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Iceman Wim Hof: How You, Too, Can Become SuperHuman

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“You want to become happy, strong, and healthy? Learn to tap into the deeper part of your brain and physiology.”
— Wim Hof, The Iceman

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today, we have a very special guest, and someone many of you have requested.

It’s not everyday that we have someone on the show that exhibits actual “superhuman” skills in the traditional sense of the word, but that’s exactly what our guest today has been able to prove.

Better known as “The Iceman,” my guest today is none other than Wim Hof.

He holds no less than 20 world records, ranging from the world’s longest ice bath, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and 6.7 kilometers of Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes, to resisting an injection of rattlesnake venom, running a marathon in the desert without water, and much much more.

What’s most interesting is that he has been able to successfully teach others to do these amazing feats, using simply the power of yoga and breathing techniques.

You'll tell straight away that his passion, energy, and enthusiasm far outweigh my ability to lead the conversation, and so you won't hear too much of me speaking this episode – but I don't think you'll mind one bit.

Throughout the episode, I tried to better understand how his special abilities came to be, how he has managed to defy logic (and science) time and time again, and how you, too, can learn to achieve such superhuman feats.

As always, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter @gosuperhuman, and if you haven’t already, please remember to leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher.

Want to become a real-life SuperHuman like Wim Hof? Please support Becoming SuperHuman by using this link.

Want to become a real-life SuperHuman like Wim Hof? Please support SuperHuman Academy by using this link.

Want to develop superhuman memory and learning skills, while you're at it? Check out the Become a SuperLearner MasterClass.

Want to develop superhuman memory and learning skills, while you're at it? Check out the Become a SuperLearner MasterClass.

In this episode with Iceman Wim Hof, we discuss:

  • How did Wim Hof become “The Iceman,” one of the most extraordinary humans on the planet?
  • What was the Iceman seeking when he decided to start experimenting with cold therapy
  • What is so special about the cold? What effects does it have on our body?
  • Where and how did Wim Hof learn and develop what he has since taught thousands of people?
  • Which Eastern methodologies have influenced and helped shape the Wim Hof Method?
  • Why did humans lose the ability to control their bodies the way that Wim's students can?
  • What does modern science say about the Wim Hof Method, and how has it been proven?
  • Which diseases or maladies might the Wim Hof Method cure or alleviate?
  • In what way is the Wim Hof Method similar to the Shaolin monks or Pranayama?
  • How exactly does the Wim Hof Method work in the brain, endocrine system, and immune system?
  • Is anyone and everyone able to use the Wim Hof Method?
  • What hormonal changes occur in the body when you practice WHM?
  • What are all of the benefits that you can expect to gain from the Wim Hof Method?
  • The 3 layers of the immune system, and how you can learn to control them
  • How does Wim Hof teach students to control adrenaline, mitochondrial function, and oxygenation?
  • What is Wim Hof's driving mission and purpose behind everything he does?
  • Does the practice get easier with time? And if so, why and how?
  • A special homework assignment from Wim for listeners of the SuperHuman Academy Podcast!

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Iceman Wim Hof:

“I always have been a seeker. And a seeker becomes a finder.”
“Nothing is as good as the noble cold.”
“It's in your consciousness; this deep sense of your physiology… the way nature meant it to be.”
“It's a self-revealing process. Because the real book? That's you.”
“The cold is merciless but righteous. It brings you into the depth.”
“Before, I felt it intuitively. But now, it is science.”
“It doesn't take years and years of training to tap into the deepest part of ourselves.”
“We are able to redirect new neurological pathways very fast. That's what we do. And then, from there, it directly connects with the rest of the body.”
“We have shown that everybody is able to suppress inflammatory markers – drastically – without using pills and medicines.”
“There is no cost involved… Just Do It!”
“I don't like philosophizing too much. I don't like speculation. I know a feeling is understanding. That's real. And that's what I want to pass on to everybody. Bringing peace to everybody.”
“It's about love, man.”
“I will go on until it's scientifically, completely analyzed, and made accessible to every person in the world as a non-dogmatic choice.”
“I just want to prove it scientifically… and we are right on track.”
“Winter?! We make it summer. We are able to go back into nature once again, and say… ‘We are the masters!'”
“By the way, I respect your work! The way nature meant it to be is the right way for everybody… for every mind.”


