I have always had an insatiable hunger to learn. As far back as I can recall, I have sought to study and absorb subjects that interested me, whether it be math, science, history, religion, you name it! If you're reading this now, I'm sure you feel the same way about learning. Why else would you want to become a SuperLearner®?

I began my formal education in the field of Aerospace Engineering, then turned my focus to computers, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in the Management of Information Systems. After working in the tech sector for a few years, I decided to start my own business and became a successful IT consultant for small businesses. I learned about Voice over IP telephony, network management and programming, as well as the skills necessary to run a small business. I also became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, CompTIA Security+ certified, and a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

After several years of IT work, I decided to change careers and become a law enforcement officer, where I still work today. I’ve worked in several areas including Corrections, Patrol, and the Courts. I am an instructor for firearms and defensive tactics, and have been a member of the Emergency Response Team. Working in the courts piqued my interest in law, so I enrolled in a Juris Doctorate program. In my spare time, I teach martial arts, primarily Kajukenbo, Ninjutsu, and Eskrima.

The moment I found the SuperHuman Academy, I was hooked; I never knew how much more I could learn with a systemized, organized approach! After completing the SuperLearner® course myself, I want to share that passion for the program with others who want to learn as much as I do. Now, as a SuperLearner® Certified Coach, I want to help you feel the same rush and enthusiasm that I felt going through the program. As a coach, I am here to guide you through one of the best and most life-changing decisions you will ever make – becoming a SuperLearner®!

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Ephraim Cheever