“Now everything is perfect, and it’s mainly because of [The SuperLearner MasterClass]” – Niels Van Bree

Neils completely lost his passion for learning.

He hated memorizing facts in school, and sometime during his formal education, he just wasn’t “there” anymore.

After interviewing with a few companies and meeting someone who was incredibly passionate about their projects, Niels decided that he needed to rekindle his desire to learn.

And, with of some luck, Niels stumbled across The SuperLearner MasterClass.

After taking the course, Niels…

  • Doubled his reading speed
  • Tripled his retention
  • Become conversational in Spanish using memory palaces

To hear more about Niels' SuperLearning transformation, and his tips for aspiring SuperLearners, check out the full video below!


Niels Van Bree