Dr. Anthony Metivier on How to Remember Anything & Everything

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After having such a great time as a guest on the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, I was very excited to turn the tables around and interview Dr. Anthony Metivier as one of the very first guests on the SuperHuman Academy podcast.

Anthony is someone who's work I've admired for a long time, not only for his highly-developed thinking on memory palaces, but also for his un-intimidating approach to teaching them. Anthony has taught thousands of people all of the world how to memorize anything from a deck of cards to poetry and even vocabulary. In fact, he has been instrumental in convincing me to make memory palaces a larger part of my own superlearning skill set (and online course).

As an added bonus, Anthony has generously offered a series of free videos and worksheets to the listeners of this podcast!

“A lot of people use the word ‘system,’ but there are no systems. There are just methods that allow you to create your own system.”
— Dr. Anthony Metivier

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Dr. Metivier developed the Magnetic Memory Method and used it to overcome stress-related depression and difficulty during his PhD program
  • How the Magnetic Memory works, and the core fundamentals of dramatically improving your memory
  • How Anthony has developed 183 memory palaces, and how he uses them
  • How norepinephrine benefits our brains and our memories
  • What the “primacy effect” is and how to beat it
  • Whether or not “innate ability” or having a good memory is fact or fiction
  • The key characteristics and factors necessary to succeed in improving your memory
  • Some of the requirements for adult learning to happen
  • How the magnetic memory method can be used not just for vocabulary, but also for grammatical structures
  • Whether or not you need to know “how it works” to actually use these methodologies
  • What are some examples of loci, and what kind of loci work best?
  • A live demonstration of Anthony reciting poetry using a memory palace
  • What it means to store your memories “rhizomatically”
  • How to insure your memory palaces using technology
  • Why somebody would want to learn how to memorize a deck of cards

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