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Christy Whitman On The Art Of Having It All & Achieving Quantum Success

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Christy Whitman On The Art Of Having It All & Achieving Quantum Success
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“You have the resources you need to create everything in your life.”
— Christy Whitman

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Today we are joined by Christy Whitman. Christy is a two time New York Times best-selling author, Celebrity Coach, Transformational Leader, and just all-around superwoman in every possible sense of the definition. She has appeared on “Today” and The Morning Show and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. She is also the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and has more programs than I care to list – check out her website where there are so many different cool programs, workshops, books, and other things that she is putting on.

I was really excited to talk to Christy because I feel like we've never talked about the Law of Attraction on the show from someone who really lives, breathes, practices, and coaches it outside of the kind of woo-woo, like “just believe and everything will happen for you”. Because then, actually what are the steps you need to take? How do you need to change your mindset so that you can actually manifest reality in your life?

Apart from that, Christy has also written an incredible book called The Art of Having It All, where she talks about how women, and anyone really, can have it all, despite what society thinks and the limitations we think that we have.

And then, she also put out a book called Quantum Success. And I have to admit, I was very curious to figure out exactly what Quantum Success was. And so I begged Christy to come on the show and she was very kind to oblige. I really enjoyed the episode. I think you're going to enjoy it as well.

-Jonathan Levi

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Christy Whitman, what does she do, and how did she get here? [3:30]
  • What piece of her work is Christy most proud of? [9:00]
  • How can we have it all? [13:45]
  • What role has The Law Of Attraction played in Christy's life? [15:40]
  • The law of attraction also needs effort on your end [24:00]
  • What is Quantum Success, and how can we get it? [26:10]
  • What is some homework you can do today? [33:30]
  • What are some things that Christy does to perform at a SuperHuman level? [36:20]
  • Where can you learn more about Christy Whitman? [40:35]
  • Christy Whitman's final takeaway message [41:25]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Christy Whitman:

“It's all about alignment and momentum.”
“One hour of inner-work is worth seven hours of outer-work.”
“Words create thoughts, and thoughts, thought over and over again, create beliefs. We create from our beliefs.”
“Everything changes when you change your words.”


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Greetings, super friends! And welcome, welcome, welcome to this week's episode of the SuperHuman Academy Podcast, where it is my job to talk to super interesting people and I'm very grateful that you all make this a legitimate job for me. Today's episode, I got the opportunity to hang out with Christy Whitman.

She is a two time New York Times best-selling author, Celebrity Coach, Transformational Leader, and just all-around superwoman in every possible sense of the definition. She has appeared on “Today” and The Morning Show and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, and many, many more. She is also the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy and Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and has more programs than I care to list – check out her website where there are so many different cool programs, and workshops, and books, and things that she is putting on.

And I was really excited to talk to Christy. One, I feel like we've never talked about the Law of Attraction on the show from someone who really lives, breathes, practices, and coaches it outside of the kind of woo-woo of like “just believe and everything will happen for you”, but what actually the steps you need to take? How do you need to change your mindset so that you can actually manifest reality in your life?

But also, she wrote an incredible book called The Art of Having It All, where she talks about how women, and anyone really, can have it all, despite what society thinks and the limitations we think that we have on how much a person can have in this full, and incredible, and beautiful life that you can create for yourself.

And then, she also put out a book called Quantum Success. And I have to admit, I was very curious to figure out exactly what Quantum Success was. And so I begged Christy to come on the show and she was very kind to oblige. I really enjoyed the episode. I think you're going to enjoy it as well.

It's a short and punchy one. Two very busy people in a very busy week, but I think you're going to get incredible value in this conversation with Christy Whitman.

Christy, welcome to the show, my friend. How are you doing? 

Christy Whitman: I'm doing awesome, Jonathan. I'm really looking forward to our time together today. 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah, me too, at not least, because I have a lot of questions. You know, after I looked at your bio and I researched a little bit before this episode, and I have, I have so many questions and I love when I come into these interviews with questions because I think I'm going to learn a lot today.

So I've been really looking forward to it. So before we dive in, for those who haven't had a a chance to internet stock you before and are just tuning in from wherever they're tuning in and are wondering, who is this wonderful person that Jonathan has brought on the show today and, and what does she do and where does she come from?

