Ari Meisel on Productivity, Healing, & How to Work Just 2 Days a Week

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“I only work two days a week. And that's by design.”
— Ari Meisel

Greetings, Superfriends! Welcome to this week’s episode – we’re excited to have you. We're also excited to have today's guest – Mr. Ari Meisel.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone I have so much in common with. Like myself, he started out in entrepreneurship at the very young age of 12, building websites for his father’s business associates. I just LOVE that we both did exactly the same thing at the same time in our lives, but he was much more successful at it, and kept parlaying his success into more and more ventures.

In his former life, he was a successful property developer and real estate entrepreneur, until one day he was diagnosed with an incurable disease that you may or may not have heard of called Crohn’s. From there, he decided to use yoga, nutrition, and herbal remedies to treat himself, and he managed to overcome Crohn’s, and in the process, he co-founded the Less Doing, More Living, a company and blog where he works on making every task in life and business more efficient. In fact, he’s been called the most efficient man alive, and after this interview, I believe it. He’s written a ton of books on biohacking, productivity, optimization, and more… so, given the courses I’m teaching online and the subjects we generally talk about here, we had LOTS to talk about. It did take us a little bit to get into the flow and really get moving, but once we do, the episode offers TONS of great values and take-homes.

In it, we cover everything from how he manages to work only 2 days a week, to what supplements he is using, how everyday people like you and I can outsource aspects of our lives to get better results and have less stress. You’ll even hear about what productivity tools both Ari and I most recommend. I know you're going to love it.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Ari's entrepreneurial path – starting at just 12 years old
  • How Ari beat the “incurable” Crohn's disease by reducing stress
  • The story behind Less Doing, the methodology Ari has created for automation and outsourcing
  • Some entrepreneurial wisdom on testing out your material and content
  • Thoughts on outsourcing, and how to do it properly
  • What are some of the surprising things that Ari outsources?
  • What are the things that everyday people (non entrepreneurs) can outsource in their lives?
  • The diet, exercise, and supplement regimen that Ari used to overcome Crohn's
  • Being busy vs. being productive
  • The power of setting artificial limits for yourself
  • Why to-do lists make you feel terrible about yourself
  • Ari's daily routine (diet, habits, and exercise) and how he works 2 days a week(!)
  • Blood testing, and what factors Ari is looking at when he tests
  • Cannabis supplementation for mental performance
  • Ari's #1 sleep hack that everyone can try today
  • Why should you get your hormones tested, even if you're healthy?
  • The so-called “healthy range” for hormones according to the medical profession
  • Why testosterone is a miracle hormone
  • What's one thing Ari believes that other people think is crazy?
  • One piece of homework that everyone in the audience should try this week!
  • 2X thinking vs. 10X thinking, and how it makes you think differently

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from GUEST:

“I was faced with the question of ‘what would you do if you could only work an hour a day?'”
“I am firmly of the belief that if you outsource something to a competent outsourcing provider, and they make a mistake, then 90% of the time it is your fault.”
“If an assistant can answer your question even an hour before I can, then I want you to have that answer. You don't need a personal answer from me, if they can give you the answer quicker.”
“It's really about freeing up your time so that you can do the things you want to do… which may be as simple as using your brain to think of new ideas.”
“I find that a lot of  people feel ‘overwhelmed' nowadays… and they try to be busy just to be busy. And it's a culture that we've developed that wants people to just work until they die, essentially. Because it's ‘impressive' – but it's really not.”



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