Why & How To Stay Fit – Even In Quarantine w/ Tee Major

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In this episode with Tee Major, we are talking about why and how we need to stay fit, even during the Covid-19 quarantine, and how to do so effectively!
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“It's all about mindset.”
— Tee Major

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are going to be talking about quarantine, social distancing, and being stuck at home. I wanted to do this special episode and move around all the other episodes we have scheduled, because as it so happens, a very dear friend of mine is one of the world's top experts on how to work out in not-so-ideal conditions.

His name is Tee Major, and he's been on the show a couple of times before. Tee has written a book called Urban Calisthenics, which talks about how you can maintain peak physical fitness even in urban, cramped apartments, without any weights and gear.

More importantly, he developed this experience over years of working with every single branch of the US military and Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are people literally living in extreme conditions, who also need to be at their peak physical fitness.

This is an important episode for a couple of different reasons. One, because I think it's crucial that we all take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally, and otherwise, during these difficult times, and again, the physical is a big part of that.

In addition to that, I think a lot of people are using this situation as an excuse to slack off a little bit – I know I'm guilty of it – but as you you'll learn in this episode, there is a lot you can do. In fact, Tee advocates that you don't need to just maintain, but you can actually thrive, improve, and get closer to your goals.

This is a really good episode, that I'm sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy!

-Jonathan Levi

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why is now an important time to maintain your physical state? [5:30]
  • Bodyweight training as an alternative to weights training [9:40]
  • Can you go beyond maintenance with a home workout? [12:50]
  • What are Tee's suggestions for handling the emotional and mental aspects of working out at home? [14:20]
  • What is Tee advocating for fitness at home? [20:00]
  • What is some equipment that you can utilize for working out at home? [23:15]
  • How the lockdowns are going to affect us in the future [26:30]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Tee Major:

“Strong people are harder to kill.”


Greetings, super friends and welcome. Welcome to a special episode of the SuperHuman Academy podcast. Today we are going to be talking about quarantines social distancing and being stuck at home. I wanted to do this special episode and move around all the other episodes that we had scheduled because as it so happens, a very dear friend of mine and a business partner in one of the courses that I've actually built is one of the world's top experts on how to work out.

In not ideal conditions. His name is Tee Major. He has been on the show a couple of times before. He wrote a book called urban calisthenics, which talks about how you can maintain peak physical fitness even in us cramped urban apartment without any weights, without any gear. More importantly, he developed this experience over years of working with every single branch of the U S military and special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

People literally living in war conditions who need to be at their absolute peak physical fitness. Now, this is an important episode for a couple of different reasons. One, because I think it's very important that we all take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally. And otherwise, during this time, and again, physically is a big part of that.

Think you can only serve yourself by maintaining physical fitness, exercising, keeping your emotions, spirits and immunity boosted. And we're going to talk a lot about that in this episode. But in addition to that, I think a lot of people are, uh, using this time as an excuse or, or maybe. Cutting themselves more Slack than they need to.

I am guilty of this as well. At times that during this quarantine they say, well, the gym is closed, so what can I really do? And as you will learn in this episode, there is a lot you can do, in fact, T advocates, the perspective that you don't just have to maintain, you can actually thrive and improve and get closer to your physical fitness goals, even if you are locked up at home.

I think this is a very important episode. I think you're going to learn a lot. And if you enjoy this episode, I strongly encourage you to visit our Facebook page where we are right now. As you see this, we are in the middle of a three part or four part video series where T is going to be logging on every single night after he puts his kids to sleep.

He's going to be logging on and teaching live on Facebook, how you can design your own workouts, how you can set calendars around your physical fitness goals, how you can improve your fitness. Even in quarantine. This is something that I think is so valuable for many, many people, uh, and anyone who prioritizes their health, which we all should during this time.

So I hope you enjoyed this episode. Immediately after you listen to it, please go to Facebook search SuperHuman Academy and find those live broadcasts. Get involved, participate with us every other day. This week. And help yourself and help your family maintain physical fitness during this time. All right.

