Hi! I am Rahel. I am a passionate learner. As a Ph.D. candidate, I spend most of my time learning as well as teaching. I am especially passionate about the kind of learning that is complemented with memory! 

I’ve worked as a project engineer in construction projects in Ethiopia. Currently I am specializing in digitization and automation of information exchanges between the construction and manufacturing industries. 

I love to inspire people to dream big! And I am here to cheer you up in your dream of becoming a SuperLearner®!

When I am not learning, teaching, or coaching, I am usually practicing my guitar and working on my vocal exercises.

Love to hear from you and work with you!

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  1. I first discovered the Superlearner course back in 2016 and promptly signed up and powered through all the lessons, buying the book quickly afterwards. However, I didn’t actually practice any of the skills and essentially became an “academic” on the subject. I tried following the updated version of the course, but with the same results (and for the same reason).

    When I got the opportunity to work with Rahel, everything changed. She provided all the elements that were missing from my previous efforts; accountability, first-hand experience and a well-structured framework to follow.

    Rahel pulled together a personalised list of daily tasks and exercises which led me through the course step-by-step and ensured that I was consistently practicing the ships I’d need to develop to speed-read and to follow the Superlearner methodology.

    She was incredibly flexible and was quick to update the schedule and practice focus when I reached some goals much quicker than anticipated.

    We spoke regularly and Rahel helped me to work through some of my sticking points and was able to give great examples of her own use of the skills, even walking me through one of her own memory palaces.

    Rahel was easy to talk to and she was very honest about the realities of the skills; they take work to build and maintain. She was open about the aspects of Superlearning which she found tricky and this filled me with confidence that Rahel was the real-deal as it was clear that she has a thorough understanding of the Superlearner methodology and uses it effectively in her daily life.

    I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy if the book “The Superhuman Playbook: 18 Proven Strategies to Unleash Unstoppable Growth” which Rachel co-authored with other experienced Superlearers.

    In the book she gives a great summary of the processes we should follow for effective learning, particularly focusing on how to integrate new learning with what we already know and also how to ensure we can effectively retain and recall the information. The guidance in the book was clearly developed from the feedback of thousands of learners and is a great resource for your Superlearning journey.

    If you’re on the fence about working with Rahel, or any other Superhuman Academy coach, I can promise that it’s worth it. The skills you’ll develop and hone will serve as the foundation for a lifelong love of learning and the ability to learn and remember almost anything is indispensable in any career.

    I feel very privileged to have had Rahel as a coach and she is 100% the reason I was able to complete the course and to see a huge improvement in my memory.

    I’m currently 75% of the way to my speed reading goal and half-way to my comprehension goal. Thank you for all your support Rahel, I can’t wait to let you know when I reach my final goals!

  2. Lemlem
    at — Reply

    I am always interested to learn new concepts and grow. I found the knowledge integration chapter written by Rahel very helpful as it guides how to be a fast learner by setting SMART goals and focusing on the information that I am interested in. It also provides easy and clear steps to retain new knowledge. I have read several books, but I remember little or none from all of my readings. I wish I knew this approach earlier. I can’t wait to apply this technique. Thank you Rahel for developing this content. This type of lesson should be integrated into school curriculum to help students learn fast starting at an early stage. No one thought me how I can be efficient and effective in my learning journey. This is an informative and invaluable message for those who are looking for how to learn fast and retain new knowledge.

  3. Clarisse Murekatete
    at — Reply

    Rahel’s chapter from the book “The Superhuman Playbook” (Chapter 11: Repetition, Active Recall, and Reflection for Knowledge Integration and Creation. Page 173) is a must-read! A well-structured writting summarizing well the recipes to a successful knowledge absorption and creation. I loved that I could relate to it in a personal and practical level from my own learning journey. I learnt alot from each techniques mentioned in the chapter and some of the statements spoke to me in a deep way like being able to maintain what you have learnt until it becomes your second nature and being able to release ourselves from past failures and fear of the future. Techniques like SMART goals, would be really useful even for activity planning.. the marker creation technique sounds like it does make life easy, memory-wise.. I actually started to use the spaced repetition in my own way when memorizing and repeating verses thanks to Rahel..Imagination though is still my favorite part: we can only have what we have imagined first. This is so powerful, real and it is a reminder to dream big! Hope I didn’t spoil it all for the readers but this chapter was truely informative that I couldn’t help but share how much it impacted me positively.
    Great work Rahel!

  4. Abel Mequanint
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    During my superlearning journey, I faced many challenges due to lack of knowledge about enhancing the skills of superlearning and understanding the methodology of superlearning which eventually led me to a wrong path. Even though I was engaged with other superlearning students and actively search and use more additional resources to refine my skill, I was barely moving to the direction of becoming a superlearner and achieve my goals. My friend suggested me to try a coaching service. That’s when I came across Rahel. I got the best coaching service from her. As a result, the way I see superlearning and how I needed to improve all the crucial skills of superlearning is changed. That led me to the enhancement of my skill and faster progress towards my superlearner goal. Rahel showed me the right path to improve not only my learning speed but also my comprehension and retention capacity. She taught me about speed reading in a brief way that changed my perception about speed reading and the components of speed reading, which are the building blocks of speed reading. Now, I am unlearning the old habits and learning the new habits of superlearing. And I will succeed my long-term goals soon. Thank you for all your support Rahel,without you I can’t able to succeed that.

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