Hi! I'm Lorena and my life goal is to inspire people to become a better version of themselves. Since I was young I have always been passionate about learning new skills like playing the piano, dancing ballet, gymnastics, meditation, and most recently I became a certified reiki practitioner.

I strongly believe we all have the potential to achieve the “impossible” with discipline and a strong desire. My own example is that I managed to run 100 kilometer long races in different parts of the world.  I am not a professional runner and just started “learning” trail running 4 years ago.

I was born in Mexico and started my career as a consultant leading cost efficiency and outsourcing projects for fortune 500 companies and major banking clients in Mexico.  I moved to Hong Kong to study my MBA degree in 2009 and since then I worked for different financial institutions in the property department.

I have lived in Mexico, Spain, USA, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong as a student and working professional.  The SuperLearner® methodology has helped me in many ways in my life and I want to help you apply it to achieve your individual goals.

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  1. Jonathan
    at — Reply

    Coach Lorena will be honest to you and set your expectations. She gives additional materials for me to see if it works for me or not. She schedules things for me to do in a weekly basis. Give expectations on exercises. Answers questions that you might have. She will try to show you things were you improve on to encourage you. Which is all I could ask for a coach. The rest is up to you to put up the work. So if you think you get stuck at a lecture or want to learn faster, I recommend Lorena. Note: I haven’t reach my goal for a set speed but coach did said from the start that she didn’t think I’ll reach it in the time I want it to be.

  2. Rohith Kalyan Kavadapu
    at — Reply

    Lorena is a wonderful coach. I can attribute much of my success in marker generation and memory palace techniques to her constant encouragement and guidance. I also love her friendly nature and that made it even easier to discuss the roadblocks and issues that I faced while I was learning. Would definitely recommend for anyone who has just started his journey into superlearning!

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Lorena Compean