How To Really Simplify And Perform At The Highest Level W/ Dr. Juli La Rocca

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“You are deeply, deeply loved.”
— Juli La Rocca

Greetings, SuperFriends!

Welcome to this week's episode, where we actually have a very special one for you! You've probably heard me talk about today's guest before, Dr. Juli La Rocca, as a star SuperLearner student, and then someone who also took my Branding You program, and has gone on to just become so successful and influential, do incredible things, and help people all over the place.

Her story starts as a traditional Western medicine doctor who went from a lot of struggles, trials, tribulations, depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more as you'll discover, to learning, growing, changing, evolving, and becoming a coach to very successful people.

She's an incredible woman, she's actually one of my coaches right now, and she has helped me through so many incredible breakthroughs in the last year that we've been working together. So, I thought I would bring her to all of you, because not only does she have an incredible story, and an incredible amount of wisdom to share, but she is the epitome of a SuperLearner, going from not knowing anything about the thought leader business – her words, not mine – to where she is now.

Now, the student truly has become the teacher, and she is a valued coach of mine and teaches me so much about how to live my life and how to take good care of myself. So, again, I thought why hog all her wisdom for myself. I wanted to bring her to all of you, and we had an incredible conversation as we always do about life, about what's important, about different tools that you can use to perform at your highest level, and about simplifying, which I think is a really important thing that we all need to be thinking about right now.

I heard an incredible quote the other day from a former Disney executive who said “in the rush to go back to normal, take time to consider which parts of normal are worth going back to”. I think that is so profound. I think this podcast episode will help you think, and start that conversation with yourself. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Dr. Juli La Rocca.

-Jonathan Levi

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Who is Dr. Juli La Rocca, what does she do, and how did she get here? [4:10]
  • A conversation on psychedelics [10:50]
  • What needs to come before using any tool for healing [12:00]
  • How does Dr. Juli La Rocca approach things differently? [16:45]
  • Some homework assignments from Dr. Juli La Rocca [21:30]
  • How can you know if you need a coach? [25:40]
  • What has stuck for Dr. Juli La Rocca, after trying all those techniques? [28:50]
  • What are some other habits Dr. Juli La Rocca is committed to? [31:20]
  • What are some products or services that Dr. Juli La Rocca can't live without? [33:55]
  • Plant medicine, and how crucial are they? [38:00]
  • Where can you learn more about Dr. Juli La Rocca? [39:00]
  • What is Dr. Juli La Rocca excited about doing next? [39:50]
  • Dr. Juli La Rocca's final takeaway message [40:45]

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Favorite Quotes from Juli La Rocca:

“It has to be the right message, at the right time, with the right messenger.”
“We are not out minds, we are not our thoughts. We are the conscious awareness of these thoughts.”


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Greetings, SuperFriends! And welcome, welcome to this week's episode, where we actually have a very special, special episode for you! You've probably heard me talk about today's guest before, as a star SuperLearner student, and then someone who also took my Branding You program, and has gone on to just become so successful and influential, and do incredible things, and help people all over the place.

And her story starts as a traditional Western medicine doctor who goes through a lot of struggles, trials, tribulations, depression, suicidal thoughts, and much more as you'll discover, to learning, growing, changing, evolving, and developing, and becoming a coach to very, very successful people.

She's an incredible woman, she's actually one of MY coaches right now, and she has helped me through so many incredible breakthroughs in the last, almost year that we've been working together. And I thought I would bring her to all of you, because not only does she have an incredible story, and an incredible amount of wisdom to share, but she is the epitome of a SuperLearner, going from not knowing anything about the thought leader business – in her words, not mine – to now, the student truly has become the teacher, and she is a valued coach of mine and teaches me so much about how to live my life and how to take good care of myself. That is just incredible! So, I thought why hog all her wisdom for myself. I wanted to bring her to all of you, and we had an incredible conversation as we always do about life, about what's important, about different tools that you can use to perform at your highest level, and about simplifying, which I think is a really important thing that we all need to be thinking about right now.

I heard an incredible quote the other day from a former Disney executive who said “in the rush to go back to normal, take time to consider which parts of normal are worth going back to”. I think that is so profound. I think this podcast episode will help you think, and start that conversation with yourself. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to Dr. Juli La Rocca.

Dr. Juli Larocca how are you, my friend? I'm really excited to have you on the show. Finally. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: I am so wonderful. Thanks for having me, Jonathan. 