Without any further ado, and apologies for those of you watching the video with the quarantine hair and beard, but without any further ado, my dear friend, Mr. Tee Major,

Mr. Tee Major, how are you my friends? So good to see you. Oh, what's up my dude? How are you brother? Yeah. Doing all right. Doing all right. You know, where, uh, I'm now 10 days in of not seeing the outside world here. And I guess you guys are also under similar situation. Yeah. We've been practicing social distancing, at least my family has for quite some time.

We, uh, we escaped up to the coast because we knew that we were gonna. We were, we were going to social distance for a bid and we wanted a bit of nature. Um, but even the small town there in Germany, this is. Um, they required all non-residents, non permanent residents and tourists to leave. So it's my wife's family house, you know, that's there.

So we had to leave. So now we're back in Berlin and we're stuck in our apartments, man with two young children under the age of two. Fortunately, we have enough room. We have rooms to where we can separate ourselves. But yeah, it's still tough living, man. Yeah, as well. So we won't make this a long episode given, given those facts.

I know your time is very, very precious and in high demand, especially right now, because for those who don't know, you literally wrote the book on urban calisthenics. You wrote a whole book on how to maintain peak physical fitness, uh, without equipment. In war conditions. Literally. I mean, you don't brag about this enough, but I'll brag for you.

You know, you design the training for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. You were there helping them in the conditions of war, uh, maintain literally peak physical performance, uh, to be warriors and go out and protect, uh, civilians. So I, I, I begged you really to, uh, to set aside some time because I think you have so much information right now to share in the whole world needs to hear this.

Uh, first, talk to me a little bit about, because I'm sure you have strong opinions on this. Why is this not a time to let your fitness laps? I mean, you're not gonna see anyone, right? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that was a, is a crucial, crucial time, I think for all of humidity, right? We're starting to see, um, people, you know, I, I read today that some of the top 10 risks of people that are catching this disease are all correlated with.

The heart, right? It's, it's, um, it's cardiovascular disease. So high blood pressure and hypertension. Some of these things that are preventable, these are, these are the number one cause of death already. And, uh, across the world for humanity. Cardiovascular disease, hypertension, blood, high blood pressure, these types of diseases.

But, uh, now Cova 19 is showing that if wreaking havoc on people that have these actual pre preexisting conditions. So for me. I'm looking at it like this is what every health and fitness trainer all along has been talking about and has been trying to help and trying to prevent. And what happens is, you know, as people get older, the smoking, the drinking, the poor diet and nutrition is now putting them at risk when something new comes along, the enemy that they didn't expect comes along.

Here we are really like, um, it's a time to be scared, you know, if you haven't been paying attention and nutrition into your fitness and to enter your health, um, you know, plus. Yeah, same, same. And plus, you know, again, I'm not advocating that fitness is the cure here, but, uh. Fitness improves your immunity, right?

And so if you do get this thing, which looks like most of us will, do, you want your immune system to be able to make it a light case or a severe case. And again, that's not backed by any research. But, uh, you know, I always quote you strong people are harder to kill. And that includes, uh, you know, by predators, but it also includes disease.

And also like these are scary times and the best antidepressant. I know. Is exercise second, maybe only to a physical intimacy, which I'm sure people are already doing a lot of that quarantined with their partner at home, right, man. But it all focuses around the body, right? And then of course your nutrition is important because all your immunity and everything is focused in the gut.

So. It's really important for people to understand their bodies at this point in time. And, uh, it's important to have a good source for that too, because I've seen so much misinformation online that's crossed my path and nobody knows where to pull this information from. So I put a post up a couple of days ago for some good sources.

You know, there was a 17 year old kid that's been tracking the Corona virus worldwide. He created Thomas play right. I don't think it was a, I think it was a kid from Washington state where it really ravished the area. Um, it was like the, it was, it was like the focal point of the abandoned for a long time in the U S w because Washington state, but just saw a crazy spike of cases.

