I am an Information Technologist (CompTIA A+/Net+, working on Sec+), father of four, middle school folk-style wrestling coach, entrepreneur, musician, passionate learner, an active member of my local chamber of commerce, gamer, and an aspiring Jack-of-all-Trades.  I do a little bit of everything…
     Not too long ago, I wasn't any of these things.  I had a barely full-time job at a local gas station that I didn't really like, I spent (wasted) huge portions of time on things that did not serve me or bring any value to anyone, and I was not happy with where my life was.
     I finally decided to make a change and figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up (I was almost 30…).  I built my own, personalized “curriculum” designed to help me learn new skills and start a new life for myself.  During this time, I stumbled upon the Become a SuperLearner® 2.0 course and gave it a shot.
     Since then, with the help of the SuperLearner® Methodology, I've been hooked.  I have completed courses in Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching, multiple Superhuman Enterprises courses, IT (mostly networking, security, and some beginner ethical hacking/pentesting courses), memory and accelerated learning (besides SuperLearner®), business, sales, marketing, fitness, nutrition, and many more.  I average about one book per week in 2019.  I have been able to achieve things that, not so long ago, seemed like just a dream.
     I want you to acquire these same skills, to accomplish your dreams, tackle difficult learning projects, increase your confidence in your ability to learn, and ignite a passion for discovering the unknown.
     I want to help you become a SuperLearner®.

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  1. Enrique P.
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    Hi, my name is Enrique and I took a coaching session with Dylan Peterson on February, 7th 2020. Talking to him was really valuable and entertaining, full of great advice and support on how to succeed and develop these valuable skills such as memory improvement and speed reading.

    I wanted to ask some questions and he clearly answered all my questions, recommending me useful resources and making sure I understood what to do.

    Dylan can help with creating a personalized action plan to apply the SuperLearner skills to whatever you are trying to learn. Plus he can also be an accountability partner and provide support to help overcome challenges and make progress.

    These sessions are a good investment and I definitely recommend Dylan as a coach! 🙂

  2. Joepete
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    Hi ! I would like to recommend Dylan as a coach. I experienced a great coaching session with him. He provided really valuable insights and words of wisdom during the session. Here is a summary from what I experienced on the coaching session with him to anyone who is reading this. I hope this helps !


    -Good listener
    -Great Conversation
    -Provided clear answer to your questions
    -Valuable tips
    -Great insights

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