Jonathan Levi: This is a really exciting episode, you know, before we hit record, I told you I'm in a special privilege position because I already know so much of the juicy goodness.

That is your story, your gift. And also, you know, I've bragged it. You're probably the most bragged about guests because I've bragged so much about all that you've achieved, and just how much incredible growth you've done over the years and how you have been coaching me. And so all this is to say, I'm excited to have you on the show and I'm excited to share you with my audience. Finally.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: It is so great to be here. I can't wait to dive in. 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah. So Juli, for folks who don't know you, and haven't known you for years, as I have, tell me who you are, what you do, but then really tell me the good stuff, which is your superhero origin story. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah, absolutely. So I am a healer, first and foremost.

I heal holistically on all different levels. So really looking at mind, body and consciousness, and I'm probably as holistic as it gets because I am Western-trained family physician. I'm board certified in family medicine, and I've also done an additional two years fellowship training in integrative and holistic medicine.

So looking at things, you know, common terms would be like functional medicine, looking at genomics, and supplements, and Nutrigenomics, and that whole world, and then also on a more personal level I've dug very, very deeply into consciousness and what it means to be existing and just aware and present in this world and how we can reach also altered and expanded states of consciousness.

So that's a little bit about what I do and I help people heal using all those three things. How did I even get there? Sometimes I still ask myself that question. You know, a few years ago, I hit a low point in my life. I was in residency, I was a single mother, full time single mother, has sole custody of an infant.

I'm working 80 to a hundred hours a week and was in a place where I wasn't being true to myself. So what happens when you aren't true to yourself is , became extremely depressed, extremely anxious to the point where I couldn't get out of bed. I was contemplating suicide. I'd actually even had a suicide attempt a few years before that, which I've not really spoken about much, but will.

It was just an all time low for me, and something shifted in me that said: “enough is enough”. I can't keep doing this to myself anymore. I need to stop focusing on everybody else. I need to stop living other people's dreams. I need to stop worrying about what everybody wants me to be, and I need to focus on what I want to be, and really even discover who that person is.

So I, you know, made it through residency. I made a huge shift in my life. From a consciousness standpoint, from a physical standpoint, lost a bunch of weight, you know, really addressed again, like the mind body and the consciousness, and even graduated and still didn't even want to go into traditional Western medicine.

I took a huge risk, took this online course by this guy named Jonathan Levi, who you might know, and it was like how to build a business and in a few months. And so I said, yeah, you know, let's do that. I love to create, I'm passionate about what I do. I want to share how I went from the lowest of lows to getting my life back together, and I want to share that with the world. 

So I started an online support and personal development site and group for single mothers called UnbreakAble Moms, and connected with you, ended up then, you know, winning this competition that you put on, going to Genius Network, connecting with these amazing, just incredible giving, heart-centered, also very wildly successful entrepreneurs, too. Also launching even my own concierge medical practice to also even launching my own coaching business now. And so it's, yeah. Wow. Even me talking about it now, I'm just like, “okay, you're ridiculous, Juli. Like, how did you do all of that?”.

But that is really my story. I started from the lowest of lows to finally discovering who I am and accepting that and loving that and stepping into my full power, which is where we are today. 

Jonathan Levi: When did you discover that you were a healer? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: You know, I think it's always been such an innate part of me.

And like you said, I didn't know it. I grew up as an artist. I was always a musician. I even went like my Bachelor of Arts. I studied the trumpet in college, and I think I always created art really to heal, to make people feel, to make people feel things. That's what art is.

And I didn't know that that was really me trying to get people to look into themselves. But then, you know, some point in college, I really thought, well, I can't make money. You know, being an artist, which is definitely a limiting belief, and I thought, “you know what? I really like science. I really love helping people, let me go to medical school.”.

But I don't think that even then I realized that I was a healer. Right. I thought that I was just helping people and using that with science. So when I really stepped into that, you know, I don't want to call it an identity, but in a sense, it really is. When I started doing this work with patients trying to get them to heal on a different level, and change their behaviors.

It was probably in residency when paralleled with my own need for healing, you know, I started looking at these patients. And let me tell you, Jonathan, like everybody knows that they're supposed to eat healthy. Everybody knows that they're supposed to exercise. They're supposed to take their medications, but yet nobody was doing it.

