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Drew Canole: How To Extract The Juice From Life

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“Once you start to change what you're putting in your body, everything changes. And juice is one of the best things you can put in your body.”
— Drew Canole

Greetings, SuperFriends!

A few years ago, today's guest was a financier headed down a path of poor health. Today, he is one of America’s top transformational coaches, with millions of followers on his social media channels, numerous companies, and an internet marketing empire that, quite frankly, blew my mind when I discovered it. Through his message of the powers of juicing and other dietary habits, he’s transformed the lives of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people… He’s also published 11 books, ranging from juicing to dream hacking and mental transformation… So you know we just had to hear more.

In this episode, we talk about childhood trauma, path to self improvement, spirituality, belief systems, juicing, lucid dreaming, motivation, accelerated learning, outsourcing and delegation, identity and purpose, and so much more. I went into the interview expecting to talk about juicing and nutrition, and in the end, came away with a massive, massive dose of inspiration, motivation, and heck… even a few life lessons that just might shape the way I navigate the cosmos going forward.

I want to give a big big shout out to Shanna at Organifi for helping me get ready for the interview and encouraging me to dig deep with today’s guest – I think you’ll agree that it really made a difference in the quality of the interview.

This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Save 15% on their highly-recommended green juice products with coupon code "superhuman."

This episode is brought to you by Organifi. Save 15% on their highly-recommended green juice products with coupon code “superhuman.”

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who the heck is Drew Canole, and how did he go from overweight to awesome?
  • How did a simple green juice change Drew Canole's life – and his body?
  • Why was Drew so driven towards helping people – and himself?
  • A discussion of Drew's very challenging childhood, and how it influenced his adulthood
  • What is Drew Canole's belief system? How does he approach life, spiritually and otherwise?
  • How has he grown such an incredibly successful company?
  • Some incredibly powerful leadership tips from Drew on how he has created such a great business
  • What is “the why-dentity process?”
  • What tools does Drew Canole use to optimize his performance? Meditation?
  • The importance of forgiving yourself, and why Drew learned how to be very good at it
  • How does Drew treat other people, and why?
  • Why juicing? Why is it so important to Drew? 
  • What have clinical trials said about Organifi?
  • How can you get started with juicing – and why should you do it slowly?
  • What's in Organifi's green juice, and why is it so damn good for you?
  • Why is Stevia maybe not the best sweetener?
  • When Drew does it solid foods, what does he eat? Does he eat carbs?
  • Where does Drew get so much motivation and energy?
  • An important message: it's not about you (and why that's a good thing)
  • Lucid dreaming: how to use it, and how to achieve it
  • Drew's work with an aboriginal shaman (fascinating)
  • How does Drew Canole learn so fast?! How does it relate to SuperLearning?
  • Working with coaches, and how to find coaches
  • What are Drew's productivity tips? How does he get so much done? How does he delegate?
  • How does Drew keep from getting bored or going crazy?
  • Some incredible book recommendations
  • How Drew changed his beliefs and stopped thinking he was “stupid”
  • What is the #1 message Drew Canole would like for you to take away?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Drew Canole:

“At the time, I was eating all the macronutrients, but I wasn't getting the micronutrients. And that was what really started to supercharge my mind.”

“I just became a voracious reader… I read 3 books a week.”
“I was living this inauthentic lie of who I was. I was trying to be what the world wanted me to be… I still had this tremendous amount of discord in my body… I wasn't happy with anything in my life.”
“I believe in love. Period.”
“It's not about Drew. It's not about what I'm doing throughout the day or what I'm creating… It's about who are we changing! What are the lives that we're impacting? …I think that's the new doctrine.”
“Do things throughout the day that lower your stress levels. ‘Cuz life is stressful!”
“I'm really bad at a lot of things… But I'm the world's greatest person at forgiving myself.”
“How can I look at somebody in the eyes, how can I see the universe, the galaxy through them, look into their soul, and make a deep connection within 2 seconds that fuels me for the rest of the week…[That] is what really lights me on fire and gives me an endless supply of this source energy.”
“That's one of my mantras. I say it all day long, every day. Possibility is everywhere.”
“We are one. And when I treat somebody as if they are me, then the world opens up. There's more possibilities. Possibilities are everywhere when you start to view the world like that.”
“The world, right now… We have to meet them where they are. I could talk about esoteric shit all day long because it's what I love… but if I don't feel good, and I'm sick… I'm not going to listen to this message.”
“Turmeric's more power than over 22 over-the-counter pain reliever medications.”
“My dreams are more real than reality itself.”
“I live in this world of seeing the unlimited in people before they're able to see it in themselves. So I speak to that aspect of who they are.”
“We shouldn't focus so much on ‘what am I doing' every single day, but ‘how am I being?' We're human beings not humans doing.”
“It's so crazy, you know? We get literally 20 years of somebody's experience written in one book that you can digest in 2-3 hours depending on how quick you read… and it's just amazing to me how view people are actually voracious readers…”
“Anything is possible. And when you believe that, the world will start to reveal that to you. Wherever you are right now.”


Introduction: Welcome to the Becoming SuperHuman Podcast. Where we interview extraordinary people to bring you the skills and strategies to overcome the impossible. And now here's your host, Jonathan Levi.

Jonathan Levi: This episode is brought to you by Organifi. You know, the one thing that literally every single diet and nutrition expert that we've had on the show seems to agree on is that we need to eat more veg and get our greens and consume all-natural products. But let's be honest. How many of us actually have the time?

Well, recently I had the opportunity. To meet some of the folks over at Organifi and I've been absolutely blown away by them and their product. You see Organifi is an organic superfood green juice powder that literally covers all your nutritional bases without having to eat five bowls of kale. It saves you loads of time, loads of money, and a lot of chewing. And really all you have to do is add water and drink it. So to check it out and save an incredible. 20% off your first order. Visit That's and use coupon code superhuman at checkout.

Greeting, SuperFriends, and welcome to today's show, you guys. I think you're going to be blown away by today's guest.

I just got off the call with him and I simply cannot believe how impressive and how humble and how inspiring he was. You guys a few years ago, today's guest was a financier headed down the path of poor health. And today, he's one of America's top transformational coaches. He has millions of followers on social media.

