“Your course opened the door to so many possibilities… I had never studied any Italian at all… and now I am 8 weeks in and I am already at an [upper intermediate] level.”

David never struggled with learning.

Throughout high school and university, he excelled in physics, aced his calculus classes, and even taught himself to speak German, English, and Russian.

But, even though David could learn effectively, he found his vocabulary slowly starting to fade away.

After using the games in the course to develop his memory skills and applying the strategies to memorizing words and numbers, David decided to give his language learning an “upgrade”.

Applying the SuperLearning strategy of brute force learning, David deconstructed several memory and language learning techniques, creating a memory system unique to his own needs.

After only 8 weeks of practice, David went from knowing zero Italian to reaching a B2 rating (upper intermediate level) in the CEFR rating system.

Today, David speaks six languages and continues to apply his SuperLearning memory skills in his everyday life.

To hear the full story and discover David’s top tips for aspiring SuperLearners, make sure to watch the full video!