And so I started digging deep into the why, and really I've just became obsessed with that. And then all of a sudden, this whole world of mental health and mental wellness and wellbeing and spirituality and consciousness started to unfold itself. And then. That was when the key really turned, and I felt like I unlocked this whole potential.

And I said, you know what, I'm good at that. I'm good at helping people do this. And so, O was doing it with myself, doing it with my patients and that's when I said, okay yes, I am a healer. 

Jonathan Levi: Incredible, incredible. Now you run the gamut of the healing work that you do. You've worked with me on understanding my DNA better, You, again, work on Nutrigenomix. You also work on plant medicines and psychedelic experiences and things. I don't know. Are we allowed to talk about that? Can we talk about that? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah, we can talk about that, certainly. I guess, medical disclaimer, you know, I can't endorse it obviously in the US and other parts of the world. Sure it's legal, and that's a great conversation to have about all of the safety and all of that. I don't want to get too into that right now, but certainly, you know, it's kind of a trendy thing right now, and people are asking for it. And so do I give it to them? No, I don't give it to them, but what I can help do is create an experience so that it will benefit. Because you hear about bad trips all the time, and you hear about people that, you know, take these psychedelic drugs and they don't get much from it. So I really believe that there's a way to prepare the mind, and the body, and the consciousness for such an experience. So that on the other end, it's just an absolutely completely 180 degree transformation from where they were before. 

Jonathan Levi: My question often with someone who has your level of experience, and with such a variety of tools, how do you know which tool is right? I ask myself this and I also ask someone like yourself. I had a friend one time who, in the middle of an acid trip I asked: “have you ever felt what I'm feeling right now?”, and I was on substances that she was not in. She answered so brilliantly, she said: “there are many ways to roll down that hill, the hell of it, you know?”.

I don't want to say enlightenment, but the hill of gaining knowledge itself. So I wonder, how does someone like you, when you work with a client and you have so many tools at your disposal, you also have worked with me on deepening my meditation practice, and my journaling practice, and also mindset.

it's like, I feel like you come at this from every angle we talk about on this podcast. How do you, and how does a person know, which is the right way to roll down that hill for any given problem? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Wow, what a beautiful question. I love that. That's really where the art comes in, but I'll tell you from my experience,  don't think that a psychedelic experience is for everybody. And how do you know that? Well, I know lots of people that have taken plenty and I mean, dozens and even some cases, hundreds of times, and they haven't even rolled down that hill. I truly believe that in order to have such an experience that's going to completely change you permanently, you have to do the work beforehand, and you have to do the work after. Psychedelics now has become like this silver bullet. You know, you have this experience and you heal all your traumas and that's simply not true. What I've seen is that, and I researched and you know, experience myself too, is that really it's almost like a preview, it's a preview to a movie. It shows you what can be. You can have these profound understandings during the trip, and then you see people just go back to their regular lives and nothing changes, or it's temporary. It lasts two to four weeks, and then you kind of just fall back into your regular life.

So, do I use that tool a lot? No, I don't, because to be honest with you, the work that goes before it is so much more important than what actually happens with using that tool. If that makes sense. 

Jonathan Levi: It makes absolute sense, and it really is, I think they call it integration, right? It's like in a way it's almost like reading, you know. I always say “information can't create transformation without application and implementation”, and it's exactly that it's almost like these experiences that you have, again, whether they're because just sitting down to meditate, unless you do the reflective work also. It's going to calm you down. It's going to give you so many different things, but you need to do the work to actually observe, like, what is changing in me and how do I want to show up in the world and how do I want to integrate this practice? And so it is, it's almost like you're getting all this information from a psychedelic experience, but if you don't, I mean, for me, in pretty much every, I hesitate to say every cause there's been some really bad ones, but in pretty much every experience that I've had, the integration has almost started immediately, even while in the middle of the experience. Pulling out a notebook and going, I just learned this amazing thing that I never knew about leadership, or how did this amazing thing that I never knew about life's decisions. And so, I think you're absolutely right on that, I think you're absolutely right on that. And so as I perceive the answer to your question, the answer is it's almost never one tool, it's a combination. The art is in the mixture of the tools. It's integrating the journaling practice with the meditation, with perhaps the plant medicine or perhaps cleaning up the nutrition so we can get the meditation to actually work.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yes, exactly, and that's why I do what I do, and I'm in such a kind of unique position to do it because I can combine all those different elements. 