Christy Whitman: You asking me? 

Jonathan Levi: I am. Yeah. Well, let me rephrase the question in a real way and not a silly way, which is tell, tell the audience a little bit about like who you are, what you do, what your, your approach to SuperHuman life is. And really what I'm interested in is how does someone get into this field of life that you've gotten into.

Christy Whitman: Well, it's, you know, it's funny that you asked that because I was thinking today, I'm like, I'm an energy healer that doesn't, you know, where crystals wear Chanel. I am a person that is, I'm a been a coach before coaching was cool. Um, so I've been a coach for almost 20 years and, um, I don't live in my car.

No, I'm kidding. Um, I, I really, I'm a, I'm a seeker. You know, of spiritual information in language or information and knowledge. And that's who I really am. It's like, I just want to know more about, you know, how do we become a, a person as a human, but also connected to our divine self. And what does that look like when we marry the two worlds?

And what is, you know, cause I had questions. 20 something years ago. Is this all that? Is this what it is? Is it about achieving stuff and is it about gathering stuff and accomplishing things? Like is this what this life is supposed to be about? Cause I did all the things I wanted to achieve and accomplish and.

At a really very young age. And I was like, it's that case Surasa Ross song, right? It, it's like this is this all there is. And so I started seeking, cause I felt totally unfulfilled. And that's when I literally stumbled over. Now I'd like to say I attracted it, um, information on universal laws that completely changed my life.

And, you know, now this time space, um, you know, you could go on the internet and find anything you want about anything, uh, 24 years ago, you couldn't. And so I had to have it literally fall in my lap, meet people that would talk about it. Um, these kind of information would be, you know, at the bet very back, Wu placed in a bookstore, you know, it was a very secret place, or in a very spiritual kind of a, we will kind of bookstore.

So, um, I'm grateful that I found the information years ago. It completely changed my life. And. When it did. Um, I had my first book, what I like to call channel through me. And it just started me on this road to being a coach and being an author and being a speaker. Um, cause it came through me. I got the book published and then he started speaking.

I'm on the contents of the book doing workshops and people start asking me to coach them, and I had no frame of reference for what coaching even was back then. I mean, it w there was a, a good population of coaches in Southern California, but it wasn't. Oh, no, it wasn't worldwide. It wasn't spread out through the United States.

And there wasn't a lot of certification programs out there and there just wasn't a lot of people teaching how coaches could build businesses and all the things that we have now. And so I'm grateful that I was able to do all that, to be able to be standing here today to, you know, to have my business be thriving for 13 years.

Um, as a coach. 

Jonathan Levi: Incredible. And you might've mentioned it, but I think I missed it. Which of your books, cause I know you've written a few, which was that first one that that channeled through you. 

Christy Whitman: So all my books channeled through me. I don't write a book if they don't, but that was perfect. Yeah, that was perfect pictures.

And uh, so that was really a time in my life when I was so focused on universal laws, but I was realizing that my own mind kept going to like. You know what's wrong and bad about this situation, about instead of what's right and good. So you know, if that's part of the principle of, you know, of abundance is there's a long list of things that we as humans do.

Looking at how do I fix something? Instead of looking at what can I be grateful. About it. You know, what, what are the positive aspects about it? And, you know, competitive with other people instead of, you know, being inspired and being in a collaborative, cooperative way with, with people. Um, there's a list, but I was just in that space of totally, even though I was practicing law universal laws, I was noticing that my mindset would take me to what's wrong and bad.

And then I, we've tried to go after and try to fix that thing. And then not have the results that I wanted. Because you know, as I teach with law of sufficiency and abundance, you can't focus on lack, which is a one side of the spectrum. And expect to get abundance, which is on the other side of the spectrum.

It's just a totally different vibrational reality. And so a lot of times people, when they're working with universal laws are trying to deliberately succeed and aspects in their life. They think all I'm focused on, you know, attracting more money, or I'm focused on really working hard so I can make more money.

Why is it, why is it so difficult for me? Why can't I do it? And we don't realize that our thoughts and what we say, what we, what we think are what we believe are more towards the spectrum of lack and limitation and not abundance. 

Jonathan Levi: Wow. There's so much in a, I'm browsing through the website. There's so much that you do.