Introduction: Welcome to the Becoming SuperHuman Podcast, where we interview extraordinary people to bring you the skills and strategies to overcome the impossible. And now here's your host, Jonathan Levi.

Jonathan Levi: Greeting SuperFriends and welcome to this week's show. Before we get started, I want to read you guys an incredible review from Chris of the United States of America entitled an Essential Podcast. “After taking two of Jonathan's courses last year, I started taking this podcast on the road with me, and I'm literally a different person because of it. These conversations with field experts hold, big takeaways for your health personal development, and career goals. While you can definitely read books written by the amazing guests Becoming SuperHuman, it gives you a lot of candid, personal insight that will inspire and encourage you to live your best life”.

Wow, Chris, thank you so much for the incredible review. And for those of you listening, if you would like to hear me read your review. Go ahead and leave one. And I will do just that.

 Onto, today's show, you guys today we have Avery very, very special guest and someone, many of you have requested you see, it's not every day that we have someone on the show that exhibits actual quote-unquote SuperHuman skills in the traditional sense of the word, but that's exactly what our guest today has been able to prove in study after study.

Better known as the Iceman. My guest today holds no less than 20 that's 2-0 world records, ranging from the world's longest ice bath to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and the first 6.7 kilometers of Mount Everest wearing, get this nothing but shorts and shoes. He's also resisted the injection of rattlesnake venom. He's run a marathon in the desert without water and much, much more simply amazing stuff. Now what's most amazing and what's most interesting to me is that he's actually been able to successfully teach others. To do these amazing feats in a matter of days or weeks using simply the power of yoga and breathing techniques.

So this isn't something that's going to take years, but rather weeks to learn. And I think that's, what's so astounding. In this conversation with us you will see that his passion just infects you and takes you over. He completely leaves the conversation and is so passionate about it. I just wanted to sit back and listen and gain from his wisdom and knowledge.

So throughout the episode, we try to better understand how these special abilities came to be and how you too can achieve such superhuman feats. Now, if you enjoy this episode, and you want to learn about some other superhuman feats that you can learn to do. Then I encourage you to check out this episode's sponsor, which is the SuperLearner Academy.

So in the same way that my guest today teaches online courses, that will help you hack your body and gain abilities that you never thought possible that have been stored away in our evolutionary history. So too, does my online course Become A SuperLearner at SuperLearner Academy and you'll learn memory tricks, advanced learning techniques, speed reading, and so much more. So check that out and take advantage of a special coupon-coded offer visit

I also want to encourage you guys to check out the online course provided today with that we discuss with today's guests. And if you want to support the show, please use the short link and there you'll find a link to go directly to the website.

Now, before we get started, I really want to introduce you guys to today's guests. However, the stuff that we're going to be talking about today is so serious, so powerful that actually, I need to read you guys a legal disclaimer.

 So, warning, always do the breathing exercises we're discussing today in a safe environment. For example, sitting on the couch or floor and unforced, never practice these exercises during or before diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath, or any other environment or place where it might be dangerous to faint.

The breathing exercises we discussed today, have a profound effect and should be practiced in the way they are explained by professionals. Another disclaimer, the cold is a strong force. We strongly advise you to gradually build up, exposing yourself to the cold, always train without force and listen to your body carefully.

If not practice responsibly, you risk hypothermia or an after drop. If you have health issues, please always consult a doctor before practicing anything we're going to discuss in today's episode. And with that, sorry for the long intro and lead up guys. But let me introduce you to someone who's well, well worth the wait, my new friend, Mr. Wim Hoff.

Mr. Wim Hoff. Welcome to the show, sir. It's such a pleasure to finally meet you, uh, face to face.

Wim Hof: Yeah. Right on lots of bars. Israel is it?

Jonathan Levi: I am. Yeah, I'm in a sunny Tel Aviv so kind of hard to come by cold weather here. You're in the Netherlands now?

Wim Hof: Yes, I am and actually it's very nice weather today, too. Yeah.

Jonathan Levi: Fantastic. Fantastic. Wim, such an honor to finally meet you. You know, I've heard you speak before, but I actually haven't heard too much about your backstory. So one of the first things I actually wanted to ask you now that I have your own divided attention is where did you start out and how was it that you came to discover these incredible abilities that you've become so famous for?

