Hi! I’m an entrepreneur, guitar instructor, and growth enthusiast from the home of Jason Bourne Nixa, Missouri.

From years of being a slow reader in school and never feeling particularly gifted at any one “thing”, I developed a work ethic and determination to grow. Between the spring semester and summer of my sophomore year at college, I immersed myself into SuperHuman Academy, completing all 9 courses. Fired up and searching for a career to blend my passions of helping others, talking with people, and self-improvement, I began my journey as a coach.

As a growth junkie, I continue to be intentional about growing myself every day, striving to go to bed a little bit better than when I woke up. When I’m not coaching others to 3x their learning speed, I can be found grabbing coffee with friends, playing guitar, cultivating a new hobby (juggling at the moment), or breaking into spontaneous dance.

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  1. Josh Barry
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    Luke is both an amazing coach and individual! We worked together through the summer developing a personal growth action plan. In this time he helped me to identify and define areas in life that I desired to grow. Further he challenged me to take on the obstacles in front of me and to see them as opportunities to grow rather than things to feel daunted by. Luke also supplied many helpful resources such as articles, TedTalks, and sermons to supplement our growth plan. Finally, what truly made this time with Luke such a joy was his personality and coaching style. As we worked through all sorts of life situations together, Luke always felt present in the conversation. He listened intently, shared about his experiences authentically and he showed a genuine concern in the work and relationship he has with me. Every moment with him was invaluable. It is with great joy that more than just calling Luke a life coach I can also call him a dear friend.

  2. Chelsea Barnett
    at — Reply

    Luke is awe-mazing!! I thought becoming a Super Learner was cut and dry (exercises to learn faster). However, I learned that this program is so much more than that. In fact, I came face to face with areas of my life that needed a serious overhaul. It became rather emotional and prodded a level of vulnerability. Luke was such an encouraging, compassionate, and SAFE couch. He was validating where I needed it and eager to listen when I needed that as well. It was evident that he was invested in my life and intended to be my greatest cheerleader. I did not get to finish my work with Luke (to no fault of his own). I hope I can some day pick up again with SuperLearner and if/when I do, Luke is my guy!! His energy and excitement are contagious. His passion to help others reach their goals is evident! Luke, you’re awesome and I’m so grateful to have had you as my coach!! I highly, HIGHLY, recommend him to anyone setting out on this great adventure. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he practices these tools himself.

  3. Billy Appelhof
    at — Reply

    Luke is amazing person down to earth, blast to talk to. he helped me understand The basic of marker as well as what ancher where and how they are used in markers, as well as how they work with memory places and tips about memory places and so much more.

  4. Chuck
    at — Reply

    I had thought that the one on one help was awesome. He had taken the time to walk through anything if you had questions.

  5. Alexia
    at — Reply

    I met Luke through the “Discover Your Inner SuperLearner” Course. Luke has been very helpful in answering questions, providing guidance for my learning journey and helping me discover more about myself. It was a great pleasure working with Luke!
    Rating 5 stars for Luke because he deserves it! (The rating system doesn’t seem to be working in my browser)

  6. Edward Calderon
    at — Reply

    I have had the opportunity to be coached by Luke in the Discover Your Inner Superlearner course. It’s evident in the way Luke approaches people that he cares, loves what he does, and is passionate about teaching others. I have had a great experience working with Luke.

  7. Sarah C-J
    at — Reply

    Luke is an insightful and thoughtful coach. He has very clearly mastered the skills he patiently guides his students in acquiring, but remains deeply humble and approachable. He takes the time to fully understand his students struggles before providing tailored guidance and tips. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking support on their SuperLearning journey.

  8. Jean
    at — Reply

    I had the privilege of being part of Luke’s small group throughout the first “Discover your Inner SuperLearner” course. Luke is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience on how to become a better Super Learner. I really appreciated his practical and no nonsense approach to some of the questions I had. Especially on learning music chords and theory. I you are looking for a coach, give Luke a call. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for all you helped me with Luke. Keep up the good word.

