Dr. Ann Shippy On Epigenetics, The Paleo Diet, And Mold

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Dr. Ann Shippy On Epigenetics, The Paleo Diet, And Mold
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“You can teach your genes how to behave.”
— Dr. Ann Shippy

Greetings, SuperFriends!

In this week's episode, we are once again joined by Dr. Ann Shippy, a former IBM engineer turned traditional medicine doctor, turned functional medicine doctor, turned author, and TEDx speaker. She attended the University of Texas Medical School, after leaving a career at IBM engineering for 10 years.

Today she runs a thriving medical practice in Austin, Texas, and is board certified in internal medicine and functional medicine. Now, I wanted to have Dr. Shippy back on the show because, last time, we talked more about fasting and preventing disease, but I wanted to get a better sense of, first off, what epigenetics is, and what it practically means for us. And then I wanted to go a little deeper into mold, because Dr. Shippy has actually written an entire book on mold, as well as go a little deeper on diet, too.

So, we expand on everything we talked about last time in the episode, and we also refresh and relearn. I really enjoyed this episode and I learned quite a bit, and that's a pretty good indication that you are going to enjoy this conversation as well!

-Jonathan Levi

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Dr. Ann Shippy, what does she do, and how did she get here? [4:00]
  • How does Dr. Shippy manage all aspects of her work? [6:30]
  • What is epigenetics? [7:30]
  • What are some negative things we can avoid with epigenetics? [11:00]
  • What is methylation, and how does it work? [13:00]
  • What are some other things we can do based on epigenetics? [18:45]
  • The paleo diet and its benefits [21:40]
  • Some information about cholesterol, and what we really need to take a look at [24:00]
  • What is Dr. Ann Shippy's take on animal protein [27:20]
  • Mold, its negative effects on our health, and what we can do [29:40]
  • What are some things Dr. Ann Shippy does to perform at a SuperHuman level? [36:50]
  • The truth about aging [39:55]
  • Where can you learn more about Dr. Ann Shippy? [41:20]
  • Dr. Ann Shippy's final takeaway message [42:00]

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