Hi SuperLearners! I come from a marketing agency background and am an Internet Marketing specialist (SEO & Content Marketing) who holds qualifications in Performance Coaching & NLP. Educationally, science was my focus with a BSc. attained in Applied Chemistry. Self-development is a passion and I'm consistently seeking to discover new subjects to learn that can then be applied to my everyday life as well as the lives of others – knowledge is only valuable once shared! A fantastic journey of fun, personal growth, and self-discovery awaits awaits us both!

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  1. Jean Jordaan
    at — Reply

    Having had only 2 sessions thus far, I would highly recommend Peter to anybody that is considering a coach to help them along with their SuperLearner journey. Peter is very passionate about coaching and has really given me some great advise and support on a few things I was struggling with. I am also very impressed with Peter’s preparation work prior to our session adding maximum benefit to the time spent on the call.

  2. Marilyn Carmona
    at — Reply

    I have had the pleasure to work with Peter over the last year and thoroughly benefited from his ability to guide me through my process of working through the material. He is very dedicated to his clients. He is passionate about his work, but he is also compassionate, intelligent, kind, flexible, and curious for starts. He made the learning fun and interesting. His follow-ups post-session were also really helpful. I very highly recommend Peter as a coach

  3. Neeraj Nagarkatti
    at — Reply

    Had the pleasure of 12 months of support through the Superlearner coaching programme. He always responded to emails promptly, gave sound and practical advice and encouraged me to achieve my goals. Thanks a million!

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