And again, 13 years of of, you know, going down this journey, you've created so much. I, I. The, the kind of like a mischievous little boy in me wants to ask. I know a parent never chooses favorites, but which of your books are you most proud of? 

Christy Whitman: I love that. Um, I would have to say the art of having it all. Um, that, that book hit the New York times.

Um, it was a really great time. It was about five years ago when it came out. Um, but that, that book is specifically written for women because at that time, um, you know, there was a woman, I was at a PR conference and this woman, um, I was pitching her and she was a freelance author, writer for New York magazine.

And I came up to her and I said, what a, all New York women want. And she said, what? And I said, they want it all. And she said, women can't have it all. And I looked at her and I said, excuse me? And she goes, yeah, women can't have it all. And she said, they have to choose. They have to choose between being a mom and being a career woman, and we're trying to have it all and we're exhausted and it's not working.

And, and I looked at her like, she, I mean, she was an alien. And she goes, do you know anybody that can have it all? And I said, yes. Yeah, I do. And many of my clients that I've coached have it all too, and she's like, well, you know, giving me my information back. She's like, I don't believe we can have it all, so you know, I don't need this information.

I said, well, there in lies the problem. Yeah. And no one ever says to a man, you can't have it all. Like, you know, Jonathan, it were, you ever told you you have to choose between having a career and having a family or, right. And does that even mean like for w w you know, I have my best friend. I've known her since seventh grade.

She has no desire to have kids and get married. She's been with the same man for 30 years. Very committed relationship, no desire to get married. That's, that's not having it all to her. So how is anybody to describe what having it all is for anybody else, let alone tell them that they can't create what having it all is for them.

And so that book, after that interaction with this woman literally downloaded within, it, created a portal opening. And for two weeks I was writing and writing and writing. And, um, that book has just really helped a lot of women change their perspective because. A lot of times we don't ask ourselves, well, what do I want?

You know, is it because of what society is telling me I should want? Or my mom's telling me I should want kids. Do I really want kids? You know, do I want to be married? Do I want a career? And, and it's, uh, so yeah, 

Jonathan Levi: completely love that. And it's something my wife and I talk about a lot of, like, you know, these, these restrictions or these beaten paths that other people create.

For you, for generations and generations that nobody actually has ever said, you can't go off the path. It's to, at least not in our generation. Maybe a hundred years ago, maybe 50 years ago, people said, you can't go off the path, but in our generation, it's just passed down. It's like, you know, there's that experiment of the monkeys that get electrocuted when they reach for the bananas, and then one by one, they start switching out the monkeys, uh, with, with ones who, who've not been shocked.

And then they get to a point after switching out all of the monkeys. And none of those monkeys have ever, they turn off the electrocution like weeks and weeks and weeks before. None of the monkeys who were in the cage have ever actually been shocked or even seen someone else be shocked by reaching for the bananas.

And yet none of them will reach for the bananas. I think that's a, it's an interesting metaphor for life. 

Christy Whitman: It's truly, it's truly is. It really is. I mean it, you know, we are arguing for our limitations. And, and that's just, you know, we're, we're unlimited beings and it doesn't feel good to think thoughts, to say words to believe things that are in lack and limitation and that are what we feel are impossible to attain because the divine in us that's breathing us.

It's beating our hearts. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't this thing called life. It's full of pure potentiality and it's creating itself. Through us as an individual container for it. So if we've got all that power that we can tap into, that's already part of who we are, again, wouldn't be here. If it wasn't, then our mind takes us to, well, I can't afford that, or I can't do that, or, who am I?

That's a great idea, but I don't know how to do that. You know, we have these limiting things. I can't. Then we're closed off. That connection to that divine that is wanting to manifest things through us. 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I completely agree. I do want to ask, I think I'd be remiss a, you know, people hear the title of like the art of having it all.

I'd be remiss if I didn't ask, how do we have it all? I mean, what does that look like. 

Christy Whitman: Well, that's like what I break it down in the book is that we each individually have to decide what is having it all to us. And that's like looking at all of the different aspects of our lives. I mean, for some people having the 2.5 children, I don't know how you can have half of a child, but you know, having kids.