  9. Daniel Espinoza
    at — Reply

    I met Luke during the Discover Your Inner SuperLearner and I have to say it’s been a pleasure learning from him! He provided great guidance, was always there to answer any questions and even asked all the thought provoking questions to keep me moving forward. Thank you.

  10. Rohan Fernandes
    at — Reply

    I had the opportunity to work with Luke during the Discover Your Inner SuperLearner course and he was friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help, even in areas that were outside the scope of the course. He is a great resource for anybody seeking to become a better learner!

  11. at — Reply

    Luke, he was the best mentor i met online, his passion for teaching can be seen by the way he answers you very patiently, personally im for a non english speaking country, it was not easy to catch me pronunciation, he used to passionately help me out with the examples, i can bet on him for every doubt regarding this course he got a solution with an example, he helped me a lot, thanks luke for understanding my situation. you are a good human.

  12. Helisa
    at — Reply

    Luke is really supportive and understanding of my situation by always trying to assist me in overcoming my obstacles. He is also very patient in explaining things and concepts, not to mention customizing the content to fit my need so that I can get the best out of the program. I highly recommend him as your SuperLearner coach!

  13. Daniel Fockenberg, PhD
    at — Reply

    Luke may be the youngest of the coaches, which in itself could appeal to younger participants. But do not let his age fool you! I got to know him as absolutely equal to all the other coaches in terms of his knowledge, insight and commitment to help you. Besides, Luke has this unique, very kind and approachable energy about him, which may also make him a perfect match for participants, who may feel very insecure about their own capabilities and may need someone, who they feel they can relate to. Because Luke gives you that sense that he has been there, too, and that besides his technical knowledge, he also speaks and teaches directly out of his own experience. Finally, even if nothing of this applies to you, I know of at least one guy, who was pretty skeptical about him at first – and ended up finishing this course having landed his dream position, also praising Luke’s contributions to his learning experience.

  14. Cristian Rojas
    at — Reply

    Luke is awesome. Though I didn’t interact with him as much as I would’ve liked to during the Discover your Inner SuperLearner course, he strongly elicits friendliness, familiarity and joy for learning as well as a secret genius that suddenly pops out. He seems to be just one step ahead of us, making it all the more exciting, playful and in a way spontaneously fun. Plus, his laugh is highly contagious. 🙂

  15. Maria Martinez
    at — Reply

    Luke is great explaining things in a very structure format. He is attentive, and listen to what the student is asking. He ask many questions to make sure he understand the student perspective before he answers the questions. All coaches know this stuff, and the best part is that each explain it in their own unique way.

  16. Arinze Ngonadi
    at — Reply

    Luke was my main coach at first I was a bit skeptical because of his young age & I was in my 40s, but all my thoughts and issues about this was quickly taken away after my first session with him. In my first session and sessions afterwards he was very professional & he listened to my problem and he gave me specific exercises that can help me overcome my problem immediately, which was useful. He gave me a amazing exercise, when I was thinking there is a limit to what the brain can remember, by letting me remember the phonetic alphabet in a fun way that works with my brain than against it. I will definitely recommend him to anyone & use him again in the future.

  17. John Cervantes
    at — Reply

    Luke provided a great perspective on learning

  18. Fabian
    at — Reply

    Had a nice all with Luke about sleep. He is a good listener and tried every possibility and idea with me too improve my tiredness in the morning.

  19. Miklós Szeles
    at — Reply

    From more than 30k people in the SuperLearners Facebook group, only Luke took the time to provide me answers for my questions. We had a call, where he helped me find the whys of my goals, and also gave some hints on memorizing random words and flags.

  20. Julian
    at — Reply

    Luke is very knowledgeable and helpful. He answered my questions about the Super Learner course and was very supportive.

  21. Dionysios
    at — Reply

    Luke is a great coach who really looks into the core of the situation and researches your struggles deeply.

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