He's got numerous companies and he's running an internet marketing empire that quite frankly blew my mind when I discovered just how successful they really are. So his message is around the powers of juicing and other daily habits. And using this message he's transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people.

He's also published 11 books ranging from juicing to dream hacking mental transformation and, and everything in between. So, you know, we had a lot to talk about. Now, throughout the episode, we do talk about things like childhood trauma. We talk about the path to self-improvement. We talk about spirituality, leadership, belief systems, juicing, lucid, dreaming, motivation, accelerated learning, outsourcing the list just goes on and on and on.

And honestly, I went into this interview expecting just to talk about juicing and nutrition, since that's really the core of my guests business, but in the end, I came away with this massive dose of inspiration and motivation and even a few life lessons that just might shape the way I navigate the cosmos going forward.

Now I do want to give a big, big shout out to Shauna at Organifi for helping me get ready for the interview and really encouraging me to dig deep in this conversation and ask the hard questions. Because I think you'll agree that it really made an incredible difference in the quality of the interview.

So without any further ado, I'm very excited to present to you. My new SuperFriend, Mr. Drew Canole.

Mr. Drew cannoli, my friend. Welcome. Welcome. We're really excited to have you.

Drew Canole: Thanks, Jonathan. Appreciate being here my man.

Jonathan Levi: Yeah, man. You're a tough guy to connect with. I know you're super busy and I've been chatting with your team trying to get this scheduled for quite some time. So I'm really looking forward to providing our audience with some really amazing stuff.

Drew, tell us a little bit about yourself before we get started. I mean, how did you get into all of this?

Drew Canole: Yeah, so, uh, essentially, you know, I know your followers are big into health, improving their lives, superhuman performance. I was nothing of that. Five and a half, six years ago I was heavier, I was lazy, I was lethargic. I didn't have a life purpose. I had no vision. I had no mission. And then one day this man approached me. He said, look, could I saved my life with the power of the green juice. And he had this big, nasty-looking juice in a  mason jar that looked like swamp water. And I smelled it and I'm like, what the hell is this?

And then I drank it and I'm like, wow. I actually feel pretty good at the time I was eating all the macronutrients, but I wasn't getting the micronutrients. And that was what really started to supercharge my mind. From drinking the green juice and having mentors throughout my whole entire life. I started to ask bigger questions, like why the freak am I here?

What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to impact? What can I be, what can I deliver on? You know, and sure enough. Over the course of the next 90 days, I did a juice cleanse. I started intermittent fasting. This was about five and a half, six years ago. And I started posting photos on Facebook and YouTube.

I started making videos every single day. I was relentless in my quest to help other people. I got outside myself for once in my life. I was egotistical. I was arrogant. I was narcissistic. I was all the things that would probably classify most of the people in the Western United States, especially now that Trump's in election.

Yeah. So it was all these things and I'm like, yeah, there's gotta be more to life than this. I want to help people heal. I want to give people the ability to unlock the superpowers within them and have the vision to create whatever they want to create and be present with the people that they love. So amazing started making videos and sure enough, I lost 40 pounds in 90 days.

Went from over 20% body fat down to sub 7%. I learned a lot of cool stuff along that journey. And then I just became a voracious reader in the process. I read three books a week and for five and a half, six years, we built that company. We built a team, we got 65 employees now out here in San Diego, and we launched the world's best superfood line called Organifi two years ago.

And that's just blown up and we've just been impacting millions of people.

Jonathan Levi:  Incredible. So let me backtrack on this. You start out, you discovered juicing. You start making videos, then the juice brand comes along. I mean, this is a lot of work. Why do you think you were so obsessed with personal transformation?

What about your background, your past? A, you know, led you to being this kind of unhealthy guy before, but B made you change. I mean, why somebody people don't change? Why did you?

Drew Canole: Well, I think, you know, part of it was my childhood. I came into this life experience and I was abused. I was actually tortured.

The newspapers wrote about it at the time. They said it was one of the worst cases they've ever seen in Cadillac, Michigan, the small community that I was from.

Jonathan Levi: Oh wow.

Drew Canole: Because that happened to me. I looked at that as a springboard most of my life. But what, I didn't know, I was carrying around anger. I was harboring past emotion and I disguised it in this voracious work ethic to conquer the world.

I was almost like I had this emperor mentality versus a king mentality. Right. And most of my life was lived that way. But from the abuse, the torture, all of these things that I went through. I was living this inauthentic lie of who I was. I was trying to be what the world wanted me to be. And because I was trying to be what the world wanted me to be.

I still had this tremendous amount of discord in my body, and that was materialized as this 40 pounds extra on my meat suit that I was carrying around with me. It would serialize as me being unhappy. I wasn't happy with anything in my life. Wow. And the relationships, especially personal committed relationships, romantic relationships I would run from because of all the abandonment issues and things that I would suffer from the past.

And I was playing on this loop. It was like the movie Groundhog's day over and over and over again, I was living this lie. I would wake up and I thought I was fulfilled. And I was doing all these things, personal development, all these mentors, but subconsciously and underneath it all, I was a complete train wreck.

Wow. And it wasn't until I really started discover what was really going on and how to eliminate those subconscious mind blocks that freed me from all that discord, all those trials, and tribulations that would put me in this loop that I was living in. So, it took a lot of work.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. Yeah and so for you, the first step was getting healthy, changing your diet, or, you know, did it start before that?

Drew Canole: All the personal development stuff really did start before that. I've always been just voraciously attracted to the likes of Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins and Jim Rowan and all the great motivational speakers and Les Brown and all those people. And I would just brainwash myself. And then I got into some of the mystic teachers like Joel Goldsmith and Abraham Hicks and the secret and that whole entourage of a Neville Goddard and all these people that talk about the transcendental thought movement.

And then I started reading the autobiography of the Yogi, and then I started, you know, I've always been into studying the Bible in different scripture and in some of the profits of the past and some of the ancient mystics. And, um, I've just, that's been the majority of my life like that's really what gets me going, is seeing that kind of stuff materialized in what we're dealing with today in the world.

Instead of looking at everything, materially, looking at it from a higher like interdimensional spiritual level.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. So let me ask a really tough question. How would you kind of describe your belief system, whether they're spiritual or otherwise? I mean, after crystallizing all that knowledge from so many thinkers, how do you go about an interact in the world?

