“Over a period of about 4-5 months… I was able to make significant progress in the MasterClass… I made it up to [memorizing] 225 [names] and that turned out to be the catalyst for me.” – Steve Buck

How many hours/days do you lose to re-reading content that you forgot each year?

Our guess is a lot.

But here’s the problem:

Most people don’t know what is holding them back from improving their memory.

And, on top of not knowing what’s holding them back, sometimes there are hidden forces that prevent people from improving their memory.

That’s exactly what happened to Steve.

Steve, a SuperLearner MasterClass student, knew that his memory was terrible but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn't seeing any results.

Then one day everything changed.

Steve discovered that there was one thing that was holding him back from his true learning potential.

After making one small tweak, the floodgates opened.

Suddenly, Steve was able to implement some of the key strategies in The SuperLearner MasterClass, and he saw INCREDIBLE results, including:

  • Memorizing 220+ names in preparation for attending an event
  • Improving his reading from 180WPM with 30% comprehension to 700+ WPM with 80% comprehension
  • Cutting the research he needed to do his job from 6 hours a day to 90 minutes a day
  • And much much more…

Any guesses as to what was holding Steve back?

To find out what Steve's roadblock was and to learn his top suggestions for aspiring SuperLearners, check out the video on Youtube!


Steve Buck