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27 Dec 2017

How to memorize your credit card in 5 minutes

How many times have you had to dig through your wallet to find your credit card number? And, even if you did want to memorize your credit card number, how would you go about doing it? There are much more effective ways to memorize numbers than just repeating them in

11 Sep 2017

Spaced Repetition & Language Learning Challenges w/ Gabriel Wyner of Fluent

If you’ve read any of my books or taken my online course, you know that like every accelerated learning expert, I’m a huge advocate of Spaced Repetition as a methodology for memorizing new information. Heck, I’ve told over 100,000 people about Anki – the preeminent platform for spaced repetition flash

02 Aug 2017

Tripling Noah Kagan’s Memory… In 20 Minutes Flat

Noah Kagan is a super bright dude. Like, ridiculously bright. Not only was he #30 at Facebook and the Director of Marketing at…. He’s also the entrepreneur behind the wildly successful and AppSumo. For this reason, Noah is the guy that folks like Tim Ferriss himself quote Noah on matters

Memorizing the polyatomic ions, or any other chemical formula, is hard. But, with the right system, you can learn how to memorize them in a lasting way.
06 Sep 2016

How to Memorize Polyatomic Ions & Chemical Formulas

If you’re in the sciences, then, chances are, memorizing the polyatomic ions will be one of the more challenging memory tasks you will face during your academic career. Heck, you’re probably reading this the night before a major exam – just trying to figure out how to hack it. But

The Valkee Human Charger actually works. And we kind of can't believe how well.
11 Dec 2015

We Review the Valkee HumanCharger – and are surprised by the results

As I write this review, I am sitting here with what looks like a small pair of fancy earbuds in my ears. Except instead of pumping out sound – these earbuds pump out light. Bright white light. Directly into onto my grey matter (that’s brain tissue, for the uninitiated). Why,

20 Nov 2015


In October of 2015, I had the great pleasure and honor of giving a TEDx talk in my home town of Tel Aviv. Throughout the talk, I tell the story of how I discovered “SuperLearning,” and how it’s changed my life. I also go into a cursory overview of what

There is a big difference between loving your body "as is" and investing in continually improving it - no matter where you start.
09 Sep 2015

On “Body Shaming,” “Dear Fat People,” “Love Your Body,” and the Obesity Epidemic

Recently, as many of you have likely noticed, the topic of body shaming has once again hit the limelight, spurred on by a viral video by YouTube vlogger Nicole Arbour entitled “Dear Fat People” (watch at your own risk – it’s highly offensive). Now, I’m not going to come out

With hundreds of thousands of supplements out there, which ones actually make a difference?
25 Jun 2015

The 7 Best Supplements That Actually Make a Difference

Supplements. No other word inspires as much simultaneous confusion and controversy among fitness enthusiasts and biohackers. It seems that every other week, scores of supplements move back and forth through the various lists: “must-have,” “highly dangerous,” “banned for competition,” “completely ineffective.” Furthermore, opinions are highly divided on supplements; while many agree that

25 Feb 2015

Network Like a SuperHuman By Making “Impossible” Connections on LinkedIn®

Foreword from Jonathan: Whether you’re applying to business schools, looking for a new job, raising money for your startup, or trying to close a sale; networking is one of the most important superhuman skills imaginable. It takes courage, persistence, and focus. Research at the world’s best business schools has taught us that

03 Feb 2015

Using the Wheel of Life Exercise & “Good” Multitasking to Create a Balanced, Happy Life

(This video is an excerpt from the Udemy course “Become a Speed Demon: Automation & Efficiency to Have More Time. For an 85% off coupon for this course, click here). As you may have heard, multitasking is the devil and is turning your brain to mush. It’s an extremely effective