Is there having at all you, you know, you might have a woman that is only wants to be a stay at home mom to be totally devoted to the kids. I, I would go cuckoo if I did that. You know, I want to make sure that I have a creative expression and have a career. Um, and yet having kids was having it all for me, you know, as Paul was part of it.

So we have to look at all the different aspects of our life. What would have in having it all, or another way of saying it is. What if we absolutely loved every single aspect of our lives. If you were like on full tilt. I just love my marriage. I love my kids, or I'd not, or I love my freedom. I love my time freedom.

I love, you know, how my financial situation is. I love what my career looks like. You know? It's up to us to really sit with what do I desire and what would I absolutely love in all aspects of our lives. Because then that's having it all. But it's a very individualized process and it's very different and it changes, you know, from decade to decade.

Think about it. I'm in my late forties I'm turning 50 this year and you know, my having it all was different in my twenties than it certainly was in my thirties and it wasn't my forties and I'm sure it's going to be different in my fifties and sixties cause it, it merges with us. It's a growing, living expression just like we are.

Jonathan Levi: Now, Christiana, do you want to ask you about the law of attraction? I feel like you knew this was coming because you are a master practitioner of this and you've written books on it. But also because I think it's very easy for people to listen to your story, to hear things like New York times bestselling author and not realize that you've actually had a lot of, uh.

I dunno if I want to call them upsets, but you've had a lot of very challenging events in your life. Just that I was able to, to find on the internet, not to mention the ones that probably aren't on the internet. Talk to me a bit about the law of attraction, how this came into your field of consciousness and what it means to you.

Christy Whitman: So the law of attraction is one of the universal laws. It's not the only one. And it what we put out, it comes back and meaning it's a lot of times our consciousness, it is our consciousness. We are attracting. What we think, what we feel, what we believe, and law of attraction came into my life, or at least it's always been in my life.

Like it's, it's one of those things, it's like gravity. It's not something that even if we don't know about it, it doesn't exist. Right? It's not like, Oh, now that I know about it, it exists. Gravity is affecting us all day, every day. It's not like if I'm thinking about it, I'm going to float into outer space.

It's still working. Whether I know it or not. Law of attraction is the same thing and so. When people start learning about it, like I did, they start trying to apply it and Oh, I gotta watch my F my thoughts and kind of fear it and that sort of thing. But it's always been working since the Dawn of time.

It's a universal, like when the universe was birth, I mean, that came along with it. And so, um, for me it has been. For me, it's one of those things that it's a constant that it's not the law to actually work with and apply. It's the other laws like the law of deliberate creation, the law of sufficiency and abundance.

Because for me, law of attraction is like a boomerang. What I'm sending out is going to come back to me. Now, it's not a tip protect kind of thing. If I call someone a jerk, I'm not going to get called a jerk from someone, but it's, it's an energy that if I. For example, call someone a jerk. It's a negative energy and that will come back somehow.

Some way, maybe I get bad news, or maybe, you know, someone's rude to me, or, you know, I get spilled coffee on me, or whatever it is. You know, it's a, it's a, it's a chain reaction. It's a cause and effect  type of thing. But it's what the law of deliberate creation where we have to understand that we're the ones that are attracting all the things in our universe.

And. You're right. Um, so I'll just name a few of the things that I've gone through, cause I used to think that, Oh my gosh, my life is going to be so perfect. Now I know about this universal law. It's going to be candies and rainbows and lollipops and unicorns, and I'll never have to have any type of contrast ever before next, you know, in my life again.

And that's just not the case. But I will say that I'm grateful I learned about this while I went through the different things I did go through. So I'm. My sister had committed suicide. And um, that was probably one of the worst. It right up there with one of the worst things that's ever happened in my life.

And I'm grateful that I knew what I knew and then I have my spiritual connection because I was able to take a very, um, higher approach and perspective to why she chose to do what she did. And more importantly. The fact that I'm still here and what am I going to make of my life? Because that's one of the reasons I do what I do now, is that I didn't want to end up like my sisters.

So that made me become somewhat of a seeker. Uh, how, you know, how is one person happy in another person's so suicidal that they want to take their own life and how can I be the, you know, the happy person and not the other. And, um, you know, so, so that was something as like a. A process of recovery for myself and grieving that I had to go through and apply in a processing my energy, which was why my emotions, changing my thoughts so that I would be in a place of being positive rather than victim mode.

