Abel James on How to Lose Belly Fat… By Eating More Fat

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“It was about 40 days… and I went from being overweight to basically looking like I could be slapped on the front of a fitness magazine… But interestingly, I didn't really change my exercise.”
— Abel James

Greetings, superfriends! This week, we’re talking about a topic that just about everyone seems to be interested in – fat loss. With nearly 60% of the population suffering from obesity or related afflictions in many western countries, you can see why it’s such a hot topic.

To dive into it, I’ve invited one of THE authorities on the topic – Abel James. Years ago, he decided to depart from all the common dieting advice that had kept him overweight and unhealthy and do his own research and experimentation. Through that research and experimentation, he was able to shed 20 pounds in 40 days. Fast forward a few years, and he is now the host of the award-winning, #1 rated podcast, Fat Burning Man. He’s written books, online courses, and done high-end coaching for elite bodybuilders. In short, this dude knows a ton about diet and fat-loss, and I can’t wait to get into it.

In the episode, we’re going to talk about choosing the right diet, why everything you know about nutrition is probably BS, how to make dietary choices, decreasing body fat, how much is too much… ahhhh there’s a lot of amazing little nuggets here, and frankly I could listen to Abel talk about this stuff all day. So, let's dive in.

In this episode with Abel James, we discuss:

  • How Abel James had massive health issues, despite following the traditional dietary advice
  • Why Abel's apartment burning down became a transformational point in his life
  • How to lose belly fat by eating more fat
  • Where did our fear of fat as a society come from, and how is it flawed?
  • The problems with what has become “normal” to us
  • What happens if you have a high-fat diet but don't exercise?
  • What is the “wild diet” advocated by Abel James, and what does a typical meal look like
  • Real food desserts, dairy, fruit, and other “should I eat it” items
  • The importance of variety, and not eating the same things every day
  • How has Abel's blood work changed now that he eats so much fat and cholesterol?
  • Does Abel do a “cheat day?” Should you?
  • How can you get below 10% body fat – and is it worth it?
  • The tradeoffs of drinking alcohol, and striking a healthy balance
  • Tips on how to transition smoothly into a healthier low-carb diet, and why it's so incredibly painful
  • Micro-exercise, and one piece of homework you can practice today
  • Abel's most recommended book

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Abel James:

“For the first time of my life, I started thinking about diet that way: counting calories, and eating whole grains out of boxes… and over the course of just a few months, all of a sudden, I was fat and sick.”
“It's a holistic thing. It's not just the diet. It's the way that you're living that affects you and affects your health.”
“Generally speaking, processed food is bad for you, real food is good for you.”
“I think we have the wrong idea about what's normal and what's common.”
“We want to experience – to get that full spectrum of what food is meant to be like. But not just mindlessly eating that apple every day.”
“After interviewing a couple hundred  of the top experts in health, they disagree about almost everything, except for the fact that we should all be eating tons of greens.”
“We don't really worry that much about cholesterol anymore.”
“If you're looking to compete at the highest level, avoiding alcohol is almost always a good idea.”
“Break a sweat every day doing something that you love.”
“I think people don't really get it when I talk about how important your natural environment is, and how much control you have over it.”




  1. Luiz
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    Thanks, I learned a lot of interesting things in past episodes.

  2. Shivaditya Purohit
    at — Reply

    loved th heart and the depth of the conversation. The way that Dr. Metivier shared from his enormous experience and insights was just amazing. Thank you Jonathan for doing this podcast!! 🙂

  3. Rob
    at — Reply

    Great interview with Dr. Greg Wells! He mentioned a doctor from Colorado around the 42:30 point of the podcast, discussing turmeric and black pepper. I couldn’t make out the doctor’s name. Can you provide me with his full name and maybe his website or contact info. Interested in his products.



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