The Future Of The Education System & What That Means For Us W/ Kevin Stoller

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In this episode with Kevin Stoller, we talk about the current education system, what the future holds for it, and what that means for us and our children.
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“Our choices as adults affect the kids.”
— Kevin Stoller

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Kevin Stoller. Kevin is the founder and CEO of a company called Kay-Twelve, which helps academic organizations better structure learning environments. It is pretty obvious that he and I share that interest and passion about how to get people to learn more, isn't it?

Apart from Kay-Twelve, Kevin also runs the Better Learning podcast, where I recently had the great pleasure to be a guest on, where he talks about different ways that we can influence the educational space, real-world tactics, improving education, and what the future of education is.

I wanted to have Kevin on the show, not just because we both geek out about learning, but because he has some really interesting insights into what the future of education will look like. I don't think anyone is surprised when we say the model is not working and that it is going to be disrupted.

But, we need to ask what that means for us, what does that mean for the children in our lives, how can we help create this revolution in education, and also how can we improve our own learning based on what experts like Kevin are discovering in their day to day work.

This was a really interesting conversation, a little bit different than usual, but since it has to do with learning, I'm sure you folks are going to love it!

-Jonathan Levi

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This episode is brought to you by Four Sigmatic. Click here to save 15% on their amazing mushrooms coffees today, for all orders placed on their website!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Kevin Stoller, and how did he get here? [3:50]
  • Where does Kevin's passion for education originate from? [5:50]
  • What is wrong with our education system? [9:20]
  • What can we do to improve education? [11:20]
  • What does all that mean for our children? [17:30]
  • How can we set ourselves up to learn better? [27:35]
  • What are some things Kevin Stoller does to perform at a high level? [29:50]
  • What are some books that have impacted Kevin? [32:40]
  • Where can you find more about Kevin Stoller? [36:45]
  • Kevin Stoller's final takeaway message [37:40]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Kevin Stoller:

“85% of the jobs that will exist when current kindergarteners graduate from school do not exist right now.”
“A lot of times, it's the parent's ego that's forcing the idea that kids need to go to college.”
“Most people learn better by actually doing things.”
“Try things and test them out.”


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