And, um, so I also, you know, went through a divorce. I also. Was asked to resign from a company that I was, you know, one of the top reps in the, in the country, um, asked to resign from that. I was, um, I picked the, probably the worst thing ever that happened and I think it'd be number one on my list if I was going to do a top 10 list, is my son max him when he was two months of age, he was rushed to the hospital and he had to have open heart surgery.

And he almost died. And he was in the hospital. Yeah, he was in the hospital for a month. But it, you know, it's one of those things that when we got the diagnosis, it's incredible. Cause the cardiologist, um, the came to us and said, okay, he's got a transposition of the great arteries. Basically babies that have this, a good 80, 85% are found when the mother is pregnant.

So they can see the heart, they can see there's something wrong. And these children have. A surgery within a day of life. And if they don't, the the good 5% of them is caught within the first two days of life after birth. And if they're not, they're die in their cribs. So they're pretty much gone after a week.

He was two months of age. And so, yeah. And she's like, they have never, there's no history of anybody ever. Performing a surgery of this kind on a baby of two months of age because it's never there. There's no cases that have ever been reported. So they were kind of given us the doom and gloom of everything.

Yeah, yeah. And, and was telling us that he had to, there's like a valve that closes once a baby takes their breath, it didn't close. And he had a small hole between both of his main valves and those two holes will what keep it, what was keeping him alive. And so this boy wanted to be here and I looked at my husband and I said, okay, listen to me, there is no other vision.

We're not going to entertain anything other than he gets through this surgery. He does well. He goes home, he's healthy, he's living an amazing life. He's wrestling around with his big brother who was still a baby at the time. He was 18 months old cause they're 16 months apart. And I'm like, and we're going to envision us all go into Disneyland and going on cruises together and him playing a sport and you know, and he's like, okay, got it.

And we were just really clear that the energy that's going to be around him is all going to be very positive. It's just a. A blip and you know, it's all going to be good. And he's now a nine years old. He is the biggest smart ass kid in the most positive way. Like he's got just a really great sense of humor and just makes us laugh all the time.

He's like the soccer star and his team. Um, he has a perfectly functioning, like nothing ever happened. And, um. Yeah. And  has this amazing heart of gold. So I'm grateful that during that time of my life that I had the information that I had to really focus on what I wanted to happen and to live deliberately put my energy and my attention on that.

And, um, I really, I truly believe that knowing this information is what got my husband and I through this. 

Incredible, that's an incredible story. 

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Alright, let's get back to the episode. 

I do want to ask, you know, I have a friend who often reminds me because I completely believe in the law of attraction.

I think he does as well, but he loves to remind me, the law of attraction only works when you pair it with the law of action. Meaning you can't sit on your couch and do absolutely nothing and hope for things to come to you. I mean, what's your take on that kind of balance? That there is some cosmic magic that happens here, but at the same time, you do have to kind of kickstart it with, with effort.

Christy Whitman: Oh, 100% agree. I mean, that's what my book, quantum success is all about. It's about alignment and momentum. And you know, it's interesting too, because even the alignment is an action. Because we have to ask, we have to put our focus, our attention in the receiving mode of that energy. And that is an action.

It's kind of like a GA pay, right? It got Bay is, you know, love in action. So we are the ones that, from a universal perspective, you know, the, the universe or God or you know, universal mind or whatever you want to call it, it cannot just assert itself into our lives. We have to ask. And that asking is also action.

So it's alignment and then it's momentum. Cause you figure we are both man. We're physical and we're metaphysical and the metaphysical part of us is the energy. It's that alignment, but it is the physical for a reason. I mean we can't, the divine can't write a book. The divine can't send an email. The divine can't get on a stage.

The divine can't do a podcast. It takes like a container. For this information to come through and to be able to then broadcast it through a voice box, which is, you know, through a human being. It's like, it's like a, you could take a hose with water and pour it on your sidewalk, but if you had a container, like a water bottle or a pool or something, then the water stays.

It's, there's, you know, there's a place for the essence to go. And the same thing as for us is that we are that container where that channel for that divine and. So I absolutely agree. It's both and 

Jonathan Levi: fantastic. Yeah, I, I, I concur. I totally concur. Now, you didn't mention your latest book quantum success, and I don't know what that is, but I wanted, so, so first tell me what it is, but then tell me how I achieve it.

