Imagine this:

You are an airline pilot.

Part of your job requires you to master intense technical manuals and follow strict emergency protocols that must be followed with laser precision.

Every day, you leave the house at 5am, drive 2 hours to your base, work all day, and drive 2 hours back home.

You do that, Monday – Friday…

Every. Single. Week.

Your time is limited.

The material you have to learn is difficult.

What do you do? If you’re like most people, you’d think that there would be “no way out.”

Heck, even if you wanted to take a course like the SuperLearner MasterClass to help you learn faster…

… where would you find the time?

Meet Dwight Maganaro.

Despite all the circumstances outlined above, Dwight decided to invest in the SuperLearner MasterClass to help him through his demanding lifestyle.

And while it seemed like all the odds were stacked against him, he managed to find 30 minutes each day (after getting home from work and eating dinner in 15 minutes) to dedicate himself to the SuperLearner Material.

On his commute, he came up with innovative ways to immediately implement what he was learning, and his results were amazing.

After reviewing his reading and comprehension tests in the course, Dwight discovered that he doubled his reading speed while maintaining incredibly high retention.

And now today, Dwight is able to master any new aircraft that he needs with ease.

On top of that, Dwight loves how the course opened up an entirely new world to learn new skills efficiently.

In this amazing interview, you will learn how Dwight…

  • Was able to make it through the course material, despite working from 05:00 – 20:00 every day
  • Found innovative ways to practice the course material — even while driving!
  • Discovered the power of pre-reading
  • Doubled his reading speed while maintaining high retention
  • And much much more

Additionally, Dwight shares his insights on how to emulate his success in the course. This interview is something you don’t want to miss!


Dwight Manganaro