What do you believe?

Drew Canole: I believe in love, period. Like just this madly, compassionate, unconditional love to be in that state of grace, perpetually and continuously, and always evolving. So it would be hard for me to put like a finger, you know, a little, uh, A pin on one religion or doctrine or even spirituality.

I think spirituality is a human term that we've defined that we think is a little bit more new-age than a lot of the religious texts, but still, it's limited by our human capacity to truly understand what's really going on. So I would say I'm in a constant state of evolution. Each and every day I'm waking up, I'm asking myself, how am I evolving today?

And I, I demonstrate that. And I see that in the fruits of who am I transforming? It's not about Drew. It's not about what I'm doing throughout the day or what I'm creating an Organifi It's about who are we changing? Like what are the lives that we're impacting? What's the difference that we're making.

I think that's the new doctrine. That's the new thing that we should all be going for, especially in our podcasting and the videos that we make online and everything that we're creating to really help heal this planet now is the time.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. And I really love that. And Drew, I have to say, you know, I've, I've talked with members of your staff, actually.

I'm close friends with a couple of them, and I've really gotten a sense that you really live your word. I mean, you're really big on promoting and fostering and employing and inspiring people, not just, you know, online, but also in your company. So talk to me a little bit about your leadership and your people skills.

I mean, you've grown this incredible business, and I think a lot of people would ask about your marketing acumen or your business acumen. I want to ask about the people skills that acumen and that a little bit.

Drew Canole: Yeah. I think it's really. You know, operating from source. What we talked about before. And when you're operating from source, you're seeing all of the human that's in front of you, all their limitations or trials or the things that hold them back from really being the brightest, greatest, most magnificent expression of who they are, what are the roadblocks that this person needs to eliminate to make it to that higher level.

And then you start addressing those. You start helping them see where those breakdowns are in their life. And when you can break through with, in your personal environment one-on-one and their own personal lives outside of what we do here, right? Cause what we do here is eight to 10 hours a day, maybe at Organifi and FitLife, but the rest of their life is so indicative of what we're creating here.

So if I can help them change their personal lives in a way that becomes more ever flowing, it becomes easier. It becomes effortless. They start to materialize abundance and other dimensions of their life. Then that's going to ripple out into this community that we're fostering currently. So I am absolutely radically passionate about sitting down with each one of my employees.

And I do, what's called a Drew date for 15 to 20 minutes, at least every other week to really get to know them on a deep level and help them break free of whatever's holding them back because Lord knows, man. I've had so many breakdowns in my life. I mean, I remember. For four or five years straight. I had less than like 30, $40 in my bank account, basically homeless, sleeping on my buddy's couch, trying to make a living.

And yeah, like I've been there. I get it, totally. And my responsibility as a leader of this company is the top-down approach. If I'm demonstrating in my life, then I want the rest of the people in our company to actually demonstrate and show the world what's possible too, because that'll trickle out and come down into the community.

So it starts with our business.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. Okay. There's a lot to unpack there, Drew, but I really appreciate kind of this holistic approach. And I definitely identify with, you know, treating people in your company and both in your company and people who interact with your company, being your customers as family, I think.

That was my biggest takeaway there. I wanted to ask you, you know, you published a book on 17 Practices To Transform Your Mind And Your Life. So tell me about some of the other transformational habits besides this kind of operating from source and how you've seen them make an impact in people's lives.

Drew Canole: Yeah, I think it's, um, you know, when we talk about changing identity, we do, what's called the identity process. And it's really figuring out why for what you want to create, what your desire, your intention, whatever your, your music is. That's inside of you. You don't want to die with that song inside of you.

So the thing that lights you on fire the most. Is the thing that you literally have to fan. You have to fan that those flames and to do that, what we do at FitLife is we find a position within our company that you absolutely love that you wake up in the morning, you springboard out of bed. You're excited about it because we know if we put you in that position, then you're going to excel.

So that's the same thing throughout all of life. Right. If you're doing something that you love, then there's a good chance that that's going to impact the rest of your reality, your financial, your emotional relationships, the wheel, right? The transformational wheel that we talk about. So getting that, why a, why that makes you cry?

Uh, why that's all empowering will absolutely change your entire being. And we have a 90-day program that we put people through. And it has those 17 transformational steps. We ask questions like, well, what is your, why, what do you want to hear from your friends about it? What do you want to see 90 days from now?

And what do you want to feel like? Because it's all about the feeling when we can get somebody in that feeling place before they actually materialize it, that's the gap. That's what closes it even faster. If that makes any sense. So constantly doing creative visualizations, teaching people how to actually remember their dreams, how to recall subconscious stuff, lucid, dreaming, all these transformational hacks that we can use when we're actually when you have the most powerful access to our subconscious mind is, is super, um, impactful.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. Well, now you talked about visualization. Are you also a meditator?

Drew Canole: I do meditate, not like the transcendental or TCM meditation, but more of like the five to 10 minutes throughout the day. I'll just take a break, focus on the box, breathing, get in that state, lower your parasympathetic. Once you feel it, you know, test your HRV, which is your heart rate, as you know, and see where the variance is.

And then just do things throughout the day that lower those stress levels. Cause life is stressful. We're battling with stress every single day, right? You haven't eaten in 24 hours. You said before this thing you've been at Summit At Sea making impactful, powerful relationships with people that you love and adore on this boat, but that's stressful, dude.

You flew across the country on this boat and now you're back. Like how do you regulate that stress as soon as you're on your show again? So that's what I work on every single day. It's like, How can I go through life meditating? It's not necessarily a meditation practice, but how can I look at somebody in the eyes?

How can I see the universe, the galaxy through them, look into their soul, and make a deep connection within two seconds? That fuels me for the rest of the week. Those two seconds of meditation, and really seeing a brother or sister on the street is what really, really lights me on fire and gives me this endless supply of source energy.

Jonathan Levi: I love it. I love it. Now, drew, I do want to get into juicing a little bit, but before we kind of jump into that, are there any of these other habits or behaviors that you have that enable you to perform at such a high level? I mean, you're obviously very high-energy guy. We've talked about this amazing, huge business that you've built and how quickly you've built it.

Are there any other kind of secret tricks that you have or habits that you have that have made all of that possible?