So the 17 year old kid, um, bought like a realtime tracking, created a real time tracking website, which is, um, which was cool. So. That's one of the links that I posted, um, that I feel like are really good sources of information regarding. Tracking the virus where it is, where it's located, and how was revenue communities, but in terms of sort of resources of how it's affecting your body.

There's a lot of information out there. You know, everybody's writing about it now as you can expect. So. Um, it's just important for people to be vigilant, to be focused on getting the right information and to absolutely try to try to find out what you can do for yourself. Right. It's all about, absolutely.

Absolutely. Now, I will admit, I'm partly guilty of this because you know, I'm a CrossFitter, right? So I, I, I like my heavyweights. I like my really intense group workouts where I'm pushed to workout with other people. And yet, I know from knowing you for years now and working with you. Uh, that I actually don't have to.

It's not, I don't have to like compromise in my fitness that I could actually maintain or even exceed my physical fitness even from home. Tell me a bit about that and why that's so surprising to people. Yeah. You know, my background, I started with weight training, you know, book, it's aged 14 when I started getting involved into organized sports and I still lift weights and bodybuilding.

Nice. I still train very hard and heavy with weights. Um, but you know, it's a body weight training in it being, for me at least a tremendous compliment to what I was doing before. Right? It opened up my strength and my flexibility and my mobility in ways that I never, like, I never even imagined when I started to integrate.

The two into each other. And, um, and then, you know, as I get older, more and more, uh, of what I do is, uh, heading towards the bodyweight side and away from the weight training side or more into sort of a fusion of those and like trying to figure out how, how I can rely a bit more on being free from gym, free from weights and, um, but still complimenting with the body weight training with the weights and the resistance in order to enhance my body weight training.

So. That's, that's, that's what I encourage for a lot of people now. A bit more movements in, a bit more strength through, um, manipulating your own body weight and then using waste to compliment it is, um, is the direction of that. Right. And as far as you know, the cardio goes, we know we've talked about this at length in our courses.

In podcasts, actually, you can achieve better results as far as cardio with short hit workouts, doing stuff like burpees, you know, a lunge jumps, jumping jacks, stuff like jump rope, like you don't need a treadmill or elliptical or even an exercise bike for great cardio. Yeah, that's the thing, right? Like we covered this in the course.

Steady state cardio has been official, of course, and there's a lot of people see that there's not a whole lot of difference between how effective steady state cardio and hit training is. Um, but. Not a lot of people are in the right position right now to do steady state cardio. You know, some people who can go out for a long run still, but this is whole social distancing thing going on, right?

So if you're short on time, if you're short on space and you still want to have something that's extremely effective, maybe even we, are you maybe even more effective than steady state cardio? Then hit training is certainly the way to go. Yeah. This is only what I do. You know, I, I, I don't even say I'm a runner.

I sprint when I can, I run stadium stairs or something like that. I, I rarely do any steady state running anymore. I don't, it's mostly, it's 99% hit training, to be honest with you. So the take away here from, from the last two questions is really. You're at home. Workout doesn't have to be maintenance. It actually, for many people, for many of the people that you coach, that is their exercise routine.

And, and I think we need to get away from this. And I'm guilty of it too, right? Like I, I've been saying, you know, well, maybe this will end soon. I'll be back doing overhead squats and Olympic lifting in a couple of weeks. It's not looking like that. And so we need to get past this mentality of like, I'm just maintaining and get back into this mentality of like.

My fitness goals still stand. I'm still going for the best possible possible fitness I have, regardless of the conditions. I think that's what, that's what you're so expert at. I mean, you literally wrote the book on it. Yeah, that's the thing right away. When guys approached me, they were going, they call the down range.

Into into war zones. They, they didn't want to just maintain, like these are guys that love pushing it to the max. If they were saying, Hey man, we need something. We're going to be stuck here in a hole for months at a time. We need something that's going to. Take it to the next level. Um, and that question alone helped kind of, you know, help me to refocus my energy on thinking, yeah.

