Erwan Le Corre on Natural Movement, Paleo Fitness, and Modern Lifestyles

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Recently, I had an absolutely awesome chat with Erwan Le Corre, the founder of “MovNat.” MovNat is an unconventional school of physical training emphasizing a broader understanding of human movement and health. The point of all this is of course to improve strength, mobility, agility, and just about every physical performance attribute you can think of. Throughout the interview, though, we went far beyond physical performance, and started to tackle some of the big questions about modern lifestyles, happiness, and the future of human wellbeing.

Erwan is not your everyday human, and his program is not your everyday gym routine. He and his unique methodology have been featured in Men’s Health and Outside magazine to name just a couple. I really enjoyed this interview, and I found Erwan’s insights to be both provoking and inspiring. I hope you will, too.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The basis behind Erwan's training methodology, MovNat, and how his biography lead him to develop it
  • The many sports that Erwan is trained in, and how he has taken elements from each of them
  • The concept of “Paleo Fitness” and how it is analogous to Paleo nutrition
  • Erwan's beliefs that physical competency is a basic right for everyone, just like reading and writing
  • Sedentary, idle lifestyles, and how they affect our bodies negatively
  • How modern man's physical fitness compares (or does not compare) to our paleolithic ancestors
  • The flaws in modern exercise philosophy, and how it affects everything from our bodies to our brain function
  • The two differentiating aspects that make movement beneficial for the brain and for the body
  • Exercise that forces you to adapt to the environment, and how it leads to mindfulness and presence
  • What a typical MovNat workout might look like, and what equipment (if any) is required
  • Erwan's approach to diet and nutrition, and how it fits into a more holistic philosophy of life and health
  • Thoughts on the dangers of modern technology, including living in metropolitan cities
  • Erwan's opinions on how technology can and should be used for our health, vs. how it's being used today
  • The power nature has to uplift and restore balance to our emotional state
  • Erwan's thoughts on motivation, goals, and productivity in the context of who you are (spoiler: lifestyle design!)
  • Some thoughts on balancing aspirations and dreams vs. presence and mindfulness

Our Favorite Quotes:

“A lot of people can't operate their bodies – and they're not even embarrassed about it.”
“It's a movement-impoverished lifestyle that, collectively, we have embraced.”
“We fragment ourselves every day – but we're not fragmented. We're whole.”
“Enjoy your intuition, because intuition is that very ancient form of intelligence.”
“This world really needs people who are freaking happy, and healthy, and full of life!”

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

As promised, some videos of Erwan in his natural element (heh, get it?!)


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