I love 

Christy Whitman: it. So quantum success is just like an exponential, it's, it's different than the linear step-by-step process to creating what you want. The effort is hard work, push, push, you know, and then you create success and then you do it again. And it's kinda like that. Climbing a mountain, you climb, climb, climb.

You get there and then you see another mountain and you had to climb, climb, climb. It's quantum success is going from the bottom to like the top of the toppest mountain. Like the tip is top is mountain. Because what it is is yes, you're still, like we just talked about. You're still making effort. You're still, you're still taking action, but you're also tapped into a quantum field that is flowing the energy of success through you.

So it's like doors open even as you're walking through them. Um, things just happen in greater amounts of success. It's kind of like there, there's been studies done. Well, they've done experiments that one hour of inner work is worth seven hours of outer work. Wow. And so when you combined the inner work, now what do I mean in our work?

It's watching your language. It's watching your words, shifting into and to thoughts that feel better, where you feel more expanded saying them rather than not. For example, you know, when you say, I can't afford it. That constricts us, doesn't make us feel good. But if you say, well, you know, that's not a financial priority for me.

We feel more expanded because we feel like there's more choices, right? It's putting your thoughts and your beliefs and even the emotions that we have towards in that space of alignment towards what you do want instead of what you don't want. It's practicing faith of what you do want and then taking the action to do it.

So it is a massive exponential experience of success rather than a linear step by step approach. 

Jonathan Levi: That's, that's fantastic. So how does one, how does one begin developing this and moving towards, and what are the steps? I know you cover this in a whole book that I totally have to read, but give, give us a taster of where do I even start?

Christy Whitman: Well, that's, that's the thing, you know, and I get that all the time. Where do I even start? And it is simple. It really is simple. It is watching our words. Um, when you think about it in the Bible, it said in the beginning there was the word, right? And so our words, words create thoughts and thoughts thought over and over again create beliefs.

And we create from our beliefs. So to start is we have to speak words. Of what we want, how we want to feel, what we're going to experience, and to be able to make sure that the words that we say are going to expand us. Because I got asked this question all the time. I'd created a 30 day free video program and I can give you the information, how your, your people can access it, but it's called watch your words.

And it's a video program that tells you 30 words or phrases that you definitely want to eliminate out of your vocabulary and what to say instead. Because those little small things make a huge difference at the end of the day in how we feel and what we perceive in, you know, changing the, just the words and to different thoughts and then changing the thoughts into what we believe.

And then that just tastes, it creates a whole chain reaction. So. That's the first thing is that we need to watch our words. The other thing is when we notice that we are focused on what we don't want, what I like to call contrast, or that's something that you don't want has already manifested, right? You want to ask yourself, what do I want?

Why do I want it. And then how do I want to feel? Because most of us, Jonathan were, were raised in, in, you know, in this society that if I want to feel successful, I need to go and get something to then make me feel successful. If I want to feel happy, I got to go either get the wife or the guy or have kids or you know, we, we project these things outside of ourselves that if I want to feel a certain way, that means we make meaning with everything.

That means I have to have the big house on the Hill. But the thing that we don't understand is that you can keep chasing after these things and you attain that and then you go, okay, well that didn't do it because you're keeping on keep. You keep pushing the emotions that you're wanting to feel or the feelings that you wanting to feel outside of yourself.

So the key to success is feel what you want to feel. If you want to feel massive success. We have the ability right now because we live in a holographic universe that you can feel success right now. Nothing has to change in your outer reality to feel massive success. Success beyond our imagination. Is ours to feel right now, or the sense of freedom or the sense of love, and then when we do that, we're in that vibrational place of that success or that abundance or whatever it may be.

That's when we start attracting the people, situations, books, seminars, you know, interviews, whatever it may be, to then lead us on that path so that it then becomes actually a manifestation. 

Jonathan Levi: It sounds so simple, and yet it is so hard for so many of us. And, and even, you know, I've been in that place of abundance and.