Is it even possible? Can you even do this with just body weight training? And, um, yeah. So now, like what I, what I focus on now is how can I increase strength, cardio and core strength? Just using body weight training and it's completely possible. Yeah. All right. Let's let us transition into real practical stuff.

Like what are, what are you doing for your physical fitness? What are you doing for your clients that you're, I guess now tele coaching and, uh, and what can people do at home? I mean, we're gonna, I should preface this by saying, if people check out the SuperHuman Academy Facebook page. By the time this comes out, we're doing a three or four part video series where we're actually going to go deep into this and train people like how to assemble your own workouts, nutritional cheat sheets, and like we're going to give people the tools to actually do this.

But for those who you know are trying to spend less time in front of the computer screen, for example, and listening to podcasts like, let's cover some of this. What do people need to know in order to make this transition to. Productive and effective at home workouts. Yeah. So let's, first, let's talk about what you don't need.

You don't need a lot of space. You don't need a lot of waste in equipment. You don't need any money, you know, so there go a lot of people's excuses right out of the door. What you do need is, is, um, some self motivation. You need the willingness to get. Uh, set aside some time for yourself so that you can actually get this done.

Um, and you need a plan. You need a blueprint, something that is going to allow you to get in and get out quickly. Because just because we're all stuck in our houses doesn't mean we actually have more time. We still have responsibilities and things, and we're going to go back to a normal everyday life. So having a plan and having a purpose and having understanding of what it is you're trying to do.

Makes all the difference. That's huge. Because, you know, I, I, like I said, I'm guilty. I've done a few workouts in the last week, so I'm not down to, you know, the one a week workout, a warrior or anything like that. I've, I've gone for runs, I've done some serious burpees. I've done, I've even done two strength training workouts, so I'm not completely slacking, but I am guilty of like, the motivation is hard.

You know, it's hard. I like the motivation of, of the social aspect of going to a CrossFit gym and seeing my friends. So that's been really, really hard. And, uh, and I just love that you started not with the physical, but with the mental stuff. Like what's the motivation at the time? You know, you need 15 minutes to do a good hit workout.

You taught me that. And uh, and so the time is less so. But I think that the motivation and also the drive. To push yourself when no one else is watching. There's no one else at the gym judging you, you know, quote unquote, for only working out for 10 minutes. So what are some of your tips around that and how can we find that structure and motivation.

Yeah. I mean, motivation is a myth, right? Discipline is really where it's at, but if you need some sort of a motivation, then just look at really most of you people are home with your kids or with your wife right now. I mean, they're looking at you whether they say they are, they're not. They're looking at you for your leadership and for who you are.

So you want to always be the example. Well, right? Like when I work out my daughter and I see her face and how excited she is, she just doesn't know what the hell I'm doing, you know? But she looks at me and jumping around and on the ground and she's so excited. And one day this is going to click for, and it's going to be like, Oh, like pop was a beast.

Papa was always, no matter what happened, you know, during this time. Like, it doesn't matter. Like he has no excuses. This guy, he's always working hard. And that's the example I want to set for my daughter and also for my wife. You know, I want her, I want to show her that I'm a hard working man. I want her to be proud of the man that I am and, and show that I never create any excuses.

So for me, that's my motivation. The discipline comes from knowing that. Nobody's going to do it but me. Right. I don't want to be one of these cases that has cardiovascular diseases at risk when a flu like virus comes around. Yeah. You know, I want to be that person that says, yeah, like I'm, Hey, listen, I'm going to look death in the face and I'm going to be able to kick his ass.

Right? I want to be able to do that. This is what I love about you. Like you take no bull and, and I want to add as well, you know. Signaling, right? This idea of signaling, and Ben Hardy has taught me a lot about this, that like your perception of who you are is very malleable. It takes a few weeks of doing something for you to go.

Like my wife for years was like, Oh, I could never work out in the morning. And then we started doing it. Ben Hardy pushed us to do it. And now the other day she was like, I don't understand how people work out at night. I just could never do it. Like, how do you muster the energy? I'm like, yeah, it's, it's literally you can change who you think you are.

