Hello fellow SuperLearner,

My name is Jan and want to help you to kickstart your career as a SuperLearner®.

As a Software Developer, learning never stops for me. There is always a new and exciting technology out that I haven't worked with before.
But it doesn't have to be software development. Are you learning a new language? Or do you study engineering? Maybe you just started that new job and want to learn the names of your new colleagues faster? No matter what you want to learn, I am here to help you to achieve your goals and will support you on every step of the way.

Personally I have used the SuperLearner skills not just to advance my career but also to improve my personal life. From learning languages to acquiring the habits needed to live more healthy and reading about 60 books a year, I have applied the SuperLearner® methodology to a wide variety of topics and would love to help you do the same so you can live life to the fullest.

So if you're ready to start your journey, click the button on the left and let us find out how we can get you to your results faster!

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  1. The best coach, very supportive and informative. I felt so comfortable discussing things and getting my doubts clarified. This initiative is very useful for people who want to improve their memory and reading skills. This is very unique and Tracking based teaching equipped with expert coaches.

  2. John crook
    at — Reply

    Jan was very helpful with all aspects of the course. He always made sure my homework was up to date and relevant to what i was studying, and provided guidance on all the exercises and tips/techniques to get through whatever blockers I happened to have. Whenever I slacked off he’d nudge me to stick to the program which is a big part of the reason I did the course. Overall a very positive and useful interaction. Many thanks Jan! Providing daily cards helped enormously in keeping focussed on only 2-3 exercises per day. left to my own devices i would probably have become overwhelmed and tried all of them, failed and then stopped.

  3. Toby Chan
    at — Reply

    I highly recommend Jan! He’s a great and cool guy. He answers each and every question clearly and concisely. He also has a deep understanding of your needs – he knows the underlying issue/s of any problem that you have, in any aspect of the training. Although we tread on different professions, he showed a good understanding of the skills that I need to develop/improve on in order to excel in my field. If I were to describe him, he is a problem solver with a keen understanding of his trainee. My primary challenge was lack of feedback. In theory, the Superlearner course is great. However, I had a problem applying it to my practice material because I have no idea whether I was doing it right. Jan is a very cool and knowledgeable coach who answers my (barrage of) questions. Also, through coaching, the udemy course made more sense because the exercises done with Jan kind of shed light to the principles and concepts found in the Udemy course. Coaching really helped because I had a better (and less superficial) understanding of the activities done. I really love the visualization part because I feel like that is where I really stretched out my creativity. Marker generation became a LOT easier. The program is very structured and I like how unique it is and how it is backed up by research and science.

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