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Since 2013, SuperLearner Academy has specialized in creating high-quality, educational, and entertaining media products that empower and inspire our 135,000 customers in 203 countries to live richer, fuller, healthier, and happier lives.

While we are most known for our blockbuster learning and memory courses, we offer a range of books, podcasts, and other media on topics such as health and fitness, productivity, lifestyle design, and personal finance.

Our mission is to empower over 1 million people world-wide to live their best lives.

It is our belief that the key to achieving anything you wish in life is the ability to learn, un-learn, and re-learn anything. Whether your goal is to ace your next exam, master a new profession, pick up a new musical instrument, or just improve your interpersonal relationships, we are excited and humbled to be a part of your journey.

Our corporate headquarters are in Silicon Valley, California, but our team is distributed all over the world.

Our Superhuman team

Content & Leadership

Jonathan Levi

Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, author, and lifehacker born and raised in Silicon Valley.

He’s the author of the blockbuster Become a SuperLearner series, and the host of the award-winning Becoming SuperHuman podcast. His passions include learning languages, musical instruments, acro yoga, weightlifting, and cooking.

He lives in Tel Aviv, Israel with his superwoman, Limmor.

Administration & Support

Romina Rodriguez

Romina is head of customer care & Jonathan’s executive assistant.

She’s been in Customer Service and Administration Support for 4 years, with a background ain Lead Generation and Sales for international companies. Her passions include playing with the kids, nature gazing, cinema, and anything pink.

She lives in Cavite, Philippines, and is supermom to Ramon Angelo.

Web Design and Optimization

Ron Cani

Ron is the CEO of Go Crayons, a white label agency in the Philippines. He is a UI/UX designer and front end developer working on building modern and beautiful websites that are strategically designed to convert.

His focus is to design pages and assets that are easy to use, simple, and elegant. His passions include playing guitar (both electric and acoustic) and basketball.

He lives in Cavite, Philippines.

Marketing & Strategy


Brandon is an author, digital nomad (18 countries & counting!), goofy boyfriend, guacamole addict, and the "Swiss Army Knife" at SuperHuman Enterprises.

Brandon and Jonathan created a premium online course together, Ultimate Advantage, which teaches people how to build and leverage their personal brands to work with top influencers.

His work has been featured in Fast Company, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Huffington Post, and School for Startups Radio. He is originally from Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Customer Care Specialist


Armie is an excellent communicator and loves to provide premium customer service experience. She ensures to create a harmonious relationship between the organization and the SuperLearner® community.

Her hunger for knowledge is limitless and considers herself a ‘forever student’. She indulges her free time studying and learning new skills to enhance her knowledge and capabilities. She had experience in administration, sales, and creative designing.

Her great motivation is family and a cool mom to 4 superkids. A certified dog lover from Binangonan Rizal, Philippines.

Customer Care Specialist


Leslie is a member of the customer care team.

She has 5 years of customer service experience and is trained in providing world-class support and satisfaction to customers. Her family and friends are her jewels, and so she loves spending quality time with them during her free time.

She lives in Las Pinas City, Philippines, and is a mom to Laramie Jelsie.

Videography & Editing


Monique is a graduate of Communication Arts. She's been working as a video shooter, editor, and director since 2009. She has been part of different video production projects as a freelancer and including those under my own video production company, catering to a wide variety of clientelle. She is an artistic and adventurous person. In fact, she loves dancing, singing and trying out new things. Her business base is in Manila PH.

Accounting & Book Keeping


Allison is an artist and writer who does bookkeeping “for relaxation.” She was born in Southern California and graduated from UC Berkeley.

She’s been a journalist, recording engineer, art director, game designer, and illustrator. She’s passionate about new technologies, social change, and all forms of creativity and human potential. And she likes to organize stuff.

She lives near Silicon Valley with her husband.

Software & Game Development


Maik Tschäpe is a software developer and web expert.

He’s also a part-time vegan. His interests include fitness, running, CrossFit, bodybuilding, and reading about personal development.

He is based in Germany.

Audio Editing & Production


Evelin is an expert audio editor who has edited podcasts for some of the most recognizable names in the industry, including The Becoming SuperHuman Podcast and The Model Health Show.

In his spare time, he is building his own house from the ground up, planning for his future family.

He is based in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Blogging & Writing


Dimitris is a software engineer with great interest in business and blockchain technology. He used to work for Microsoft, but now works as a freelancer and runs his own blog on metalearning.

His passions include reading, self-improvement and martial arts, especially Capoeira.

He lives in Athens, Greece.

Systems Administration


Yuriy Malov is a highly skilled web developer and programmer.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Informations Systems and Computer Science from Petrozavodsk State University. Yuriy also has his own company, developing software for eCommerce businesses.

He is based in Taganrog, Russia.

Creative Contributors

We are very grateful to the individuals and experts who have helped us develop

our products and services, by lending their expertise and wisdom.

Learning & Memory Expert

Dr. Lev Goldentouch

Dr. Goldentouch is a machine learning expert who has worked with startups and technological giants like Samsung.

Along with his wife, Anna Goldentouch, he helped develop the basis for the SuperLearner system, and went on to co-create the original versions of the product line.

He lives in Rishon L’Zion, Israel, with his wife & 3 kids.

Educator & Memory Expert

Anna Goldentouch

Anna Goldentouch is an educator and accelerated learning expert.

She has worked with students struggling from a range of hurdles such as dyslexia and ADHD to turn their academic careers around, and lectured at Bar Ilan and Ben Gurion Universities.

She lives in Rishon L’Zion, Israel, with her husband & 3 kids.

Memory Expert

Dr. Anthony Metivier

Dr. Anthony Metivier is a world-renowned memory expert, magician, former university professor, and creator of the Magnetic Memory Method.

He has been honored by the great Tony Buzan as a “Warrior Of The Mind,” and has taught tens of thousands of students worldwide.

He lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife, April.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Doran Amos

Doran is a science writer and a neuroscientist with expertise in memory, navigation and spatial representation.

He completed his PhD in Neuroscience under the supervision of Nobel laureate Prof. John O’Keefe at University College London. Since then, he has been engaged in scientific research, teaching, writing and editing.

He is fascinated by the human capacity for learning. As a long-time Zen practitioner, he is especially intrigued by the cultivation of mind and heart through contemplative practices.

He lives in Brighton, UK.

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