And so, you know, we don't know if we're going to be here three weeks, three years, three months. But if you start becoming the kind of person, and, and. James clear says it really, really nicely. Like every decision you make, every action you make is a vote for the kind of person you want to be. So if you get off the couch today, you know those tiny atomic habits, you get off the couch today, you do 10 pushups, right?

And this is all, all you talk about, right, is Kaizen. Like start small. 10 pushups today, 10 squats tomorrow. Eventually you become the kind of person you signal to yourself. I'm the kind of person like Tee Major, I don't miss a day. It doesn't matter if all I do is foam roll every day I'm taking care of my body and eventually it becomes your identity and then it's hard to fight your identity.

It's just who you are. That's it. That's it. You know? And of course our identity is made up of who we think we are, but also who we feel like we look like, you know, of, of our circle. And we surround ourselves with the people that were like, because we have this sort of sense of identity. Right? So that, that's very important, man.

I'm glad that you touched on that. That's, that's it, man. Sometimes it's faking it till you make it, and then you own that person that you, that you want to be, that you think you are. It's very true. Totally. Totally. Totally. So, uh, let's talk, we talked a little bit about the mental and emotional component.

What about the physical component? I think a lot of people out there, hopefully they've heard your past episodes on the show. They know a little bit, but like, what does a good workout look like in quarantine for you? Yeah. So, you know, obviously I'm focused on hit. I'm trying to do my workout through the time that my daughter is either not being or before she wakes up or right in between my intensity interval training for those, for the

And then I, I like to make sure that I combined strength and cardiovascular exercises and core work, you know, because core is very important to strengthen everything from below the chest to the hips. So my structure in my format. Is typically a strength, cardio and core. If you can see it on, like if you could picture a graph, I do two strength movements.

I do two cardio movements, and then I do one or maybe two core movements, depending on which core movement I choose. Maybe it's a type of core exercise where I switched sides usually. Then that means two movements. Give me an example, maybe of your workout today, or if you haven't worked out yet today. Uh, yesterday.

Like what each one of those looks like. So yesterday, um, I did air squats for my first strength movement. And then I did pushups for my second strength movement for 30 seconds each. And then I re, so this is a total of a two of two minutes surrogate for strength. Then I move on to cardio. I do jump and Jackson high knees, 30 seconds each and repeat for two minutes, and then I'll do a forward plank, for example, for my core exercise for one minute.

So this one five minutes surrogate that consists of strength, cardio and core. And then you want some mornings. Okay, so your strength is actually incorporated into the hit. That's right. Yeah. So it's one five minute circuit strength, cardio and core two strength movements, two core, two cardio movements.

And then one core movement was the, was the plank. So one five minutes circuit, and then I'll move on to do maybe two or three. And that's actual work time. Right? Or if I want to extend it, then I'll do, you know, six, five minutes circuits, and that's 30 minutes of actual work time. So one login and simple.

Yeah. It's very simple. We're going to give people, there's no means for us to give people here, but if people attend those Facebook lives, uh, I believe it's facebook.com/superhumanacademy, but we'll link it up in the podcast show notes. Just search SuperHuman Academy. We're going to give away templates and worksheets, so if people are going, okay, great.

T, I know you're a workout with the squats and pushups. What do I do tomorrow? When my legs are tired, we're going to give people a list and this is super generous of UT to offer. What do you give them? A list of all the movements so that they can just do their own calendar and be like, okay, yesterday I did squats.

So today, you know, today I need to do tricep pull-downs with a, an exercise band or whatever, and you can just follow this template that ti has laid out. This is what he's done with thousands and thousands of active service. Personnel, you know, it's, it's a, B, and C. you figured out what a, B and C are on any given day, and boom, you'd like, you're ready to go.

