Maneesh Sethi on Hacking Life, Habit Change, and Discovering Who You Are

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“It only takes a few days to break a bad habit – WHY are we making it such a big deal?!”
— Maneesh Sethi

I’ve always believed that the true key to becoming superhuman really boils down to self discipline. If you can motivate yourself and remain committed to making daily changes and improvements, over time, you can see dramatic changes in who you are and what you’re capable of. In essence, it all boils down to a mastery of creating habits.

For this reason, I’m extremely excited to welcome today’s guest, Mr. Maneesh Sethi. For those who haven’t heard of him, Maneesh is a truly unconventional serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed digital nomad. He has published 4 books (including an international bestseller authored at the age of 14), built a very successful blog on hacking the system, launched an NGO in India, traveled the world, and has recently launched a wearable technology company called Pavlok, which aims to help everyday people achieve superhuman levels of discipline and motivation in reaching their goals.

This interview is a bit like drinking from a fire-hose. It’s jam-packed full of useful knowledge, inspiring stories, and life-changing tidbits of wisdom. There are dozens of takeaways on how to create and eliminate habits, which habits most drastically improve your life, and much, much more. You’ll quickly see that Maneesh is not only an inspiring and passionate entrepreneur, but he's also one of the more interesting and unique people I’ve ever met.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Maneesh's impressive background, which includes a bestseller at age 14 and living in 16 countries
  • How Maneesh became interested in productivity
  • Pavlok, Maneesh's new startup
  • Why Maneesh gave up his adventurous, nomadic lifestyle to work on a startup
  • The benefits of being able to build your own work team
  • Why habits are so important to Maneesh, and at the core of his success
  • Maneesh's struggles with ADHD, and how he overcame them
  • How Maneesh got to work with Tim Ferriss (and live on his coach for months)
  • The difference between forming habits and breaking habits
  • Why people fail at changing habits
  • The functions of the neocortex or frontal lobe, the limbic system and the “reptile brain”
  • The fallbacks of “positive psychology” and how it's cost us as a society
  • How electric shock has delivered incredible results in eliminating any sort of bad habit
  • Why aversion therapy has been shunned by the American public
  • How Pavlok actually works, and why breaking habits isn't actually hard
  • How long it really takes to form a habit
  • Some very fascinating experiments performed by Maneesh and his team
  • What impactful things are people doing with Pavlok?
  • The importance of personality types, and why we need to understand them
  • What does Maneesh feel has lead to his success?
  • What are the 5 core habits that Maneesh suggests for everyone?
  • What books have influenced Maneesh the most?

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