Jonathan Levi: Right. I was going to ask you, and I think, I still think it's worth asking. The question is how do you think you approach this differently? I like to ask folks, you know, there are so many exes, there are so many memory teachers online. How do you approach it differently? What are you not seeing that's happening in the marketplace that you said, “you know what, I'm going to bring that because the marketplace needs it.”.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yes. 

Jonathan Levi: And don't be humble. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Okay, okay. I really wish that this is something that I could give to everybody because I have it and I want to give it to the world.

It's an intuitive practice, like really at its core. I just know what people need to hear and when they need to hear it. I always say it has to be the right message, at the right time, with the right messenger. And I don't know, I just I understand people, and I just listen so deeply to them. And I know that you've experienced this in working with me too. I can just tell when enough is enough, we need to stop, we need to pull back, he's not ready for that yet, he needs to figure that out on his own, I can't give him the answer. And how do I know those things? I can't tell you. I think it's just through intuition and also just through experience. That's really, really where the art in all of this comes because anybody can. 

There's tons of books on nutrition for healing trauma. You can learn all the science behind genomics, etc. But really when you have someone in front of you, that to me is the most powerful and the most sacred thing that exists.

Therapeutic relationship is having someone across from you that is completely accepting of absolutely everything that you say and do without needing you to change is completely non-judgmental, that nothing you can say will ever phase them in any way, and someone that has love, just so much love. Those are really, that's my secret sauce that sets me apart from other healers. 

Jonathan Levi: I often joke that you have Bruja wisdom, like witch wisdom almost, or kind of like superpower wisdom, because you have shown me things about myself that I forgot, and I, the moment you said them, it was a breakthrough, like “that is so true about me”. I'll give you an example. I hate it when people are so vague on podcasts. I grew up as a creator, building things with my hands and creating new things, and you looked at me one day when I was just not in a good place in my business or in my life, and you said like, “Jonathan, what's your creative outlet right now? Because you, and you didn't even get to, you need your, or you are the type”, I don't even know where the sentence was going, but it was just like, boom. All of a sudden it was this truth. I was back at five years old, that kid on the videotapes building a treehouse, not because he wanted a treehouse, but because he wanted to build and see if he could build things. And that sent me down a journey that you, you really knew where the journey was ending up, and the journey is still evolving as early as this week, you know. What's going to be next for me, and what am I building, and what am I creating, and what am I not going to be doing anymore?

Is it ever strange for you to maybe see more into a person than they see into themselves? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: I think we all have that ability. I think that's why we need each other. I need people to be my mirrors all the time and to reflect back to me. Iit's not strange at all. It's part of being human and connecting.

It's actually the most beautiful thing there is, and why I love what I do so much, so no, not strange at all, only beauty in that.

Jonathan Levi: That's really cool. Now I would love it if we could share some practical tools, exercises, or homework for our audience. Cause you've had me do some really cool exercises over the extent of our coaching time, and I think you have a lot of really cool exercises. You've given me a lot of cool blog posts and things to read. It's really cool because I certainly feel, there are not many people that I can kind of like not let my guard down, but who can keep up with the level of content that I consume, and you always have new stuff from you, which is so cool.

So what are some homework assignments? Don't feel restricted to just one homework assignment that maybe people can do at home to X, to be more SuperHuman, to whatever that is. I don't want to restrict you because again, you come from so many disciplines, you could say, “hey, do a really cool, do this really cool, you know, blood glucose test, or go online and try this genetic test that just came out.”, and on the converse you can say, “hey, there's an amazing drawing exercise that I have my clients do.”. So I don't want to restrict you.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah, absolutely. Thanks. I love the drawing exercise one and I'll probably touch on that second, but that's not one that I came up with, but one that I think that everybody can benefit from, because again, it's like, okay, I'll send you content, but it's specifically for you. It's exactly what you need to hear at that moment, right. But this one is something that everybody can do all the time, and it begins to increase the gap and I've, you know, there's that beautiful Viktor Frankl quote it's “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies choice, and in that choice lies freedom.”.

The way that I interpret that is that space is the space between your mind and your consciousness, right? Cause we are not our minds. We are not our thoughts. We are the conscious awareness of that thought. So the more that you can increase that space, that gap, the more freedom you have, freedom from emotions, freedom from just all the things that pull us down and keep us stuck in this kind of physical existence. So, an exercise that everybody can do is really just being aware, and what I mean by that is how many times throughout the day can you remember that you're a conscious being, right? So I have my clients do this all the time. If it's even just, you know, a little sticky note pad, and every time that you remember, just put a little check mark on there. What you just did right in that moment was had a mindfulness moment, right?

