With two masters degrees in education and over 15 years experience helping his students and clients reach and surpass their learning goals, Jeff Mesina is excited to help you identify and implement the small changes you can make to unlock big results.

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  1. Jigar
    at — Reply

    Before I began working with Jeff I had completed the Udemy courses but was not applying the techniques in the games and my work. He gave me simple weekly tasks, kept me accountable and gave feedback. Jeff gave me practical tips and advice but the biggest factor was how he helped me connect it to my work.

    It’s a journey but now i feel I am on the right track. I am able to ace the random words and random images 20 games (I never did that before even though I tried many times and the maximum I could get to was 12 or 13). I am trying to be more visual even with my work and reading which is helping me get better. And… my latest IELTS listening and reading mock test scores are 7.5 – 8.5 range 🙂

  2. Alexandra Franzén
    at — Reply

    I have worked with Jeffrey Mesina for the last few months, and I would like to give some praise to him and his coaching methods. I started to work with Jeffrey quite soon after I purchased the SuperLearner Masterclass, so he has been with me since the beginning of my superlearning journey. I can see a huge difference when working with him, or if I would just do this on my own. If I would just try to learn all the techniques on my own, I think I would have given up a long time ago. The Superlearning techniques can be pretty hard ( in my opinion at least) and working with a coach as good as Jeffrey has not only helped me on my journey to learn techniques, but has been crucial for my learning. I wouldn´t be here without Jeffrey´s help and loving guidance. And where exactly am I with my superlearning journey? I am still quite new in this superlearning community, and I haven’t walked this superlearning journey far yet, so I don´t have raving experiences on how I was able to read a book like in x amount of time, or anything similar. I am learning how to create markers and recall them from the academic text that I need to read. These marker creations and recalling them have come from Jeffrey´s guidance. I am getting better and better with my marker creations, thanks to Jeffrey. He is the perfect coach ( at least to me) to guide me forward. His coaching style is encouraging and supporting- which I love. He always gets me, for example, when I sometimes complain about some challenge that I´ve faced, and he is right to the point with his advice on how to overcome the challenge. He is very knowledgeable about memory techniques, and knows how to guide me forward perfectly.He is holding me accountable for that I really do the work that needs to be done in order to master these techniques- another thing that I love.  I am honestly glad that I have chosen him to be my coach, and I will continue to be his client for a very long time! If I imagine that I would try to tackle all the obstacles of superlearning by myself, I absolutely couldn’t do it. For me, having an amazing coach, like Jeffrey, is just a necessity. So, thank you Jeffrey for your guidance and support along my journey, I am so glad that you are my coach!

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