“Not only did I remember… but three days later I wondered if I could remember again… and I remembered all 20 words. I was like, wow, it works!” – Danielle Rubiano

Danielle had a goal to become a Yoga teacher and was overwhelmed with everything she needed to learn.

From all the bones and muscles in the human body…

… to complex yoga terminology written in Sanskrit (a language of ancient India).

But luckily, Danielle trained her memory and was able to learn the dense material and recall important facts with ease.

In fact, people were so amazed by Danielle’s memory skills, that she ended up teaching others in the class her SuperLearning secrets!

Here’s the crazy part:

At one point, Danielle almost gave up on improving her memory.

Like many people with busy lives, Danielle found it difficult to keep up with course material while managing all of her other responsibilities.

Over time, she stopped. But after a “push” from the SuperLearner team, she was off to the races.

Today, she applies her increased memory in many ways, from memorizing her credit card and bank information to starting her own yoga business!


Danielle Rubiano