I am an avid learner with experience in a wide variety of disciplines. I love trying my hand at new hobbies and learn new skills that increase productivity and efficiency in all aspects of life. The power of learning taking me far in my life. I worked as a neuroscience researcher and taught pharmacology at a medical university. Then again, I am also a certified yoga instructor and a Bowen therapist. What is more, I have been successfully leading a team of 300 as a Clinical Team Manager. As you might imagine, setting goals, motivating people, and helping them find their way is essential in my field.

I continually see the value of increasing my knowledge, pushing myself further, and opening up all the possibilities that I am capable of constantly learning, improving, and getting better. And that is my commitment to you as a Superlearner coach.
As a Superlearner coach helping you to have the confidence to go after that better position at work, and to learn anything you want.
I am adapting the program as per your needs.
I am goal-oriented but flexible.
I am your friend throughout this journey.
I am walking with you through achieving your goal and gaining your confidence back.
I strong and pushing you if you need to. I am making the process smooth and fun.
This is much more than learning memory techniques. I am helping you in some of the other areas of your life if you wish or I can recommend you books, courses, coaches if I can’t help. I admit if I do not know anything. I am honest, I am not hiding anything.

Szia! Szabó Andrea vagyok, a SuperLearner Academy okleveles oktatója. Rólam annyit, hogy orvosként végeztem, kutattam is, azaz világéletemben mindig tanultam valamit: így kerültem ide. Te pedig épp most tetted meg az első lépést azzal, hogy elkezdted a tanfolyamot. De tudom, hogy nem könnyű feladat töretlen motivációval végigcsinálni, ezt talán már te is megtapasztaltad. Különösen nehéz, ha nem áll mögötted valaki, aki támogat, amikor elakadsz – tanulótárs, közösség, vagy egy tréner. Ha szükséged van rám, itt vagyok, és segítek neked túljutni a nehézségeken. Nem egyértelmű a tananyag? Elbizonytalanodtál? Fárasztó angolul tanulni? Ne aggódj! Trénerként folyamatosan figyelek rád, amíg te is SuperLearner leszel. Beszélgethetünk videohívásban, elérsz e-mailen, Messengeren, és ha szeretnéd, akár naponta noszogatlak, hogy elérd a megálmodott célt. Megéri folytatni, hidd el!

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  1. Koszorus Imre
    at — Reply

    Our first training session was great! She is full of great advices and ideas which can help you overcome obstacles and increase your progress. 🙂

  2. Boros Gergő
    at — Reply

    Our first conversation was great. I got many helpful tips and help to improve learning skills 🙂

  3. Emilien Irakoze
    at — Reply

    Thank you, Andrea, you have been a great coach and a great friend throughout this journey. I am very grateful for the experience. God bless you soo much!🤗

    I had procrastinated on the “become a superlearner course” for a long time, but decided to get my shit together. Andrea was recommended to me and we started right away.
    She first noticed that I had lost confidence in my memory, and we worked on that. I put in the work, the games made me feel confident again. 😉

    I had my next med. school exam and that’s when I noticed the impact of the exercises and the coaching experience. I got my confidence back and for the first time in five years, I did not panic during the exam.😎😎

    That was a very great personal milestone, that I personally thank Andrea for walking with me through gaining my confidence back. Words can not express how grateful I am, thanks for believing in me and showing me that I can If I want to.

    I 6X my reading speed (from 140 wpm _my former beeeest effort speed to now 700 (70% comp according to test results) wpm which I can top depending on the material) .

    I now use the SQ3R all the time.
    -watching videos at 3X speed well focused and 100% comprehension
    -Strange uses for multiple perspectives, alternative uses. For example: getting over a roadblock in my projects.
    -100 questions for my creative process.
    -Productivity hacks etc.
    THANK YOU Collin Joseph Jewett and The SUPERLEARNer team.

  4. Diana Tyler
    at — Reply

    When I purchased Super Learner I thought it would be great to speed read because I have got close to 150 books waiting to be read. I started through the lectures, put it on pause, and then started all over again months down the road. I had done this about 3 times when it was offered to me to get a coach. I was placed with Andrea and she helped me to make it throughout the whole program. When I started I read around 250 wpm. Now I read close to 650 with 75% comprehension in just a few months.
    Having a good coach to be accountable make all the difference. In the areas I struggled with she was able to offer solutions to help and she encouraged me to stay with the program. I don’t think I would have ever finished the program, and if I did, wouldn’t be reading as fast without Andrea’s help. It was enjoyable working with her and if given the choice again I would once more work with her. Thank you Andrea for all your help.

  5. Matthew Cray
    at — Reply

    This course is a lot of work and a ton of fun. I could not have asked for a better program. Andrea is an amazing teacher that will help every step to help you achieve your goals. She was excellent and she helped me every step of the way making the process smooth and fun. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to learn this great skill. Every time we met if there was anything I had a problem with or could not figure out …Read More on my own, she would help me with enthusiasm giving me the boost I need to go further in my studies.

  6. Inge Van Boxelaer
    at — Reply

    Andrea really helped me to figure out why I was stuck in this course. She is genuinely interested in helping, also in the broader sense as a personal coach. Thanks to her I finished the course. I don’t think I would have done this without her. Thank you Andrea!

  7. Marian Tudor
    at — Reply

    I worked with Andrea performing the Superhuman Academy coaching program on the first part of 2021 . We met weekly and were in pretty much constant contact via comments, email, and text.
    Andrea is a knowledgeable coach who answers my questions (a lot of). Also, through coaching, the Udemy Course made more sense because the exercises done with her were kind of shed light to the principles and concepts found in the Udemy course. Coaching really helped because I had a better understanding of the activities done.
    She was ready with links to additional resources, recommendations for productivity motivation hacks, meditation, and so on.

    Thank you so much for everything that you do, and the way that you do it! My SuperLearning journey has been incredibly life-changing, and has transformed my perspectives, opened opportunities, and really driven me to continuously improve myself. Your couching sessions was my pass-ticket from a fix mindset to a growth mindset. You provided me the SuperLearner tools that will improve my professional and social life.
    Thank you Andrea!

  8. Alexia
    at — Reply

    Andrea is my small group coach from the “Discover Your Inner SuperLearner” course. Andrea is a very patient and attentive coach. She has provided me with valuable advices on both learning and productivity methods. Her guidance has given me better clarity on my learning journey and has helped me overcome my learning roadblocks. She is also very encouraging and supportive, and has come up with various possible solutions to all questions asked. Andrea knows multiple languages, and she has a wealth of experience in learning different languages. I had an amazing experience learning with Andrea.

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