Drew Canole: Well, I think the big habit that I have is I'm really bad at a lot of things. Like I'm absolutely terrible at a lot of different things, but I'm the world's greatest person at forgiving myself.

So if I make a mistake, I'm forgiving myself, literally like two minutes later. And when I do that, that releases that emotion. It clears that space for me to be that bigger, brighter version of who I am. A lot of people never forgive themselves. They sit around and they worry about their self-worth. They have conversations of scarcity because they haven't forgiven themselves as something that happened in the past.

They're still holding on guilt and shame, which is one of the lowest vibrations that there are. So when you're living in that state, how the hell are you supposed to attract and acquire the dream life that you're willing and desiring to create? So forgiving yourself is absolutely key and doing that every single day for the smallest stuff.

We'll give you this immense supply of energy. Unlike anything you've ever experienced unless you're really good at doing this already. So always being optimistic, looking through the lens of possibility is everywhere. That's one of my mantras. I say it all day long, everyday possibilities. And I could simply be having a conversation with a homeless guy on the street.

And all of a sudden he'll tell me an answer that I've been looking for two weeks. He'll just lay it in a sentence and I'm like, Whoa, like, okay, thank you universe. The possibility is literally everywhere. We just have to open up our eyes and start to see it. So that's another transformational hack that I use to, um, you know, be more effective and efficient as far as connecting with people.

I think the transformational hack on that is recognizing that there's no disconnection. People think that there's this huge separation between individuals. I look at somebody else and I truly see an aspect of myself when we've been saying we're in this together in the beginning and end of every single one of our videos.

I mean, and we're not only are we in this together, but literally, we are one. And when I treat somebody as if they are me, then the world opens up. There's more possibilities. Possibilities are everywhere. When you start to view the world like that.

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely. Wow. So here's, what's running through my head.

I'm going to be completely honest with you here, drew, like you're a super motivational, inspirational, just incredible guy with a ton of energy. So here's my question. Like what's the deal with the juice? I mean, why not go on the public speaking circuit, publish a bunch of, uh, you know, New York Times bestselling books, like obviously juice, has impacted you very significantly.

So tell me a bit about why that's one of the main focuses of your business.

Drew Canole: Because, you know, when I first started juicing is what allowed me to get all of those nutrients out of all of the veggies, right? The micronutrients, the small particles that we miss throughout the day. And that's an analogy for my life.

Like there's so much in between the lines that we're not seeing, that we don't get, that we can get once we really extract the juice from life. So juices, just like a life analogy really. And the green juice is a superfood that I absolutely love. I drink, I believe in the power of plants. I think plants can heal us in a lot of different ways.

I think. You know, the whole way that Western medicine is viewed nowadays of fixing something and trying to, uh, before, you know, obviously the best way to prevent any disease is through prevention. It's through having these nutrients, these micronutrients, the superfoods, you know, we did clinical trials sales on Organifi and ashwagandha and lowers stress levels.

So stressed out too, 99% at lower stress levels, which changes body composition. So the world right now, we have to meet them where they are. I could talk about esoteric shit all day long. Cause it's what I love. Right. We could talk about looking at brother and sister in the eye and connecting and seeing oneness and all this other stuff.

But if I don't feel good and I'm sick and my body's broken down, my blood is toxic. I have heavy metals in my body. I'm drinking fluoride in my water. My pineal glands closed. I haven't had a lucid dream in years or maybe my whole life. Like I'm not going to listen to this message on this podcast. But what I would listen to is, Hey, this green juice will literally give you more energy than you've ever had.

It will change your body composition. You'll really start to feel better. And I know when somebody feels better when they're having the world's greatest superfoods, which we've created, then they get access to the other stuff and that other stuff is what I'm really excited about.

Jonathan Levi: I can tell.

Drew Canole:  It's just, it's literally the gateway drug to a better life.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible.

Drew Canole: You have to meet people with where they are in business and where they are in life and what they want to create. And I believe if I can make people feel better starting with my mom, you know, my mother was a huge testimonial for me. When we first started this, she had arthritis, osteoporosis, her to walk couldn't sit on an airplane for more than two hours.

So we developed our Tumeric product, which is the most bioavailable Tumeric on the planet. She started taking that. She got off her painkillers. She no longer deals with issues on the plane. She feels great and back all these other things. And I know if I could do that for my mom, what other moms are out there that I could do that for? Right?

Jonathan Levi:  Definitely.

Drew Canole: That's what it's all about.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. And then once people are attuned to that message, is that what FitLife TV is about? Cause you guys are covering way more than just dietary advice on your channel. Correct?

Drew Canole: Yeah, we, uh, FitLife TV. We do mindset Mondays once a week, which are transformational habits.

People can implement in their life. And then we do Saturday strategies, which is more of like nutritional hacks. Smoothies, juices, recipes people can use to lose weight, improve their mental function and just overall feel better. I think there's a lot of content online now. That's kind of negative fear-based content and we want to be that light, that source for people to come to when they need a little lift up.

Jonathan Levi: All right. So talk to me a bit about the juicing protocol. I mean, I know basically people's options are buying like a juicing machine and kind of buying a whole bunch of organic produce or looking into a product like Organifi, what's the protocol? I mean, how much, how often, where do people start to see results with juicing as a whole and with Organifi more specifically?

Drew Canole: Yeah. So I always recommend not to do too much transformational work at once because the body's very resistant. If you've been living off Cheetos and Big Macs and processed food and Slurpees from 7-eleven for the past three years, the last thing your body's going to want is drinking juice for five days straight with nothing but juice, right?

So I would recommend doing 16 to 32 ounces a day for two weeks. Once you do that, I would download a free report. We have online called the alpha reset and the alpha reset is a juice cleanse that you can do. You can do it for one day up to five days. And I don't recommend anything longer than that, just because it can start to dysregulate hormones and some other stuff you want to stay away from that once you do that, you're literally.

You're cleansing your body. You're supplying it with an overload of a super nutrient infusion in your blood. Your brain starts to feel better. Everything's clear. And then you actually can start to create from that place. You start to think about the things that maybe you haven't thought about in a while.

You have more creative energy and, um, you can start to contribute to your vision in life. So. I think juicing it's a ramp-up phase. I'm at a place now to where it's just maintenance. I drink 32 to 64 ounces a day and I just have it throughout the day. Just sip on it all day long. And. You know, I'm still not 100% entirely immune to getting the common cold.