It can even be hard to maintain it. Right? And it can, you can have these like little blips that can shake your confidence or shake your faith in it and bring you back to a point of like, well, maybe I just got lucky for those years that everything was just working and I was manifesting exactly what I wanted.

So it, it's, it's so hard and I think, I think you would agree that it's a lifelong journey of, of paying very special attention to your mindset and what's happening in between your ears. 

Christy Whitman: Oh, 100% that, you know, again, it's like, it's not like a college degree, right? You go to college, you get the degree, it's forever yours.

You don't have to go back. You don't have to keep doing, you know, CCU, you, you know, and I have to do continued education and get, you know, it's like, it's done. It's yours. It's a diploma, energy. And you know, manifestation doesn't work like that. It is a daily commitment. It's a daily commitment to being an energy master and to mastering your own energy and mastering.

You know the energy between your, your years, like you were saying, it's, you know, like everything is energy. We now know this from quantum physics, from regular science, that everything is energy. And when we can look at even situations that are outside of ourselves and go, okay, the lack of abundance that I'm seeing right now, that's energy.

There's something inside of me that's either blocking that abundance. And if it's blocking that abundance, that means it's still, it is energy as well. I can unblock it and let the flow of abundance flow, because if the feeling and the essence of abundance is flowing inside, it must manifest outside.

That's law of attraction. 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I do want to ask, what is. A piece of homework that we can give people around this, because I know for some people, this may seem like this big elusive thing. We're talking about mindset, we're talking about energies, but there are very real and practical steps and exercises that people can do.

I know you offer a lot of them on, on your website where people can check out what's a practical piece of homework that people can, can try to get started with this and experience it. 

Christy Whitman: Well, I would go to watcher Like I said, it's a 30 day video program. You'll get a video delivered everyday in your email.

You can just tell it's a, sometimes it's a two minute video and it's like no longer than, you know, no more than like five minutes a day. And I talk to you in the video about the word or phrase to not use and then what to say instead. And that. Makes a huge difference. When you start becoming just aware of what you say and the words that you use, you then start to have that same perspective as far as your thoughts and then your emotion.

So the words really start everything. So if I was going to say, you know, start everybody on, on one thing, it would be, start on that. Watch your word series and. It's free. I mean, why not? And it's going to help you and it's going to help you become more aware. And I give lots of tips and tools and things that you can do and processes inside of there as well.

So it's, it's an amazing program that I'm, I'm, I created just to add value to people's lives and, and help them in this process because I know how important it is. I, I started that process 24 years ago and I couldn't believe. When I started changing my words, how different I felt, but that I started becoming aware of my thoughts.

I remember the first time I, I thought, wait a minute. My thoughts aren't real. Like I never thought to question my thoughts because I thought, well, they're in my head. I'm thinking them and they must be true. And so when you can see, wait a minute, I just said, I can't do that, or I shouldn't do that, or I don't want that, or I, you know, whatever the word is.

The N and then you shifted to what the, the phrases that makes you feel like an unlimited being who is, which is what you are. You actually feel different. Your vibration is different. Your feeling of faith and hope is different. Everything changes when you change your words. 

Jonathan Levi: Fantastic. That's a fantastic one.

And we will link people in the blog slash podcast so they can get that link if they're driving or otherwise. Uh, indisposed I do want to transition a little bit to some of the more generic questions that I always like to ask when I get a high performer on the show. What are some of the skills, habits, or routines that you do.

Every day that you feel, uh, make you perform at a higher level, they could be connected to what you teach in your book or, or things that you've picked up along your journey. Learning from other thought leaders. 

Christy Whitman: Number one is meditation. Um, whether it's, whether it's doing guided meditations or whether it's sitting in silence and you know, doing an affirmation or just sitting in silence without having any thoughts.

Um, meditation for me is a way to literally plug in. I kind of feel like if you want quantum success, there's has to be a portal through which that energy comes through. And meditation is that portal. Otherwise, it's like us just kind of doing our physical action alone. You know, being either Jonathan or Christie going out in the world versus Christie and the universe, or Jonathan and the universe.

And it's a very different, um, momentum. It's a very different field of connection. And I know the difference that when I don't meditate on a certain day. What, what can flow or I should say, not flow. Um, versus when I do meditate and it's like, things are just in constant flow and there's this feeling of gratitude in my heart and you know, it just, it's just a very different life experience.

