Hi! I'm Lorena and my life goal is to inspire people to become a better version of themselves. Since I was young I have always been passionate about learning new skills like playing the piano, dancing ballet, gymnastics, meditation, and most recently I became a certified reiki practitioner.

I strongly believe we all have the potential to achieve the “impossible” with discipline and a strong desire. My own example is that I managed to run 100 kilometer long races in different parts of the world.  I am not a professional runner and just started “learning” trail running 4 years ago.

I was born in Mexico and started my career as a consultant leading cost efficiency and outsourcing projects for fortune 500 companies and major banking clients in Mexico.  I moved to Hong Kong to study my MBA degree in 2009 and since then I worked for different financial institutions in the property department.

I have lived in Mexico, Spain, USA, Malaysia, India and Hong Kong as a student and working professional.  The SuperLearner® methodology has helped me in many ways in my life and I want to help you apply it to achieve your individual goals.

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Lorena Compean