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Review: Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading, Advanced Memory, & Accelerated Learning

In 2009, I was working in a venture capital firm with some very smart people, and I came to know someone named Lev Goldentouch, who was working in one of the startups there in the VC. Lev and I started to talk, and soon enough, we would send each other articles for Tech Crunch or Psychology Today. We had a lot of similar interests. But I noticed something interesting.

When I would send Lev an article, I'd get a reply back in about a minute or two with half a page of comments. Lev also had a habit of sending me five to ten news articles every morning as he sat there and drank his coffee. These often were about a minute or two apart… and all came in the span of under half an hour. Eventually, I started to wonder what was up. And so I went into Lev's room and I saw him scrolling up and down on the page. I exclaimed “Lev, if you're not actually going to read the article, just tell me you're not interested and, and it's fine, I'll stop sending them.”

Lev told me, “actually, I did read the article.” And when I looked into his comments I saw that, in fact, his comprehension of the article was extraordinarily high. It turns out the Lev and his wife Anna were experts in accelerated learning, memory, and speed reading. Lev was able to read a 300-page book in about an hour and a half and tell me all the pertinent details and where to find everything. I immediately hired Anna as a private tutor, learned the methodology, and, well, my life was never the same.

Two years later, I had become overwhelmed with requests from friends and colleagues to teach them the methodology, and after referring a dozen or so of them to Anna, she was functioning at capacity as well. We decided that it was time to build an online course. The rest is history! We have 22,000 students and counting, and are among the top 5 most successful courses on all of Udemy, the platform we sell on.

As this is my own course, I can't very well write a review about it. I can however, share some of my favorite reviews that we've received over the years…

For those who love to learn – challenging, frustrating, rewarding –

First of all my sincere gratitude to Jonathan and to Dr Lev – not only for sharing this beautiful set of techniques but for being very responsive, patient, and helpful in their responses to the queries, questions, frustrations posted by the course participants. I started this course few moths back. This is the first online course I have taken and I loved it. The topic fascinated me – I love to read and read on various topics. This ability would have helped me overcome the frustration of not having enough time for everything. The course itself is challenging and frustrating. The latter since the outcome is not as tangible and measurable as one would like. Even with actually improvements there is significant room to second guess oneself. That being said, I started this course at a 375 WPM and 75% comprehension rate and I just finished the course (minus the advanced section) and clocked at 780 WPM at 75% comprehension. For me, this is awesome, amazing and truly acceptable for couple fo months of work, which was on and off due to other priorities and engagements. The biggest proof for me is that I have been abel to read about 6 books in the last 2 weeks! All with great enjoyment and comprehension. This is what I really wanted and got much more in return. The exposure to advanced memory techniques, the magic behind the seeming miracles, was fascinating to learn. It was humbling to see such memory stalwarts generously sharing their techniques and helping others realize their potential as well. The journey of course has just begun for me. There are many more miles to cover as I need to continue practicing and to do more mental exercises to stay sharp and improve. Its been a fun ride and thank you again Jonathan and Dr Lev, and of course Anna – the dynamo behind the machinery 🙂

— Abhishek Gupta
Life Changing Course! –

I didn't think it was possible to teach a dyslexic how to speed read, Ive suffered from learning disabilities since I was a kid and hated school which pushed me into the business world as I am a hands on type of guy. I can already see MASSIVE benefits and ENDLESS possibilities now this course has opened up for me. I can already see improvements in my memory, visualization and reading and its only been 4 days, and with hard work and discipline I can see the absolutely ENORMOUS value that this course has already provided me. and ITS ONLY BEEN 4 DAYS I just wanted to send you my thanks and tell you how grateful I am that you constructed a course in such an easily digestible way, that has opened up a new world to me. I can already see the huge benefits this course has to offer and how much its going to impact my life. Thank You so much! 🙂

— Adam Bonola
Neuroplasticity For The Win! –

I'm super excited about this course! I am already seeing a difference in my memory and the use of memory markers in just one day. Go ahead and ask me anything about the Barn Owl wiki page… just kidding you have better things to do. After 16 years of intractable Epilepsy the neurologists at University of Pennsylvania were able to pinpoint the origin of my seizures and removed the sclerosis causing the electrical discharge. The upside – no more seizures. The downside – they removed my Right Anterior Temporal Lobe and a hippocampus, the areas responsible for visual and spatial problem solving and the area for creating memories. However the brain is very elastic and can learn to shift the functions of missing areas to other areas of the brain.

— Sein Seidell
Fantastic! Can even help those with ADD other memory issues –

I have adult ADD and this course is helping me retain information I was struggling to retain. Jonathon Levi's course has been helping me find new methods of making connections to remember information I was often struggling to recall. I'd KNOW I knew the material or even a particular word I needed, but couldn't seem to “pull it out” from my grey matter at the specific moment in time I needed it (a classic symptom of ADD is problems with word recall). With this course I'm learning new coping methods that are making that easier for me to do! I'm also leaning how to stay focused to easier learn new material. I've told my Psychiatrist about this course. After seeing what its doing for me, he's checking it out to consider recommending to his other patients . This course is changing my life immensely. Thank you so much Jonathon for sharing this material with me.

— Calvin Smith
Awesome advice & techniques –

I've already increased my reading speed from around 600 WPM to 815 WPM with 88% comprehension. My previous comprehension was 72% so IMHO that is really where the win is at. I work in IT so being able to consume information fast with solid comprehension is sort of a holy grail. Thank you so much for putting this together in such an easy format to learn. This is one course that delivers!

— Derek Kruger


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Review: Become a SuperLearner: Learn Speed Reading, Advanced Memory, & Accelerated Learning