How to Learn a Language Fast with Polyglot Benny Lewis

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“Just remember: Half of the population of the planet can speak another language, so come join us!”
— Benny Lewis

Привет, everyone! I'm very excited to announce that my guest on the SuperHuman Academy Podcast this week is one of the world’s most renowned experts on learning languages quickly and effectively. By his early-20’s, Benny Lewis had failed to learn Spanish and Irish, despite living in Spain and growing up in Ireland. As a result, he decided to reapproach language learning in a smarter way, and developed his own system. Using this methodology, he has since becoming fluent and confident in 7 languages. He runs a popular blog called Fluent in 3 months, and his book of the same title was the #1 bestseller across numerous categories and countries on Amazon.  Benny has been featured in Time Magazine, Forbes, Lifehacker, the BBC, and many more, and  he also gave one of my favorite TEDx talks of all time.

I’m a HUGE fan of Benny’s, not just because he’s an upbeat and lovable guy, but also because in just half an hour, he can inspire anyone with the thirst and motivation to learn a language. This interview was one of the most inspiring half-hour conversations I’ve had in a long time. In addition to a hefty dose of inspiration, Benny offers practical and applicable tips that ANYONE can use to start learning a language TODAY. If you’re currently learning a language, this interview will arm you with the tools to double your efficacy – and if you’re not learning a language, you’re going to want to after listening to this episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Benny Lewis went from failing to learn two languages to becoming a “polyglot” who is fluent in 7 languages
  • What languages mean to Benny, and why that is the key to his success
  • Why (and how) Benny decided to make language learning his life's work
  • The game-changing attitude shift that allows Benny and his students to learn languages FAST
  • Embarrassment and being comfortable speaking a new languages
  • Benny's guidelines for setting goals and timelines when learning a new language
  • How Benny Lewis structures and plans his 3-month language learning sessions as he goes along
  • How Benny knows what areas or skills to focus on at which point in his language learning journey
  • Benny Lewis's method for how to learn a language fast – exclusively through the internet
  • What are the key tools, websites, and resources that Benny relies on to learn languages fast
  • How does one “hack” grammar and learn it more effectively
  • When and where do reading & writing come into Benny's learning timeline
  • How Benny's learning methodology has influenced other personal growth goals, including running a marathon
  • What Benny is working on now, and what's coming up next from him

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes:

“One reason that I have gotten as far as I have is because I see languages themselves as a means to an end; I've always learned a language in order to be able to communicate with the culture better.”
“Everything I own weighs 23kg (or 50lbs), so I can put it on the plane with me.”
“You should embrace being a beginner.”
“You've got to talk to other human beings… Don't be thinking in terms of ‘I need to go find the right book and find the right course or the right software.' Find the right person (or people), and talk to them…”


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