Wim Hof: Yeah, I always say, I guess I always have been a seeker and a seeker it becomes a finder. After visiting many disciplines, traditions, and cultures of books and philosophies and so forth. I came across finally, uh, with the cold water and cold water did it directly. It's what I really was looking for a deeper sense.

Into my own body, my own mind, my mind got stilled when it was like 17 years old because of my first contact with ice-cold water. And from there on it all started.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. What was it that you were seeking when you say you've always been a seeker?

Wim Hof: Yeah, it's a deeper connection within myself, my body, and my mind.

And so after reading. Hundreds of books and philosophizing about it and practicing disciplines, nothing is as good as the noble cold.

Jonathan Levi: I love that. So cold for you is in a sense, a meditative force.

Wim Hof: Absolutely. It's uh, instrumentally I  used, but that the body is able to adapt to where it wants it to adapt. So that means that the physiology is really odd to cope with the cold. And that we are made to be able to do that. But the sense deriving from it is going really deeper. That brings about the physiology in its pure deepest, natural state. That's a great feeling. That's a deep feeling, and that is consciously being done by going into the cold water.

Uh, unless it's in your consciousness, this deep sense of your physiology. The way nature mandated to be.

Jonathan Levi: Fascinating. So Wim, given kind of my background in accelerated learning and because that's what I kind of do as my day job. I'm really quite curious about your learning process. I mean, you said you've read thousands of books on this and really you researched very extensively.

Tell me a little bit about how you learned and how you studied and what was your process from age 17 to the point where, you know, you're setting world records, how did you learn all this stuff and create what is now a cohesive method? The Wim Hof method?

Wim Hof: Exactly. I learned many languages, many disciplines. Dove into the philosophies finally came air or with these Eastern philosophies and trying to relate it to Western way of thinking. So I had to dive deep to realize that all these, you know if you're asking me to say, uh, mantras for 10 minutes in sunscreen, I can do that. I can do that in Japanese. I can yeah, I speak all those languages and know all these traditions.

I know it, but it's still booked. It's still copying and copying it doesn't give you a direct sense of your own original deepest of yeah your physiology. So after reading all about it, I became like understanding I did it all. I read it all.

So I made food, so commentable, and, but also practical studies using my buddy, Joe God in Kung Fu and Sufism, and Buddhism and all these things. But the real sense I had to see for that in the, yeah, the heart nature itself. And then it says self-revealing process because the real book that's, you, you have to open up to get into the depth and to understand consciously or what it is all about by feeling it and feeling makes you understand it.

But learning, this learning process or cognitive learning process is in this sense, being learned by doing it. If you do this there right now, or like four years ago, when I began, I just did it intuitively and instinctively. And I found it out. Hey, this is what makes my buddy at my mind, really turned on with all the wiring of the nervous system, the vascular system, working with the brains and that's the great healing that's holiness.

And so with that, I challenge my buddy in many disciplines in the cold, like climbing, go on, maybe in the ice, running a marathon without clothes. Almost, you know, it all I chose and show much more in the cold because the cold is merciless but righteous, it brings you into the depth and, uh, becoming conscious of death, brings about intuitive understanding of where and what we are all about.

And that is the most of the scriptures, they talk about it. You can read about it, but we lost this sense. We lost this real deep self sense because of alienation. That's true, too much comfort zone behavior. And we are able to control nature now with every button we have, air conditioning and if it is cold, we can warm the place up.

We go from A to B with cars and all kinds of transportation vehicles and so much more technical infrastructures have been made to alienate ourselves from nature. But the faculties within ourselves are still made to be stimulated. So I found out that the real knowledge of ourselves, the real understanding comes about in the right interaction, derived harmony with the outer nature.

And now it is Science. Before I felt it intuitively, but now it is science and it shows even in university books that we are at full chapter now on the endocrine systems and the immune systems and the ability to tap into the autonomous nervous system. That's real understanding our own physiology, which is connected to the brain.

So all to the deeper parts of their brain are exercised they're in and it is being done by, you know, there's breathing called exposure can be also eat exposure because both are temperature impacts on the body. And the ability to deal with that goes by focused on breathing because it influences directly into the chemistry of ours that we are able to do that consciously dust bringing about the deepest of our physiology at work.