You have that template. I love it. It's so easy. It's so easy. So make sure folks to check out that Facebook live as well. Uh, how do you feel about exercise bands? I mean, what are some of the, if people feel like, I feel that this is not going to be another week, it's probably gonna be another month, maybe more.

Uh, what are some of the, like. Quick win pieces of equipment maybe that people should pick up and we'll put them in the podcast show notes. Yeah. Um, I think bands are super helpful if you want to have those. Um, this is first, and let's talk about strengths first. Give yourself a set of bands. If you can get a set of light dumbbells.

Uh, if you get, you want to spring for a kettlebell, I think kettlebell is one of the most useful piece of equipment. No one's are married. I wish I had one right now, but now I'm not sure. Amazon's gonna deliver one to me. Now. I'm lucky, man. I've been, I've been filming a lot of content, so I have two new kettlebells here in the, in the house, which is nice.

Um, and then for mobility, I have a black role. Which is like a foam roller that is shaped like a peanut, but it's just a bit larger and it helps to alleviate a lot of the pain and the stress and the tight muscles along the spinal column. Um, which is great because I know a lot of people are focused.

They're working from home. They're sitting in front of the computer like they usually would be, but some people that aren't usually sitting in front of the computer are sitting in front of a computer now. So there's going to be a whole host of people, I think, with this new found back-pay. Um, that helps have a foam roller.

Also helps to roll out the hips, the glutes, the legs, the it band. All of this is going to become tight for a whole new host of people after this. Um, a stick, I use a mobility stick, which is like, um, it's just a stick with rollers on it because some people don't like to get down and foam roll and a stick is like a little bit easier to manage.

So that's like the thera cane thing. That's not like a therapy, which is the next thing I was going to get to stick. We'll link to it. You know, we'll link to it. Some people can see it, but a stick just has two handles on the side. It's shaped like this basically has two handles on the side as rollers in the middle, and it's, it is a little bit flexible.

So that you can roll out your quads, you can roll out your calves, and it's just easier to manage and handle with your hands as opposed to using your body weight down on a foam roller. Right. So it's just a little bit less pressure. Uh, the thera cane is something that's a must too. It helps you to reach those hard to reach areas.

Um, in your, and using mine a lot, a lot. Uh, because like you said, like sitting on, like, I don't have a lot of places to go now I'm sitting on the couch more. Um, sitting in general, like I'm not walking around as much. My body's not happy, you know, it's more important than, than ever to keep moving my man, and I see it like you, you have a standing desk and you usually stand for your podcast like you are now, which is cool and smart, man, I'm not worried about you.

I'm less worried about you. Yeah. Because you've ingrained a lot of this into your, your your daily routine. Then a, a lot of people that just are stuck. Now it's, this was so sudden, so many people are just going, Holy man, that first my restaurants closed down, then my bars and they were already flipping shit off that.

But now your gym's closed down. Yeah. It's starting to get creative. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Any other tips? Yeah, exactly. I think it'll be okay. I think this is a hard reset for a lot of the ways that we've been living, uh, and, and treating the environment and treating one another. Like I think people have also forget if, if you, you know, if you're not an environmentalist type, like I am, like, just think about the way we treat one another.

I think how people are going to treat one another after this, after not having seen their friends, family loved ones that they take for granted every single day. I'm guilty of it too, right? I, I take my parents for granted when, when they're here, they come visit me for a couple of weeks and you know, I'm busy and I don't see them as much.

Like, I think how that's going to change after all this. I hope in a profound way. I really do. You know? But I'm anxious to see how this all unfolds because who knows? Who knows how long the social distancing and these things really play out, but what are going to be the effects of this and the repercussions.

You know, like I'm worried, I'm less worried about me because I'm, sometimes I'm a recluse anyway because I'm working so hard. Right? But my daughter hasn't been too. Her daycare and her playgroup and like six weeks and this is going to be extended even longer and this she's only two, and this is so important for her development, right, to hang out with her kids.

She's here with adults all the time now. She hasn't seen her grandparents like, is what? What kind of effect is this going to happen? What kind of effect is that going to have for people that were supposed to have a wedding and they, their loved ones were there people who miss funerals, people whose family died in the hospital that they weren't able to visit.

