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Recently, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed for the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast with Dr. Anthony Metivier. Anthony is someone I've looked up to and admired for his amazing work with memory, and the huge following he has grown for his courses, books, and podcasts. Anthony will be among the first of our guests on the upcoming Becoming SuperHuman Podcast, so this podcast serves as just a brief introduction to Anthony, who is an amazing interviewer!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why speed reading is not snake oil and Jonathan’s amazing bucket, hose and water metaphor for understanding your memory.
  • Why long term memory functionally has no limit and how to maximize what you can place inside your mind.
  • The precise meaning of what a “superlearner” is and how to achieve this ability not just in your mind, but in your body too.
  • Why you must change how you digest and interact with information in order to improve how you learn and memorize information.
  • How to get more done in less time when it comes to learning just about anything.
  • Why improving your mind is like putting advanced cabling into a house.
  • The bottleneck effect that comes from using DuolingoSpreeder and other rote repetition programs and how to use your mind to gain an advantage over those who limit themselves to these tools.
  • Why the memory tool “chunking” may not be good for learning every single topic and why you need to have multiple tools.
  • The relationship between driving manual transmission in your car and using your memory.
  • Why adults learn differently and how to make sure that you can fulfill this requirement throughout your life.
  • Why Jonathan prefers the term “Memory Temple” rather than “Memory Palace,” “Roman Room,” “House of Memory” or “Method of Loci.”
  • Why Jonathan doesn’t use the word “mnemonics” and why it caused all kinds of suffering and even made him resent learning.
  • The “kinesiology tape” phenomenon and how it relates to memory competitions and the culture of  memory games discussed in Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking With Einstein.
  • The Daniel Tammet issue and how it relates to psychics, mentalists and magicians (and why you should never fraudulently represent your advanced memory abilities once you’ve developed them).
  • Jonathan’s amazing story of demonstrating exactly how someone who thought she had a bad memory easily memorized a phone number using memory techniques – without even realizing it!
  • The two dominant ways to memorize huge strings of numbers and the kind Jonathan relies upon predominantly – including the reason why the Major Method is not his go-to method.
  • How to use association to memorize pronunciation (using a fatty example from Russian).
  • How Jonathan used Superlearning to solve his knee pain and restoring himself to health.
  • SMART goals and why using them will help you become a Superlearner and maximize your time.

Resources Mentioned On The Podcast:


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