At function consciously. That means also the deepest parts of the brain, which we lost because of the conference zone behavior throughout the years, we, we can therefore our physiology and that is connected to the brain. The deeper parts of the brain, that's very interesting is ultimate exercise. Like coming Monday, I get a visit from a Stanford professor, Andy Huberman, who is a neurobiologist.

And we gonna frame new research on the deeper parts of the brain in which we lost the control. And many people, uh, suffering from let's say, a depression, fear, trauma, or PTSD, psychosis. They have no ability to tap into the deepest part of the brain normal. So when the chemistry is wrong and derives in the brain, then all these ailments and all these diseases and conditions of their mind occur.

And we are not able to deal with that. Now I've found a method. This method, the WHM has got my name. Somebody gave it to that name because of the scientific research and all that and its activity and being able to access for everybody into it. This method is able to do that, to go into the deepest part of the brain and the deepest part of our physiology, which is connected to the deepest part of our brain. With this method, we are able effectively to go in and to tackle problems, like just mentioned depression, trauma, fear, PTSD, psychosis. All at once. So I'm into doing this research with the Stanford University, asap, so as soon as possible and take away a whole lot of stuff, right. Besides of diseases and outer immune diseases, also mental diseases or diseases deriving from my uncontrolled mind.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. I have so many questions. Just bubbling to the surface. So I think it's interesting. I kind of wanna reflect back. I think it's interesting that you talked about the East because, you know, I, I mentioned to someone, wow, there's this incredible guy I'm going to have on my show and he can do this and he can do that.

And this person that I spoke to was a practitioner of yoga and meditation and she wasn't shocked. She was like, yeah, it sounds like pranayama. It sounds like a lot of these Eastern traditions of controlling the body's temperature. I want to get into many things, but I want to understand, in what way is the Wim Hof method similar to something like what the shell in monks can do and controlling their body temperature or something like pranayama through meditation?

Wim Hof: Pranayama is a form of the fourth limb within the standard yoga of Patanjali, which is the control of the vital force within, by breathing methods. Now I read all about pranayama, about the Kumbhakas,  about the Ujjayi. I know all this, I wrote a book of myself on yoga in 1988 already, but it was not really in those books that ability to tap into the autonomic nervous system.

I learned that from being in the cold and in the cold, uh, learn to breathe effectively deeper and to use it differently. And this is now Wim Hof method. About the tummo, the Shaolin monks and the tummo, the Tibetan doctrines of tummo, which is the inner fire. Being able to sit outside in present temperatures and warm up your body.

That takes years. Now this method, for the Western, this is perfect. Because you don't need to go four years to be able what he arrives from practice of years and years by saying yoga, or tummo, or the Shaolin tradition. No, we tap in couple of days. Into the autonomous nervous system that related to the endocrine systems and the immune systems makes us able to tackle disease in much, much better than we ever thought possible.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible.

Wim Hof: Now it's scientifically approved and we are ongoing into new research programs. This morning, I had a research program here conducted by doctors who do independent of li. I'm not the one who is leading the people into the practices animal. I taught the doctors and they do the practices alone.

The practices instruct independently from me, 12 people. Uh, there's a long time into ice baths, into snow. Wow. And breathing. So the thing is it doesn't take years and years of training to tap into the deepest of ourselves. And that makes the WHM this method. Makes it, so, yeah, so good. So.

Jonathan Levi:  It's incredible.

Wim Hof:  Accessible and that means for everybody.

Jonathan Levi: So here's what I think a lot of people in our audience are asking, myself included. I'm only three weeks in or two weeks into the WHM course. And what I'm wondering is, you know, it's been proven and numerous studies have shown that actually you can control and your students also can control their autonomic nervous system, internal temperature, blood flow, incredible things.

How physiologically is the WHM method doing? I mean, is it connecting more nerves in the brain? Is it changing the nerve? How is it actually physiologically working? Has the research shown?

Wim Hof: This is what are going to show right now with a neurobiologist going into the brain and show that new neurological pathways are created, enabling us to go directly into the brainstem and learn to control the stress hormones or the hormonal system itself, which is directed by the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the pineal gland. We are able to redirect new pathways, neurological pathways worded very fast. Wow. That's what we do. And then from there, it's directly connected with the rest of the body, enabling us to go deeper into the nervous system. Which is the autonomous nervous system. And then we are able to enter into the immune system far better as in the specific immune system, which was normally considered to not being able to be influenced by nobody.