This gave me some real psychological. Behavioral, uh, like so many, so many affects that come out of this that. I'm not happy that this is the circumstances that we're going to get to, to see what this effect is on humanity, um, and what is going forward. But it's going to be interesting to see, man. Um, uh, but again, I'm optimistic that we're going to end up on the right side of this and environmentally is crazy.

Did you see that chart of what, uh, over China, what it looked like when they went into shutdown? No, 40% down. It was, it was even more, I think it was crazy. They have like a heat map or something created where they show what the smog emissions like over China and then after the look, the lockdown, what it looked like, and it was gone.

It's incredible. After a matter of days it was, it's crazy. That's fantastic. Well, some, some silver lining, you know, to all of this, and in any, in case anyone is curious, adjustable kettlebells are already sold out on Amazon, but I'm sure you can find a nonadjustable ones. T any last tips that we might want to share for folks, uh, at home?

Any kind of parting wisdom? Again. Really, we want to encourage people to come check out these live videos that T and I are doing. He and I are staying up relatively late pass computer curfew to put these videos on for people cause we feel like it's the right thing to do. We feel like, uh, you know, having built a course and content around this, we can help.

I think T is uniquely positioned, which is why I twisted his arm. Uh, to come back online after he puts his kids to bed. Um, and any last tips? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Um, yeah, actually, if you want an adjustable kettlebell, I think kettlebell King's is a, probably a good source to look for those for. Those guys are really great.

So, um, maybe they have home, I don't know what their shipping is like right now because they, they operate their own warehouse. So, uh, but maybe they can help, um. Yeah, guys, just, I'm just tune in. I think that this, this is kind of weird that we created this course like w like a long time ago, guys. Not with the intention of being primed or in the position to really help so many people with the coronavirus.

You know, we have been planning to release this for a long time because we think it's important for people to be empowered with their own personal health and fitness and nutrition. So. Becoming a SuperHuman, becoming your own personal trainer has been long in the making. So this is, uh, I think it's important for people to maybe take a look at it and, and hang out with this for a little bit in these podcasts.

Because I think that we do have a lot of information that we can give them right now to give them, not just help, but also hope because, um, but also some, maybe some longterm knowledge that they can use to, to thrive and not just, um, not just exist. Uh, and that's what I feel like happened in this, in this scenario.

A lot of people were just kind of locked into their routines and just existing, but let's, let's thrive. You know, I agree. I love it. Well, I'm really excited, uh, about these live. Broadcast that we're going to be doing. We're going to be letting people know how they can continue to learn with you and work with you throughout this and onward, uh, and take these skills because these same skills, by the way, I think it's really important to emphasize like when all this is over.

You still want to know how to take care of your body, like how great would it be if you didn't need the personal trainer, or if you got more value out of the workouts that you do, or if you, you would use this time to get into the habit of working out every day so that you have the discipline to actually go to the gym when the gym reopens.

I mean, there's so much opportunity here for the changing your habits, improving, growing. Uh, you just have to see the opportunity. In between the doom and gloom. That's right, man. That's what it's about. Mindset. Awesome. Well, I appreciate it. I'll let you get back to the, uh, to the toddlers and, uh, I'll see you next week.

And it was broadcast. I was so sick of, uh, babysitting my mother's grandkids need to go. Oh man. Well that's good. It's a good thing. It's a good thing. At least that a, you know, you got the help. Yeah, man. It's a, it's a blessing. You know, we're spending a lot of time together. It's really, it's really great, man.

So I appreciate your time. Let's talk soon. Appreciate yours. Yeah, thanks man. See you, buddy. Thanks for tuning in to the award winning SuperHuman Academy podcast. For more great skills and strategies or for links to any of the resources mentioned in this episode, visit SuperHuman.blog. While you're at it, please take a moment to share this episode with a friend and leave us a review on iTunes.

We'll see you next week.



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