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I recently had the great pleasure of being the featured guest on the Smart People Podcast, an honor which I share with the likes of Steve Blank, Dan Pink, Simon Sinek, Tony Hsieh, and a number of other people whom I admire quite a bit.

In the coming months, this blog will surely cover SuperLearning (speed reading, advanced memorization, and other learning acceleration techniques) in great depth. After all, I teach a bestselling online course on the subject, and it is the basis for all of the learning on SuperHuman skills that I've investigated. With that said, this podcast serves as a very handy and digestible “introduction” to the un-initiated.

Subjects covered include:

  • What is a super learner?
  • How do you speed read?
  • What is the “memory palace”?
  • What must you be able to do BEFORE you can speed read effectively?

Some cool quotes from the podcast:

“To be an entrepreneur is to be nimble. If Google and Facebook could do everything, there would never be startups.”

“I don’t believe in the cliché about the entrepreneur who hears ‘no’ 27 times and succeeds on the 28th.  I believe the best entrepreneurs are the ones who hear no 2 or 3 times and decide they would rather be successful than right.”

“I think we are moving towards an economy where everybody gets exactly what they want.  It’s the full realization of Adam Smith’s invisible hand.” 

“Most people don’t have a bad memory, they just don’t know how to use their memory.”

You can check out the podcast itself on iTunes (for those of you who enjoy downloading podcasts to their “i” devices), or simply play it using the widget above.

Again, I want to thank the good folks at the Smart People Podcast for this incredible opportunity – hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as I enjoyed participating in it!


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