Dr. Boris Konrad On The Skill And Neuroscience Behind Memory Techniques

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In this episode with Dr. Boris Konrad, we talk on the neuroscience behind memory, and we learn some new exciting things on the benefits of memory training.
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“Include memory techniques and education at all levels.”
— Dr. Boris Konrad

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we have a special treat, as we are actually joined by a neuroscientist researcher and memory competitor. In fact, this is someone whose work we have been quoting for many years, improving the scientific validity for everything that we do in SuperHuman Academy.

In case you've been wondering, our guest today is Dr. Boris Konrad. In the episode, Dr. Konrad talked about the research and he shared with us some interesting and surprising things that even I didn't know about mnemonic techniques and the incredible benefits that they can offer for your brain health and your life.

I really enjoyed this episode, and I'm sure you are going to as well!

-Jonathan Levi

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This episode is brought to you by The Pod by Eight Sleep. Click here to save $150 off your purchase on their amazing High-Tech Bed For Sleep Fitness today, for orders placed on their website!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How did Dr. Konrad get into memory? [4:25]
  • What education path did Boris take to get here? [5:40]
  • Talking about Boris Konrad's 4 Guinness World Records [6:40]
  • Does Boris have an exceptionally gifted memory naturally? [9:20]
  • How does Boris approach memory techniques? [9:50]
  • Why do memory techniques like memory palaces work? [11:20]
  • The neuroscience behind memory palaces and other memory techniques [13:30]
  • Does learning memory techniques make your brain more efficient, from a neuroscience perspective? [18:40]
  • What are some next steps Dr. Konrad wants to make in memory research? [19:30]
  • The cost of running science experiments on memory [23:40]
  • Should everyone study memory techniques, at least for brain health? [26:45]
  • What does Boris's routine for brain health include? [27:50]
  • At what age can kids start learning memory techniques? [30:00]
  • School education and memory [32:00]
  • How can people support Dr. Konrad's work and memory in general? [35:45]
  • What are some other hacks Dr. Konrad's utilizes? [38:00]
  • What are some books that have really impacted Boris's life? [38:20]
  • The benefits of using memory techniques for language learning [41:40]
  • How to find more about Dr. Boris Konrad [44:40]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Dr. Boris Konrad:

“Our brain doesn't have one memory. We have many different memory systems.”


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    I have never left a review for any Podcast yet. This is a 5 Star Podcast for sure.

    I have listened to almost all of your Podcasts from Episode 1. I am sad hear you are ending it at 300 and I haven’t actually heard the reason why.

    I have enjoyed Jonathan’s evolution as a host and the eye opening information I have gleaned over the years. Introductions to people like Dave Asprey, Hal Elrod and Steven Gundry to name a few have helped me grow and understand several things much better. Trying out their products has been fun as well.

    I didn’t always agree with some of the viewpoints and information presented here, like psychedelics in treatment of PTSD for example, but have come to understand more and more with the help of this and other information sources of how much an open mind into these ideas may help many sufferers in the long run. And I often suggest things to people as a result of this openmindedness.

    Every episode ha something to be learned and I am sure I’ll refer back in the future. I wish Jonathan much happiness in the coming Daddydom and hope for nothing but great things for his wife and growing family and the extended company family.

    Here’s hoping you restart in the future but enjoy the time with the important people in your life.

    Les M. Rude
    Alberta, Canada

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