I just got a cold first time in like two years and I was, uh, not feeling 100% for about 24 hours. You know, back in the day when I was eating pizza and pop and all these other things in Michigan, Michigan boy. I would get sick twice a year. And it would usually last like seven days to 14 days, depending on how bad the sinus infection was. Right?

 So once you start to change what you're putting in your body, everything changes and juice is one of the best things you can put in your body.

Jonathan Levi: So now I have to ask what's in this stuff.

Drew Canole: Yeah. So our Organifi green juice, I'm assuming you're talking about is loaded with 11 of the world's best superfoods.

There's Ashwagandha in it. Ashwagandha lowers stress. It's an aerobatic adapted gin. It literally goes into your body and adjusts the levels of cortisol, accordingly. A lot of people are chronically stressed out, so it helps to fix that. And when your stress levels come back into check your body, regulates metabolism more.

Uh, cholesterol we've shown in the clinical trial. It actually helps with cholesterol and it actually improved on the Beck's depression score too. So people that are depressed in a bad mood helps elevate mood as well. So what else is in it? And the way that a lot of people drink it is they'll have it once a day in the morning.

Many people are even cutting coffee because of the green tea that's in it. It has green tea, which is loaded with ECG is one of the greatest antioxidants on the planet. It's got lemon, Turmeric. Turmeric, it's more powerful than over 22 over-the-counter pain or medications. They've done tons of studies on turmeric, and it's got beet juice, which is loaded with nitric oxide.

So as men age, they get above 30 Nitric Oxide levels start to drop off. And for women too, that's very, very important. Cause that's an anti-aging thing, nitric oxide. We've also put Spirulina and Chlorella in there which are majorly detoxifying and, um, a few other superfoods along with mint, it's got a nice little mint taste and we use Lohan instead of Stevia because Lohan does not disrupt the micro gut biome like Stevia does.

 We truly believe we've created the best organic. 11 of the world's best superfood green juices on the planet. And then, you know, the universe has showed that to us because it is the best-selling green juice on the planet at this time as well.

Jonathan Levi:  Incredible and congratulations by the way. That's just remarkable.

Drew Canole: Thanks, brother. Appreciate that.

Jonathan Levi: So here's my question. You know, as I was doing the research for this episode, I was trying to pull up a photo for the blog post and I realized like, holy shit, you're jacked. So what's your food protocol, you know, as you said, the green juice at this point for you is just maintenance.

What's the rest of your food protocol look like?

Drew Canole:  Yeah, I usually, you know, I'll get my meal prep like anybody else at the beginning of the week, I have a chef that makes food, and usually it's just wild-caught fish, grass, fed meat. And I, I do eat carbs, you know, like sweet potatoes, potatoes, and, um, tons of vegetables, literally.

I love eating three, four pieces of celery before every meal. And I know that the micro gut biome loves that too. It's like nature's greatest toothbrush as well. So helping replenish the bacteria in your body as we're bacteria, beans, or being snap beans is super, super important. And that's what I focus on.

So what does the micro gut biome want to eat today is a question that I often ask and how alkalizing can I get my body? I know that if my body's in an alkaline state, obviously it's going to put on more muscle quicker and maintain the physique that I built. And I'm not doing any crazy weight gainers or lots of supplements that are loaded with red 40 and all of these artificial sweeteners, which I think are insanely toxic.

And I see a lot of guys that are doing that. So my pre-workout is Maka, a scoop of Royal jelly and a, sometimes a little green tea with that as well. If I need the caffeine boost. I do drink espresso every once in a while. I love a nice cup of espresso. I'm drinking copious amounts of green juice like I said, 32 to 64 ounces a day.

And, um, I work out 45 minutes to an hour, 15 minutes every single day, usually lifting heavyweight and doing a little HIIT training. And that's five or six days a week, by the way. So it's always evolving its mindset thing for me than it is what I might eating. What am I I'm working out? It starts with the mind.

And when I enter the gym, anything I eat, I set the intention for at least a minute. Of that evolution of who I'm being on this planet and it's paid off. I mean, I've had five different transformations. I lost the weight. I went down to from over 200 pounds to 165. I was skinny. I was lean. And then I'm like, I'm a little too skinny.

Then I put on 10 pounds of muscle. And then I put on 25 more pounds. I'm about 195 right now. And I'm probably 8 or 9% body fat. Wow. And I maintain that. So unreal, a lot of its a mindset, you know, and just what are you aspiring to be and going for that and believing in the impossible.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. So, Drew, you've got more motivation than I think most of the people I know, where does all that come from? I mean, how do you energize yourself? A lot of the stuff you're doing is not easy, right? It's not easy to follow a strict diet. It's not easy to work out nearly every single day. Where's that coming from?

Drew Canole: I think it's, um, I do Qigong and I've been doing it for like two years in this guy's been doing he's a master, he's a, actually a 20 year Navy Seal, sniper rifle guy, like Qigong, Boozer con masters, seventh-degree black belt.

So I've trained with him for two years. And I think the key to having unlimited energy is recognizing, like I said, in the beginning of this is that it never was about me. As soon as I start to get in my own mind and how I'm performing and what am I creating in this world and everything else. That's when my energy fades.

But if I'm really focusing out and I'm in every single moment, as much as I can throughout the day, how can I impact this person? What can I do here? What gift can I be to the world? That's how you stay motivated. Recognizing that it's not about you and then helping other people succeed, your business will naturally be successful.

Your relationships will flourish. You'll be 10 times more likely to have a good romantic relationship. Your family life will improve all of the problems that you've had with brothers, sisters, everything else will fade away because you're not living in personal victimization of a world that you've created before this.

You get outside yourself and everything will start to change.

Jonathan Levi: Wow, so Drew, you talked to a few different times about lucid dreaming. I just wanted to ask you on that. Cause I know you also have written a book on dreaming and higher consciousness. Tell me a little bit about that.

Drew Canole: Yeah. So ever since I was like four years old, I remember my first lucid dream and it was so vivid.

I've always remembered it. That at that time, I'm like, well, how can I do this more? So I've committed part of my life to understanding dream realms a lot more thoroughly. And, um, it's something that I love, you know, it's like, I'm always about optimization like you. How can we optimize every aspect of our life?

