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“A good night's sleep starts the moment that you wake up in the morning.”
— Shawn Stevenson

Greetings, SuperFriends!

On to today’s show: My guest today is Shawn Stevenson, the bestselling author behind the book Sleep Smarter, and the top-rated podcaster behind The Model Health Show. Through his background in biology and kinesiology, he went on to found the Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, which has broad him into the limelight and given him the opportunity to impact hundreds of thousands of people – if not more – through his lectures and works.

In today’s episode, we’re going to hear how his journey began with reversing a chronic and incurable spinal condition despite the opinions of the entire medical profession. We’re going to learn about the most impactful health, nutrition, exercise, and sleep tips from the master. We’re going to dive into how my guest has become one of the fastest learners in the business – and his method for dramatically accelerating his learning. On top of all of that, we get some powerful tips that are going to totally change your sleep and fitness game…

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This episode is brought to you by the all new SuperLearner Academy!

This episode is brought to you by the all new SuperLearner Academy! Try a free trial of our exclusive masterclasses today and support the show!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Shawn's incredible story of how a freak injury lead to the discovery of a potentially life-shattering disease
  • What is the “nocebo” effect, and how can it negatively affect us?
  • Shawn's downward spiral into abysmal health – and how he turned it all around despite what the doctors said
  • What turned Shawn off from nutrition and pre-med
  • How Shawn regenerated his tissue, dramatically transforming his health (and his life)
  • Why is degenerative spine disorder so common now – and how can you avoid or overcome it?
  • How sleep played such an important role in Shawn's recovery
  • How has Shawn learned so much so fast? What is his learning methodology?
  • Who are Shawn’s role models in the industry?
  • The extreme dangers of estrogen dominance, birth control, and more
  • How has Shawn Stevenson’s book done so incredibly well, even before it’s release?
  • How has Shawn seen an 89% reversal rate of Type II diabetes?!
  • What can you do during the day to improve our sleep the following night?
  • What's the relationship between exercise timing and sleep quality? When should you exercise?
  • What are Shawn Stevenson's views on the proper diet & nutrition?

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Favorite Quotes from Shawn Stevenson:

“Nobody stopped to ask… ‘how did a 15 year old kids's hip break – just from running?!'”
“This story doesn't all suck!”
“My nutrition teacher… he was clearly beyond out of shape. He would be clinically obese. And it wasn't his fault, necessarily; he was doing the things that he was teaching.”
“Your body actually requires movement to heal itself.”
“Food isn't just food; it's information.”
“If you're not sleeping, you are physiologically not healing… Because just being awake is catabolic.”
“This is why I love your show, man! It's because of these types of questions.”
“…It wasn't about being great at learning a bunch of stuff. It was becoming great at learning itself. Becoming great at the learning process.”
”We often think that our body is shaped by, like, exercise. But in fact, our environment shapes our body.”
“You never truly know something until you've done it yourself.”
“I love lettuce. Lettuce is cool! We're, like, besties, right? But at the same time…”
“You always have the opportunity to improve. Every single day is, in many ways, a clean slate.”
“Seek to be somebody who is a life-long learner.”



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