Hi, I am Antoine. 

After being raised in France and earning a PhD in Developmental Robotics in England, I am now happily living in the North of Portugal. 

I am deeply passionate about learning new skills, developing myself and optimising the result. The SuperLearner® methodology coupled with other SuperHuman Academy® courses has enabled me to deepen my knowledge and mastery of domains such as science, fitness, engineering, leadership, personal finances and languages in a deliberate manner.

Everyday, I apply these skills as a leading a team of software engineers for Autonomous Vehicles. This empowers me to focus on effective strategies to reach my project's goals and create lasting relationships with amazing people.

You are here because it is your turn to reach your own goals and I am excited to help you get there and further.

Going on this journey with an experienced accountability partner makes a huge difference when you want to reach ambitious objectives and get lasting results.

Now you have the opportunity to do exactly that with my help and support.

We will work together to refine your goals and the plans to achieve them. Every day, I will ensure that you keep your commitment and assist you in adapting and applying the SuperLearner® methodology to your needs. I will also let you in on my own ongoing self-experimentation projects so that you reap the benefits and maybe start your own.

So let’s get you started on your path to become a lifelong Superlearner!

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Antoine Hiolle