And now it is. So, new neurological pathways are created very fast. We are just going back to the natural state of ours, past our conditioning, the arriving from long-term comfort zone behavior.

Jonathan Levi: Wow. This is incredible to me. So walk me through the process. I mean, you're going to, I know you had neurotoxins, pumped into your veins. You've sat for an hour and a half in an ice bath. Walk me through the process. I mean, with someone as, as advanced, as you, you're about to go sit an hour and a half in an ice bath, what's going through your head and what are you doing? Are you doing the breathing exercises or now you have so much control that you can just keep your body up.

Without even needing to do the breathing.

Wim Hof: Uh, once again, anybody is able to do as long or as he is doing the practices, then the new neurological pathways. Will enable any person to go into the depths and control the cold impact but could be heat impacts as well, or any stressful impact on the body, which is related directly to the stress we receive daily in this society of ours. In which we have to perform every day, every day, every day, we just impact on the nervous system.

 Now, the nervous system is that electrical circuit within us. It's controlled by the brain. The biggest part is in the brain. So if there are new pathways developed, then it enables you to control that impact any impact a whole lot better.

So from here, just begin to do the method and you will create as far as you need to learn to control your stress within your life. There is no doubt about it finally because you get into the endocrine systems as well. Endocrine systems are about the hormones you want to feel good. So feeling good is melatonin, serotonin, dopamine.

All these hormones are deriving from the hormonal system. All these hormones are being controlled where this new neurological battery is created and that is done by this method. And in the end, it is, everybody wants to be happy, strong, and healthy. Then go as far in the method and use the method until you have reconnected the neurological pathways to enable you consciously to direct your happiness or hormones, your strength or hormones, and health, or your immune systems.

The layers of the immune system. We are shown this by teaching people with no prior experience in this method or in the cold to be able to do that, tackle that in say four days.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. You know, I think when you and I are kindred spirits, because in my day job, what I do is I teach people to reconnect to this innate ability that all of our ancestors had to have this incredible memory to remember important, relevant visual details.

And it's just a matter of reconnecting people to the ability that evolution has given us. And as I hear you talk with such passion about giving people this gift that they should have been born with, you know, I think there's a lot of similarities. And actually, on that note, I want to take a quick pause to let our audience know about this episode's sponsor.

This episode is brought to you by my very own SuperLearner Academy. Just as our guest today, Mr. Wim Hof is teaching you how you can unlock the body's evolutionary potential to do incredible things that your ancient ancestors used to be able to do but you and I can not. So too, does the SuperLearner Academy course, Become A SuperLearner, teach you how to unlock the incredible evolutionary potential of your mind.

We teach you everything from visual memory, memory techniques, memory palaces to speed reading, and then put it all together to teach you a framework, a powerful method for accelerated learning of anything and everything you want to learn. So to check that out and take advantage of a special coupon code for listeners of this show, please visit and to support the show.

If you want to take Wim's class. Please visit the link. and Wim will know that we sent you. All right back to the show.

Welcome back, everyone. We're here with Wim Hof who has been just laying value bomb after value bomb on us, and really inspiring a lot of us when I wanted to ask, you know, we've talked about your online course of which I'm a student.

I have to admit. I enrolled in it as someone who lives in a very warm climate. I enrolled less because of the cold exposure and more because of the different benefits that you talk about. Can you share with us a little bit, maybe the laundry list of all the different things. All the different benefits, really that come from the Wim Hof method, besides being able to withstand hot and cold.

Wim Hof: Besides of hot and cold and hot and cold heat and cold, those are both just mirrors. You will be able to withstand the heat and the cold a whole lot better if you just follow this method, because then the neurological pathways within are in developed connected, and you're just able to withstand the impact.

So they're aware it is good for their health issue. It makes you able to prevent and or heal from disease a whole, a whole lot better. Because you are able then to get into the three layers of the immune system, which is the scheme nonspecific immune system, and this specific immune system, that means the T cells and the B cells in the bone marrow, you are able to activate it by doing the breathing exercises.

