody with the correct guidance and application of these techniques can achieve amazing memory results. Thanks for putting together a great “Discover your Inner Superlearner” course. Look forward to seeing how this course evolves.

  20. Alexia Chua
    at — Reply

    Collin has a wealth of experience as a SuperLearner coach. He has shown me many innovative ways and creative ideas to improve learning. Working with Collin was an amazing experience, and he has been extremely helpful in my journey of self discovery, of which I find even more valuable than SuperLearning. He is down-to-earth, and listened to every questions keenly. His wealth of knowledge in SuperLearning methodologies has helped me tremendously in developing my own personal learning system. Collin also taught me many practical tips in improving and refining learning methods, preventing me from stumbling from learning roadblocks. Taking up the “Discover Your Inner SuperLearner” Course was one of my best decisions ever!

  21. Haider Khan
    at — Reply

    Collin was a great and had a very relaxed teaching style that facilitated the whole process. He also did regular follow up which made the whole process more effective.

  22. Sarah C-J
    at — Reply

    Down to earth and exceptionally skilled at making the complicated simple. Collin’s coaching style can best be described as giving you a sprinkle of what you think you want, and a generous dose of what you really need. Those lucky enough to benefit from his wisdom are noticeably better for it. The Discover your Inner SuperLearner course could not have been led by a more capable, yet humble, guide.

  23. Maria Martinez
    at — Reply

    Collin has the knowledge to guide and instruct in a way that is easy to understand. He knows how to listen and ask the right questions to help you figure out the issues that inhibit your learning. He will guide you into a question technique process. The material is presented in a way that is easy to get started and stay motivated. Getting to the finish line with his coaching strategies is not difficult. This was a big takeaway for me, I use to complete around 4/10 of my tasks. His strategies are easy to generalize to improve other areas of your life, not just academics.

  24. Arinze Ngonadi
    at — Reply

    Collin was the main coach, so I spent most of my time with him, he was very helpful in particular giving my specific ideas on what I need to do to improve myself. I also like how he expanded my ideas on what I could do & challenged me to take action so that I can improve myself and this helped me improve my preparation for my job interview and the result of this was that I got a Senior job position at work, because I did things differently. Thanks Collin, I appreciate it 🙂 🙂

  25. Dominick Lim
    at — Reply

    On top of knowing his stuff inside and out, Collin is incredibly patient and tailored the Discover your Inner SuperLearner course to our cohort. The live sessions were engaging and the resources were clear and fun to follow. Collin was extremely generous with this time and energy, hosting a 3-hour long breakfast club (just to hang out and get better together) on top of the live sessions and office hours.

  26. John Cervantes
    at — Reply

    Collin was very helpful and helped me focus.

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