Welcome! I'm Jamie, a polyglot student, teacher and coach with family roots in Atlantic Canada.

I have wandered through several fields, from Renaissance poetry, evolutionary Biology and pure Math in college, to the Physics of everyday things in my Master's program, to my current position as a PhD student in Ancient Greek and Latin literature. Sure, part of that is probably my ADHD! But underlying the apparent chaos is a lifelong curiosity and excitement for the processes of teaching and learning, no matter the subject area. I gravitate towards creative work in any field and towards fields that reject artificial boundaries between Art, Science and the Humanities.

I especially love working with people who have experienced rejection, failure and complication in formal schooling, whether because of circumstances, a diagnosed history of trauma or learning challenges or simply having a brain that works differently. I also love teaching people to teach themselves languages, working with people doing original research in or out of academia, and mentoring in the craft of writing.

I look forward to meeting you!

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Jamie Banks