So that makes you being able to heal a whole lot faster. As we have shown going up Kilimanjaro with 29 people with all kinds of diseases and they were all very motivated and they went up in shorts up to the summit in record times and having diseases and doing the breathing, accelerating the red cell generation, uh, with it.

Which was considered to be not possible to influence, it's called and we are able to control that and to make it to go a whole lot faster. But that one means specifically a breathing technique on Kilimanjaro making you able to go all a lot faster up mountain, because she can go past, I can not visitation physical borders.

That means that you are able to bring in a whole lot faster oxygen inside. And with that, the right. Uh, chemistry that enables people who like living and who are lying in the hospital that are able to do that to thus create more red cells and that heals people a whole lot faster. So that's about the health and the outer immune diseases.

That's the immune system that it texts it itself. And then it creating cytokines which are inflammatory markers in the blood. And we could not tackle that. Uh, just only suppress the symptoms with Madison's and pills. Now we have shown that everybody is able to suppressed that inflammatory marker drastically.

Without using pills and or medicines just by breathing techniques. So that's in short that health issue. Then power issue, the strength, you know, everybody wants to be strong, but they don't know how to do that. For that, you need to learn to control the stress hormone, adrenaline. Adrenaline makes you strong, and we only are able to do that little time.

You know, in a dangerous situation. Now we have shown that lying in bed, people were producing more adrenaline and being high, you know, not in a dangerous position or situation. They were just very relaxed, producing more adrenaline-controlled stress amount than somebody going into its first balmy job.

Wow. At that physical comparison of blood results, scientifically. So that's the fact, the strength. Another thing is in the cell, we make the energy. That's mine so conduit and we were not able to influence there. Now it shows that the aerobic dissimilation at that means aerobic oxygen. This relation is the process that makes oxygen go into the mitochondria, these energy factories and give in more oxygen, thus producing more ATP, which are the molecules, the energy molecules.

Thus, we have more energy. So just by breathing. So that's what we are shown to and then the last thing is happiness or your mood. How are you able to influence there? Yes, we have shown once again into the hormonal system, but derives also the melatonin, serotonin dopamine, Dimethyltryptamine, the DMT.

And we are able now to tap into the deepest part of the brain, where it is located their hormonal system, the direction of the secretions, the one who is directing adult within the body, which is the hypothalamus. And we are able to do that. Does you bring for people who are depressed and all you do is suppress the inflammation markers in the brain, which is causing the depression or trauma or fear or PTSD?

It's all impact on the nervous system once and defecting the railing, imbalancing this system. And then it goes into a vicious circle and there is no way to tap out. And it creates all these conditions of the mind. We are able to influence therein. Suppress the inflammatory markers and create new relaxing hormones at consciously.

That's. Yeah, no depression, no trauma, no fear, no PTSD. Because there is no cost involved. It's only, just do it. And I'm into proving this scientifically because I don't like philosophizing too much. I don't like speculation. I know a feeling is understanding that's real. And that's what I want to pass on to everybody. Does bringing peace for everybody because every mother wants happiness, strength, and health for a son or daughter. Every regardless of background or religion or whatsoever, every mother is already being, bringing in beautiful creation school children, and they need love. But now love will be constituted by strength, happiness, and health, and scientifically endorsed everybody being able to guarantee that for the new generations. And all your friends pinch your companions and you yourself. Me, myself. It's about love, man.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. Wim, I think you're such an inspiring figure, both in general and also as someone who's also trying to get people out there to learn more about their bodies to do things they thought were impossible.

I think your mission is so incredible. I mean, how many people you're trying to reach with this? What goals are motivated you, what's driving you every day to continue doing what you're doing?

Wim Hof: I will go on until it is scientifically completely analyzed and made accessible for every person in the world as a non-dogmatic choice, they want to become happy, strong, and healthy.

Learn to tap into the deeper part of your brain and physiology. And us, you are in control and consciously you are able to become happy, strong, and healthy, but it is no dogma. I just want to prove this scientifically from the brain part, from the physiological part, from the DNA part, all these sections, analyze it, and show it.

And we are right on track.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. And I think it's amazing what you're doing. I mean, like I said, I'm in your online courses and just seeing the level of activity, I mean, thousands of people sharing their success, people posting pictures of themselves in a bikini and ice. I mean, it's gauged motivated.

