With a degree in Engineering and a Diploma of Languages, Elanor is a clear communicator who enjoys breaking down challenges into down into small, achievable steps. If you are looking for someone to clarify concepts, provide support and help connect everything together, then look no further.

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  1. Mark
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    I wasn’t sure about the value of a coach but what I was sure of was that I needed to interact with someone face to face (or virtually) about what I was learning and how I could best use the skills in my everyday life. My main goal in searching for a coach was someone to whom could help hold myself accountable and discuss parts of the program that I struggled with or even understood but wanted to talk through some of the processes with. After the first 15 mins with Elanor in the introductory session, I felt that she understood what it was I wanted to achieve and was really open to helping me reach my goals. I’ve had 2 full 1 hour sessions with Elanor now and I really look forward to them. She’s easy to talk to, isn’t at all pushy or directive and she’s given me some really good insights in each section as we go through them. Well worth the investment and will be continuing the coaching program for another month or two because of these experiences.

  2. Lori
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    This was my first experience with coaching since high school, which was over 30 years ago. Over the last year I have tried several times to get through the SuperLearner program with no success. After 8 weekly 30 minute coaching sessions with Eleanor I am almost done with the program. With my new found memory skills I have memorized my license plate, library card, credit card, and phone numbers. My visualization skills have improved. My reading speed has not made a huge improvement yet, but my comprehension has skyrocketed. As I practice my new skills I expect my reading speed to increase.

    I can’t say enough about Elanor as a coach. Each week Elanor would help me set reasonable and stretch goals based on how much time I had to dedicate to the program. She provided encouragement, clarified concepts, and help me connect everything together. Elanor helped me to be patient with myself and to be realistic with my expectations. Using Trello, she set up a structure which made it easy for me to go thru my weekly tasks and get questions answered between our weekly coaching sessions.

    I highly recommend Elanor!

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