And if we're sleeping for eight or nine hours a night, how do you make that the greatest adventure that you've ever been on wealth, you need to access your dreams. And I've had some of the wildest dreams. My dreams are more real than reality itself. And when I was like probably 15, 16 years old, I'm like, am I dreaming?

Like, almost like the matrix, right? You've seen the movie. Am I dreaming here? Is this the matrix? Or when I go to bed, is that.

Jonathan Levi: Oh, I've got that right now. I'm curious to hear how you deal with it.

Drew Canole: Yeah. So it's, there's no difference between the two. It just is. It's all one. Right? And when you see that as such, I think that gives you more access to different realms in your sleep questions that you need answered ideas for businesses.

I mean, there's no telling what you can create. In your dreams when you really start to work on it. I think for people that don't remember their dreams, just to simply talk about it with their significant other or a friend. And even saying the word dream like 10 or 15 times throughout the day, and looking at your wrist or your watch and asking yourself, is this a dream looking back at the watch, is this a dream?

And then when you're sleeping, you're going to do that in your subconscious. And you're going to like, Oh shit, the watch has changed. I'm no longer looking at a watch. Now I know that I'm in a dream and the secret is to start to control your heart rate. In your dream. And if you can control your heart rate by focusing on one object, depending on where you are in the dream, then you can stay in dream time.

And once you can stay in dream time, then you can start to create whatever you want to create. You know, I like flying a lot. I like visiting different planets, talking to other beings on different planets, like all kinds of weird stuff that normally you would need like or microdosing mushrooms or some other weird stuff to get to, but you literally have access to it without any of that. And it's all in the power of your dreams.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. That's incredible. So, yeah, I'm also very interested in lucid dreaming, not nearly as experienced with it as you are, but those are some really wise words for getting in, staying into the lucid state.

Drew Canole: Yeah, for sure. I've, uh, been working with a shaman for the past two years, and this guy will actually visit you in dream time, an Aboriginal Sharman, and he'll show you aspects of yourself that you never even knew existed and you'll wake up and you'll be like, what in the world just happened? And then you just, you have a breakthrough, like first thing in the morning, like, all right, I get to release that.

Jonathan Levi: Whoa. Where did you find this guy? That sounds super interesting.

Drew Canole: Yeah. I had a real good friend of mine. Jim Forton reached out to me on Facebook. I've never met Jim, but he literally has the same one day apart of my birthday, his life path number is the same astrologically. Like all of our planets are in alignment and he's like, dude, you have to like, we have to talk about this.

So we've literally been building this relationship probably six, seven years now, and he made the introduction for me. Super powerful.

Jonathan Levi: Wow.

Drew Canole: And he's been one of my mentors ever since like an amazing human being.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. Incredible. One of the things I really want to get to know more about and kind of a goal that I set myself for 2017 is to learn more about shamanism and healing and to interact with more healers.

So it really resonates with me as well.

Drew Canole: I like how you said more healers because you are a dude, you're a healer. You're a shaman.

Jonathan Levi: Well, that was my realization that we all are in some sense.

Drew Canole:  1000% I'll send you some stuff after this. That'd be like point you in the right direction.

Jonathan Levi: I would love that. So let's actually jump in on that point here, because Drew, you said, you know, you're an avid learner.

You read three books a week. You considered an authority on juicing, on personal transformation on internet marketing. You've published 11 books. You learn a lot and you learn very fast and that's coming from someone who, I mean, I teach accelerated learning for a living. So I want to ask, what are your methods?

How do you learn so much? So fast? Surely you have some hack or some way around the traditional learning process?

Drew Canole: Absolutely. I think the biggest hack there's a bunch of them, obviously, as you teach, but the thing that works best for me, and you're more of an authority on this than I am, but the thing that works best for me is just to maintain this childlike spirit and check-in before you're consuming any knowledge like, am I enthusiastic about this?

Am I motivated by this information? Do I want to teach this information? And if I can check those off the list, then I'll read it as an entirely different human than I would have read it otherwise. Totally. So if I'm reading it with the intention to teach somebody right away and I'm enthusiastic about it, then I'm going to remember it.

And then also there's different things that you can do to store it in your subconscious mind. Faster. I think, you know, obviously, dreams, sleep, accessing it before you go to bed reading before bed. So it's, that's like a shortcut to subconscious long-term memory, learning a language. That's interesting, like reading before bed and then waking up four or five, like after your second REM cycle reading for 30 to 45 minutes, then going to bed again and then having it implanted in your long-term right before your third REM is a powerful way to.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. I love it. We definitely line up on that. And we have, you know, an entire chapter in our course about this, what you call it kind of preparing we call prereading for exactly that reason is, is you're going to go through the material in an entirely different way. Although I wanted to ask you, is, would you say that most of your learning is done in books?

I mean, it certainly sounds that way?

Drew Canole: I think I'm audible, in books. I have like five different coaches. I love working one-on-one with somebody. I think for me, like, I almost feel like I absorb who they are. Like, I feel their energy. I'm able to do more in actually not the lesson from a different, I don't even know.

That sounds really woo woo. And it almost is, but I almost believe like humans have so many more, I guess, senses than we give ourselves credit for. Lynne McTaggart wrote a book called The Intention Experiment and it's about plants and she found that plants have over, I think, 11 or 20 different senses that we didn't even know existed.

Like if somebody thinks about burning a plant 2000 miles away, and it's the owner of the plant, the polygraph machine that they hooked the plane up to a spike, it like reads the thoughts of its owner. Uh, crazy. So as human beings, I mean, we're pretty amazing miracle beings walking around on this planet.

Don't you think we would have access to some tools like that? So meeting with a coach or meeting with somebody in person, I almost believe is the best way and the fastest way to learn through mirroring. I think ourselves can mere that person a lot quicker. For instance, I wanted to learn the guitar four months ago.

So I hired this guitar teacher to come in my home every day for 30 minutes. And it's amazing. Five days a week, not every day. Let me correct that. Be an integrity here. It's amazing how much I've picked up by just committing to that micro commitment every single day, just by seeing the way that he is.

Feeling the way that he is being a super-powerful thing that you can do when it comes to learning.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. So how does someone as accomplished as yourself find coaches?