It's incredible.

Wim Hof: In the winter we make it summer.

Jonathan Levi: It's incredible.

Wim Hof: We are able once again to go back and say, we are the master. Part of the nature. We are strong. We feel happy because of it. And we become a healthy because of it. Hey, that's nice. That's loud.

Jonathan Levi: I love it. Wim,  I want to ask you a self-serving question, which is, you know, I'm in week three of the course, I have to say the most difficult thing for me is during the breathing exercises and maybe a lot of your students experienced this, it's quite unpleasant.

You start to feel dizzy, you start to feel, and it's almost scary. You feel like you're going to pass out. So I wanted to ask you, is that something that passes with time? I mean, is it just plugged through it, and kind of overtime, it will become more pleasant or it's always kind of a little bit difficult to feel that lightheadedness.

Wim Hof: Two things about it. It will not only fade away because the light hadn't this and all that, all the symptoms they derived from inner blockages. As soon as you keep on doing this, then the flow at a certain moment has taken away all the blockages, the inhibitions, and all that interferes with the flow of the body. So until the flow is not really there, it will get into the blood pitchers because you go deeper with this method.

And you know, what, if you run that the vascular system, which consists of 125,000 kilometers of channeling insights, those are capillaries veins and arteries in running they contract and open up. But in the breathing, they open up and close. They are exercised more than when you run. Of course, it feels like work, but that's only in the beginning.

It's until all the shit is out of the body and the flow is there and it is it'll fight away. Wherever they, their inhibitions and or, uh, blockages are, this can be psychosomatically or somatically psychic. They will go away. And everybody, almost everybody is feeling the same in the beginning. It is work.

It needs the mind and the mindset you got to get to it and take a dog. But as soon you will see, there is no dizziness anymore. It is not this anymore. Or it's over the flow that has arrived. You feel a whole lot better. And it, yeah, if you're done breathing that there is no resistance in the body anymore, and it just feels great because direct oxygen or exhaling the carbon dioxide CO2 brings about a higher level of pH. PH level, which is going to be, it has screened for the body.

Jonathan Levi: Incredible.

Wim Hof: You know why? Because if you raise your pH level consciously, Then your thoughts, which are nervous transmitters are able to travel throughout the body a whole lot better. A body will listen a whole lot better to what you consciously are.

Setting out to it, to be in the body. So if you become sick or something, because of something, then you're able to direct to the immune system far better because of the neurotransmitters, which is the mind chemically is able to go directly to the target where it needs to go to, it goes the pH level, which is the right condition to, for a neuro transplant to traveling is consciously being there. Yeah. That it is in time. It fades away.

Jonathan Levi: Good to know because yeah, it's, I've felt some kind of psychological, not backlash, but kind of resistance to, Oh, you know, a little bit of anxiety around the training because it is challenging, but I'm really glad to hear that if I just stick with it, you know, it becomes comfortable after time.

Wim Hof: Yes. Anything done is the deeper layers of yourself. And normally not present on the surface. Now we got to go into the depth and take away whatever is blocking over there to the surface. So we are dealing with that. And that's also a process of cleaning up inside. And it's being done now, like in week three, but as you will progress.

You will see your body becomes more, uh, light and you move better, faster. You get a lot more energy because everything will flow better and work more effectively. What do we want? We want energy. We want to feel full of power. We want to be light best you become happy, strong, and healthy.

Jonathan Levi: All right. I'm certainly motivated to get on the Wim Hof method course and do my homework for week three. Actually, on that topic of homework, we really like to give our audience homework, something that they can do to actually act on, like you said, you know, learning in books is just copying, but actually acting on.

Experiencing what they've learned today. So if you could give our audience one piece of homework, whether that's watching one of your videos online or reading a blog post, or even maybe doing an exercise at home, what piece of homework, when would you like to assign to our listener?

Wim Hof: The principle you have to understand is that our pH levels because of the daily stress decreases within us, that makes us more difficult into functionality.

Because a, it's an electrical system and nervous system, which is directing all the organs and all their veins and all that is that struggling to get through. And everybody is out of course, able to do his daily things. What if that would be a whole lot faster and lighter to do so for that conscious breathing, because if you breathe more consciously, Then the brain-body connection is improved or you will function better.

