Understanding Ch’i, Yoga, & Acupuncture w/ Expert Tiffany Cruikshank

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Tiffany Cruikshank is a world-renowned expert in Yoga, Acupuncture, and Eastern Medicine.
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“Yoga is union. If you look at the definition, that's what it means… Bringing together the mind and the body.”
— Tiffany Cruikshank

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today, we are joined by one of the top names in the world of Yoga – Tiffany Cruikshank. Because we've done episodes on meditation and ayurveda, it seemed only fitting to round out the trifecta and discuss Yoga, especially since it has seen such an incredible renaissance in the last decade, and is, in many ways, the go-to for tens of millions of people looking to improve their health, their lives, and their performance.

With a B.S. in medicinal plant biology and nutrition, a masters in acupuncture and oriental medicine, and a specialty in sports medicine and orthopedics, Tiffany Cruikshank is an expert in how holistic medicine and yoga come together. She teaches vinyasa yoga, and leads teacher trainings in her therapeutic style of yoga, called Yoga Medicine. In addition to all of this, she has written two books, Optimal Health for a Vibrant Life, and Meditate Your Weight, and has previously served as the acupuncturist at Nike’s World Headquarters.

In this episode, we talk about all things holistic medicine – from yoga to acupuncture – and how you can use them to improve yourself and your life. We talk about Yoga, Meditation, and the various benefits you can reap from each – as well as practical and easy ways to reap those benefits. We had a great conversation and really enjoyed ourselves, and I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy listening in, as well.

This episode is brought to you by my new online course, Become a SuperHuman. Click this link for a special discount!

This episode is brought to you by my new online course, Become a SuperHuman. Click this link for a special discount!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Tiffany Cruikshank started her journey and passion for yoga at just 14 years old
  • Tiffany's background in Chinese medicine, yoga, and western medicine
  • How did Tiffany Cruikshank learn and become an expert among experts?
  • The interaction between modern research and ancient traditions
  • At it's core, what exactly is yoga all about?
  • What, if anything, does research say about Yoga?
  • If you already meditate and exercise, do you still need Yoga?
  • How is Yoga different from just stretching?
  • Determining whether or not Yoga is for you
  • A discussion of cortisol, stress, anxiety, and human performance
  • When do people start noticing a transformation from Yoga?
  • The idea of “yoga prescriptions” and what they're used for
  • Meditation versus prescription drugs
  • Does Tiffany Cruikshank meditate in addition to yoga? Why or why not?
  • Should you start with meditation, yoga, or what?
  • An explanation of energetics, Ch'i, acupuncture, and how it works
  • What are the commonalities between chakras/natis/prana (Indian) and meridians/Ch'i (Chinese)?
  • Where can you learn more about Ch'i, prana, and acupuncture?
  • What do Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics have to say about all of this?
  • Who are Tiffany Cruikshank's gurus? Who does she admire?
  • Where to learn more about Tiffany Cruikshank

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Tiffany Cruikshank:

“Learning how to survive, first, was really empowering. And then, learning how to heal and help people… was a really big initial step for me.”
“If you had told me 20 years ago that meditation would be where it is now, I definitely wouldn't have believed you.”
“Yoga is this beautiful fusion of mind and body that we just don't see a lot in the rest of our lives.”
“Ch'i is energy on the verge of materializing.”
“Focus on the small things.”



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