“I had been learning Japanese for more than 5 years and was never able to remember more than 100 kanji. I currently have 250 Kanji memorized… and I’m learning 10 new kanji characters every day.” – Sebastian Acosta

In the summer of 2014, Sebastian was a self-proclaimed “lazy” guy who had developed a strategy to cut his reading time by 100%.

His strategy?

To literally not read. At all.

In fact, Sebastian’s aunt used to give him books for Christmas, and he would wait until she left then toss them right into the trash.

But after seeing the amount of work he’d have to do in college, he knew that this wasn’t going to work. So he started looking for ways to “cope” with reading to make it more bearable.

Eventually he found a solution, and what initially started as wanting to “cope” with reading actually turned into a voracious desire to learn.

Now Sebastian…

  • Can sit down and read a book in 1-2 days
  • Is memorizing 300 new Japanese Kanji characters PER MONTH
  • Uses memory strategies to remember people’s names, and can easily memorize phone numbers when he needs to

To hear the full story and discover Sebastian's top tips for aspiring SuperLearners, make sure to watch the full video!


Sebastian Acosta