Your pH level will rise much more times during the day. And thus you will function better because the electrical system is able to run through the body through the mind a whole lot better. So to have activity overall takes less energy and the outcome is more once again, conscious breathing. If you have access to a shower, cold shower, take the cold shower every day. Finish cold, finish cold because you exercise a hundred thousand kilometers of vascular pathways within our body. It's not only the body. It's all to the brain. Brain is just meat with a full of vascular. Uh, pathways, channels, you know, veins, arteries, capillaries, it's all there.

And in the blood, there is the oxygen. In the blood, it gives the right nutrition for the nervous system to act upon, and then everything is going to work out a whole lot better. So a cold shower after the hot bath, or you can begin with cold is even better. And then take a hot one because it's not about torturing your body.

It's about stimulating the body. So conscious breathing, the cold shower and do pushups for a once a day. It's like a performance exercise, which enables you to reset the body within four minutes.

Jonathan Levi: Wow, those are fantastic homework assignments.

Wim Hof: Yes. Just bring it into breathing like 30 times or something. You become lightheaded, tingling, and your feel your body charged up. Yeah. That's only because the carbon dioxide gets up. A lot of oxygen gets roaming throughout the body and it affects the nervous system. Does your, the tingling and feeling charged is coming up and then you exhale. And you do pushups without breathing, and there's a whole lot more going on, but with that exercise. I mean, you can all read upon that in the website.

There is a free course, basic course over there, which you can take on an exercise if you like it. And if you've got more questions than you take on the online video course.

Jonathan Levi:  Awesome.

Wim Hof: As you are doing right now. Yeah.

Jonathan Levi: Brilliant.

Wim Hof: My hand and tip is a cold shower. Conscious breathing and pushups. One time a day to reset the body.

Jonathan Levi: Brilliant. And when we are going to give everyone a special link, if they want to support the show and take the course, we have that link set up to take them right to the Wim Hof method course, which is And that way Wim and his team will know that you listen to this episode, you enjoyed it and you want to learn more and get engaged and take the course.

Is there anywhere else that we should send them social media-wise or a blog or anything like that, Wim?

Wim Hof: No just you guys do that. Okay. That's great. By the way, I respect your work because you bring out something very good. Something lost to the people, which is a belief within ourselves. Ghost. The way nature meant it to be is the right thing for everybody and every mind.

And that will bring us together because everybody has got a soul and it is time for the soul to be. Tap into that's what we do. We do it scientifically. But in the end, is the heart, it's the love. Everybody wants to feel strong, happy, and healthy. Nobody knows by guarantee how to do that. And that's what we do that for we do that scientific research behind it, but actually, it's the signs of the soul from Science to sense.

Jonathan Levi: That's a brilliant message to end on Wim. It's been such an honor and such a pleasure chatting with you. You're a continuous source of inspiration for me, both as an online educator and just as someone who's passionate about health and optimizing one's health, and reconnecting with that inner fire.

So I want to thank you both for spending your time with us today and for doing what you're doing and just if there's any way that I can help you spread this message, reach more people. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Wim Hof: Yeah, I do, uh, reach out to me anytime too, because once again, I respect your work, man. This is the work of the heart for everybody. You're doing a great job.

Jonathan Levi: Thank you so much. That's a huge honor.

Wim Hof: Yes, together. We are stronger. Let's go for it.

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely. Wim Hof, thank you again. It's been such a pleasure and we will certainly keep in touch.

Wim Hof: Great, Jonathan. Thank you very much too.

Jonathan Levi: Take care.

All right, SuperFriends, that's it for this week's episode. We hope you really, really enjoyed it and learn a ton of applicable stuff that can help you go out there and overcome the impossible.

If so, please do us a favor and leave us a review on iTunes or Stitcher. Or however, you found this podcast. In addition to that, we are always looking for great guest posts on the blog or awesome guests right here on the podcast.

So if you know somebody or you are somebody, or you have thought of somebody who would be a great fit for the show or for our blog, please reach out to us either on Twitter or by email or email is Thanks so much.

Closing: Thanks for tuning in to the Becoming SuperHuman Podcast. For more great skills and strategies, or for links to any of the resources mentioned in this episode, visit

We'll see you next time.



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