Drew Canole: I think its number one is knowing what you want, exactly. Like making a list of what you're looking to create, setting the intention out there, and then just watching it materialize.

I've never really had to go out and hunt. I would say it's just kind of like people just show up while on the train. Even at FitLife like everybody here has a transformational story and they found us through something that they were going through in their life. Maybe they've been watching mindsets for three years and all of a sudden we were hiring and then they show up.

So it's, it's all about what you're creating. And I think coaching's the same way. So many of my coaches show up in my experience to learn about internet marketing or transformation or weight loss, or how to be a better man, you know, my guitar teacher or whatever, like there's different elements. So what blesses one blesses all.

And when you have that type of attitude, like you don't have to hunt for coaches, they just kind of show up.

Jonathan Levi: Amazing. I really liked that. And it definitely speaks to, you know, you mentioned the law of attraction earlier speaks to kind of your resonance with that.

Drew Canole: Absolutely.

Jonathan Levi: Now we talked a little bit about accelerated learning.

Talk to me about productivity. I mean, I imagine you've done a lot of thinking about how to be more productive, how to be more organized. How are you getting so much done? I mean, you've built multiple successful businesses and all this stuff that I've said numerous times already so far. So how do you get it all done?

Drew Canole: So one of my superpowers, and you could ask Shauna this or anybody that you know, on the team is delegation. I think the superpower of delegating the superpower of realizing that there are people that can do what you're doing in that moment, 80% as well as you can do it. Sometimes greater, like most of the time.

Great. You want to be the dumbest person in the room? Oftentimes I am. And because of that, I think the superpower to delegating the secondary phase that you want to take is being able to speak to somebody higher version of who they are in that moment. So basically like, you know, Steve Jobs talks about it when he creates products, it's like bending the time-space reality or the time-space continuum.

Like he talks about like warping it or something like that. And I live in this world of seeing the unlimited in people before they're able to see it in themselves. So I speak to that aspect of who they are. And when I'm speaking to that aspect of who they are, They start to show up that way in their life.

Something that they didn't think was available or they didn't have access to before. So it empowers them unlike anything else. And it's not really, I wouldn't say it's me doing it. I'm not taking ownership of it. It's just me connecting with them on a source level at source seeing source. And because of that, you can delegate.

Anything in your life, you just have to realize what you're good at, what your superpower is. And when you have your own superpower, like mine is making media that moves people, educating, inspiring, and entertaining people. So videos, that's where I focus on speeches, podcasts, different stuff like this content, and anything else.

I'm always thinking. Who can do this? Who can we bless by giving them this job by giving them this mission, this life path, because there's somebody out there that's going to freak out overlooking at analytics and numbers and web graphs and all this other stuff that I absolutely would fall asleep over?

Well, that's not why I'm here. You know? So I think delegation is key to be productive, even if, you know if you're making $20 an hour. And you're working at a job, doing whatever it is, and you love doing it, but you hate cooking your food. And you know that you could find somebody on Craigslist for $10 an hour to make your food for you.

Why are you not paying that person to make your food? So, and then you just, you continue to do that thousand of times throughout your life. And eventually, you'll get to a place to where you've replaced yourself so much. That you literally are just being who you want to be. You're doing what you want to do. And life is literally a dream life.

Jonathan Levi:  Yes and no right? Because, so I'm really glad you mentioned this because I'm now finding myself in a position. We've got such wonderful people on the team here and in my other businesses, that for the first time in my life, I barely even have to manage people much less actually do the work.

I mean, once we finish this call, I'm going to send this off. And three different people that are going to juggle it, process it. Upload it, everything, and it's just going to be done. And so I guess my next question is don't you get bored, right? Because I'm starting to feel. A little bit guilty, right? It's like, well, I should want to want to work and I should work.

But at the same time, if you've kind of worked yourself out of a job, you can go a little bit crazy. So talk to me a little bit about that. I mean, is that why you're doing the free videos every day? Is that why you're learning guitar or how are you kind of getting that sense of accomplishment.

Drew Canole: I think, you know, we fall into traps as human beings and in one of the biggest traps that we live with and it's a big burden.

Is am I enough? Am I doing enough? I feel like I should be doing more. Well, maybe I'm not doing quite enough today. I should do more tomorrow. I should be stressed out. I shouldn't be watching this movie. I should be writing this book. I should be doing, doing, doing, doing, doing. And I think the big focus that has to happen is who am I being.

We shouldn't focus so much on what am I doing every single day, but how am I being where human beings, not humans doing so looking at life like that. I mean, you could accomplish more, literally sitting around in your house, doing nothing for an entire three weeks, then you've accomplished, you know, in, in years of your business, it's just about rephrasing it and looking at life a little bit differently.

And I think now that I'm at a point where literally everything's sourced, everything's created. Outside of me being the face and making videos, which we're working on now is having more people do that. I think it's such a wonderful place to be in because that gives you freedom to express, to create whatever you want to create.

You're in a, an amazing opportunity to do something that you absolutely love likened to what I am. You know, now I'm, we're developing a nonprofit side of our business called to feed the future. Oh, wow. We're putting gardens in schools all across the country of underprivileged kids. We're feeding them organic, sustainable food.

We're building gardens in the school. They're raising money through CSA programs and taking, uh, organic veggies out into the community to fund programs that have been cut from public schooling and all these other things. And I would never be at that place if I didn't replace myself a thousand times. So the more you get to replace yourself, you give others opportunity to sing the song that's inside of them that maybe nobody has allowed them to sing before.

So it's a beautiful place to be. And, uh, there's no shame. There's no guilt. The more we hang on to that, like thinking that we should be doing something, the more, it just slows down our own individual evolution and holds us back from being that bright light that we are viewed from being that bright light that you are.

I want to acknowledge you for that. You have an amazing show. You've impacted thousands of people at this point, and it's absolutely an honor and incredible to be on your show right now. 

Jonathan Levi: You, sir. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. And I'm also really glad you said what you did because I think that was my take-home from Summit At Sea is you meet a lot of guys like yourself, like myself, who just have things firing on all cylinders in their business.

And I think what I came back with was this idea like, well, maybe I should be doing retreats. Maybe I should take on some coaching clients. Maybe I should start doing some nonprofit work to work with educators. And I'm not sure what the answer is going to be there, but I really love this idea of like, you know, the financial aspect is all dialed in.