So I, meditation is number one. Absolutely. 

Jonathan Levi: That is a good reminder. Any other ones that you want to share? 

Christy Whitman: You know? Yeah. So having some kind of mantra or affirmation, because we do, I don't care who we are and how, how long we've been doing, you know, in our work, we're all have negative thoughts or perspectives that can come up.

So having some kind of thought that gets you focused on what you do want and what you do want to be and what you do want to have is great. Just having one sitting around, you know that you can say something to yourself like, I'm a money magnet, or, you know, I. I am connected or I have faith that this will come about or you know, whatever the affirmation is, I am.

I'm in the present moment. Not I live in the present moment, not in my head. And that just reminds you to drop into from your head to your heart, to the full body mint of who you are instead of just being in that treadmill on the, like the hamster on the wheel and the head. Because. That can get, you know, pretty dicey in there sometimes if we kind of let ourselves go down the momentum of negative thinking.

So, um. Having affirmations is, is absolutely key. Um, you know, and I'm going to go in that kind of a different direction, but eating healthy and working out and drinking water and, you know, doing these things slowly getting regular sleep. I mean, these things are so important to the totality of who we are.

Um, I write about in quantum success, you know, really self care. I talk about self-regulating and, and that means like really being able to say, you know what? I'm needing more rest tonight. I'm going to go to sleep early. Or, you know, thanks for the invitation. I think I'm going to, I'm going to skip out this time and I'm going to take.

Take a nice night with my family and not go out because I'm feeling, I'm feeling like I need more rest or I'm saying yes. When you mean yes, no, when you mean no. So that you're really honoring yourself and taking care of yourself. Um, but you know, being able to be really expressive of the person that you are meant to be because there's nobody else ever before you and there never will be anybody again.

Like you, you're unique and different and you have. The unique expression of the divine breathing through you in all of your uniqueness. And so for us to be able to express ourselves in a obviously kind and healthy way, but to not have to censor ourselves when we feel we want to express ourselves. These are just really important things to live by.

Jonathan Levi: Fantastic, fantastic advice to live by always making the health decision that's going to have the longterm rewards as opposed to the short term decision of, you know, the extra drink or the extra hour out. Uh, it's not easy. You know, I, I make this decision all the time and it's not easy, especially when you are in a relationship and, and want to go that extra mile, uh, for your partner to be there and enjoy an experience.

But, uh, it's an, it's an important thing. To do for yourself. 

Christy Whitman: Absolutely. So 

Jonathan Levi: I know we have come up on time here, Christie, there are a couple last questions. I do want to ask you. One, where should we send people. To learn more about you and check out all the incredible stuff you do. I don't know how you balance it all because you have so many different programs and books, workshops and events.

And I was trying to figure it out like exactly what does this woman do? But I think you do it all and you wrote a book about having it all. So it kind of makes out you, you walk the talk. But where should we send people to learn more about you? 

Christy Whitman: Well, I would definitely go check out the watcher so watch your or you can go to Christy when you go to Christy you're right.

It's like it's the, it's the whole thing of what I do. So watch your will start you where you need to be a Christy we'll give you the different levels and varieties of the, of the things that I do in my work. 

Jonathan Levi: Fantastic. And last question I always ask before I let people go, if people take one big message from this episode and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives, what would you hope for that to be?

Christy Whitman: That you are aligned. You have literally this, the all this source of re and the resources that you need to create everything in your life because it's breathing you. And if you realize that it's not something outside of you that you need. That it's inside of you and that it's an energetic flow and that you partner as like that's your true life partner.

When you partner with that divine in you, then you are unstoppable. You are. You are super human and every person has it. We just have to know how to tap into that and really develop that relationship. 

Jonathan Levi: That is a beautiful message to end on. Christy Whitman, thank you so much for joining us today. I really enjoyed the conversation and I know our audience did as well.

Christy Whitman: Thank you, Jonathan, for what you're doing out in the world, and thank you everybody for listening. 

Thanks for tuning in to the award winning SuperHuman Academy Podcast. For more great skills and strategies or for links to any of the resources mentioned in this episode, visit While you're at it, please take a moment to share this episode with a friend and leave us a review on iTunes. We'll see you next week!



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