Leave the financial aspect alone and start working on things that, uh, can give back. And that's, you know, that's exactly why I do this podcast because early enough in the business, we had things kind of firing on all cylinders and it's maintained that kind of automated aspect. So, you know, this is one form of giving back, but what else can I do?

And I'll open it up to the audience, you know, to drop us an email. If you have some ideas, some requests you want to see workshops, you want to see stuff like that. So thank you for that. I really appreciate it.

Drew Canole: Yeah, man. Absolutely.

Jonathan Levi: So drew, I know we're running on time here. I want to ask you, you know, you read the three books a week, which is incredible. Which ones have you given the most as gifts?

I have some guesses just based on your mindset and your vibe, but I really want to hear, you know, what books are near and dear to your heart.

Drew Canole: Yeah, totally. I think it's really understanding where the person is in their own unique evolution, which would award them a gift, a book. I do give out tons of books by the way, but I read tons of books.

I love Stuart Wilde. Obviously, Napoleon Hill's work Think And Grow Rich Outwitting The Devil classics. I like Marianne Williamson. I think Elizabeth Gilbert has some pretty good books that are out there as well. Uh, recently read a book called Fascinate by Sally Hogshead. The Light Switch by Jack Shaffer was actually a good book.

Uh, Bold, you know, I like Peter Monday's books as well. Steven Kotler, The Rise of Superman was pretty interesting. He's a unique dude. Totally. And lots of business books we read too. My whole company reads a book a week together. Wow. So as a company, we've recently read Who. You know how to top grade, we've read Craig Valentine's book, The Perfect Day Formula.

That's all about productivity and how to hack your day, which was awesome. We've read Psycho-Cybernetics a couple of times I would recommend everybody read that book. That book will change your entire life. I think we just read, let my people go surfing. That was definitely interesting. Good to Great.

We're now reading The Energy Bus. So it's so crazy. You know, we get literally 20 years of somebody's experience written in one book that you can digest in two to three hours, depending on how quick you read or longer some books. And it's just amazing to me, how few people are actually veracious readers like that.

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely.

And that's my kind of like bread and butter. There is awakening people to the fact that you can get so much incredible training for a 4.99 ebook. And the reason nobody does is, it takes too long or I don't enjoy reading. And those are all surmountable problems. You know, that's a matter of learning how to read more effectively, and I'm really glad to hear it because you're really a poster boy, if you will, for just the power of reading for personal transformation for business transformation, the sheer amount of knowledge you've accumulated in such a short time is just an absolute Testament to what you can do if you read books.

Drew Canole: Yeah. Totally. Thank you, my brother, I appreciate that. It means a lot because ever since I was a kid, it was like when I was in school, I had to go to the resource room, which was this place where all of the, I guess, stupid kids went. As you would call it. Right. And I was labeled as that. I was bullied.

I wasn't that smart as a kid. And for me, it's always been something that I knew I had to focus on to overcome. And eventually, you get to a place where you just drop that belief and you start telling yourself more empowering stuff that you are one of the world's greatest learners that you absorb information.

And it just happens. It's crazy how the story that we tell ourselves about who we are, who we be starts to materialize.

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely. Absolutely. So Drew, I know we're wrapping up here. You have a ton of different web properties. Which ones would you want our audience to check out? I know you guys are sponsoring all of our episodes in December, which we do appreciate.

So that is @organifi, with an Correct?

Drew Canole: Yeah, Organifi with an and, um, we can drop a link on your, your website, or whatever. Yeah, absolutely. We give them 20% off when they use the code superhuman.

Jonathan Levi: Brilliant.

Drew Canole: So 20% off, anything that you buy when you use the code superhuman and yeah, that's our gift to your people.

Jonathan Levi: Amazing.

Drew Canole:  I'm excited. Hear what they have to say about it when they purchase it, you know, feel free to email me And tell me about your experience and, um, I love your fans, dude. I love your community. I think what you're doing in the world is amazing, which is why we wanted to. To sponsor you, we believe in you.

Jonathan Levi: I appreciate it, man. Really do appreciate it.

Drew Canole: Yeah, totally.

Jonathan Levi: And so that's another good segue by the way FitLife TV is, or, I should say is the URL for the video content, the weekly post stuff like that. We'll go ahead and of course, put that in the blog post anywhere else. You'd like us to send people Drew?

Drew Canole: I think is great. We have a lot of videos there. You could add me on Facebook or Instagram as well, just type in Drew Canole. Yeah. That's good.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. So, Drew, I want to ask you our closing question here, which is if people take away really just one lesson from this episode and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives, what would you hope for that to be?

Drew Canole: Wow. That's such a great question. I think it's, you know, that my personal mantra. That anything is possible. And when you believe that the world will start to reveal that to you wherever you are right now, if you're you feel like you have the whole world against you just know that you can create anything. And that's what I want to live.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. Drew Canole, this has been such an inspiring episode. I mean, as with so many of our guests, I came in expecting to talk about one kind of very narrow subject. And we talked about so much more. You gave us so much more depth, so much more knowledge, so much more wisdom.

I really want to thank you. It's just been a mind-blowing episode.

Drew Canole: Yeah. People are going to be like, this is the craziest episode I've ever heard, but I love it, dude. And I love what you're doing. So thanks for having me on.

Jonathan Levi: Back at you brother. And let's make sure to connect and uh, we'll talk spirituality. We'll talk, internet marketing. We'll stay in touch.

Drew Canole: I love it, dude.

All right. Talk to you soon. Take care.

uBiome: All right, SuperFriends, that's it for this week's episode. We hope you really, really enjoyed it and learn a ton of applicable stuff that can help you go out there and overcome the impossible. If so, please do us a favor and leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher or however you found this podcast.

Jonathan Levi:  In addition to that, we are always looking for great guest posts on the blog or awesome guests right here on the podcast. So if you know somebody or you are somebody, or you have thought of somebody who would be a great fit for the show or for our blog, please reach out to us either on Twitter or by email. Our email is info@becomingasuperhuman.Com. Thanks so much.

Closing: Thanks for tuning in to the Becoming SuperHuman Podcast for more great skills and strategies or for links to any of the resources mentioned in this episode, visit

We'll see you next time.



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