You remembered that you are not your thoughts, that you are this conscious awareness instead. And then you come out of your mind, even if it's for that moment. And every time you do that, it's like a repetition, it's like doing a rep of, you know, a bicep curl, right? Every time you do that, you are strengthening your consciousness. You are increasing that gap and increasing that space every single time. 

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Alright, let's get back to the episode. 

How do people know, this is a question I always ask because in my life, coaches, it really has been that old, I believe it's a Buddhist proverb, when the student is ready, the teacher appears, but I often wonder if I have enough teachers because I am the learning guy, right. I think a lot of us wonder, like, should I have a coach? Should I have a personal trainer? Should I have more mentors than I have at work? Should I be leaning more on my family to guide me? And I guess this is, I think a great question. How do people know if they need a coach? Like you. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah. I really think that we are all our teachers.

Anything can be our teacher. The question is, are you looking for it, right? Just like in that proverb, as soon as you seek, it appears. So, whatever it is that you're looking for, It will show up to teach you, but it has to start with the conscious awareness of, I need help with X. Right? And then life will just slap you in the face and say, here you go, here's your challenge, here's what you need to work on, here's what you need to overcome. So, do people need coaches for that? Sometimes, yeah sometimes they do, but that's really a question yet every person asks themselves. Close your eyes, ask your soul, ask your spirit, ask the universe, whatever it is you believe, and you'll have that answer. 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. And one of my, I told you through this. These experiences that I've been having recently, and just all of the changes that are going on in my life and in my business, and I'm sure I'll talk about them in a future podcast episode, but I've come up with yet another one of my secrets of adulthood, which for those who listened to the show, you know, I do secrets of adulthood for pretty much every year, and recently I've had like five new ones come in because of just everything that's been going on and all these incredible cool changes, and a couple of them are pertinent, I think, to the discussion that we're having right now, one being that life will often make the most difficult decisions for you, but you have to listen and you have to pay attention.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: A hundred percent. 

Jonathan Levi: By the way, I had another one that I think was really pertinent and relevant, which I want to share with you as my coach. So I'm just going to share it on the air for the whole world to know. I was talking with another mentor of mine and saying, you know, it's a bummer that I'm re-learning this lesson, as I was telling you on our coaching call early today, you know, it's a bummer because I'm the learning guy, and I had thought I had learned this life lesson, and then I realized, this quote just hit me. Right? It's like if I just hadn't done this this way, if I hadn't done it that way, and typically I don't live with regret, but I hate waste at the same time. Right? So it was like this wasted, wasted time spent on doing this when I wish I'd just known. Right? And it came to me that in order to learn the lessons afforded by the journey, you have to take every step of it, even the difficult ones. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: It's beautiful. Really, really beautiful. That is some Bruja Wisdom right there. 

Jonathan Levi: Bruja Wisdom. I have the scars to prove it. Now Juli, again, can you come at this health and SuperHuman thing from so many different angles.

I think this is why you and I connect on so many levels and we connect so well. I love just hearing about the things that you're doing. I mean, I feel like every time I see you, you are like the living embodiment of all the stuff we talk about on the show. Sometimes I'll catch you, you’re like, Oh, I'm fasting for three days. Other times you're like, yeah, I just got out of the ice bath. What has stuck for you of all the things you've learned through functional medicine, through all the incredible work you've done on meditation, what sticks for you? Because I think, people often ask me like, what's your daily routine? But I think what's more interesting is like, what are the things, even if they're not daily, that you've tried and have stuck?

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Stillness. Yup. Stillness and inner nature, both of those things. I don't necessarily mean meditation when I mean, stillness. Then what I mean by inner nature is simply listening to whatever it is, my body, my mind, my spirit needs and wants, and I follow that. I stopped trying to force anything in life. I just stopped. This was maybe about a year ago, and I am so much happier. I’m not trying anymore. There's no forcing. Everything now just flows, and those consciousness checks that people can do at home, when you do those, ask yourself: What do I need right now? What do I want? What is it that I want to do at this moment? And sometimes I can just be taking a breath, getting a drink of water. Oh, you know, I forgot to pee, I forgot to eat. Sometimes I want to write, sometimes I need to get this, you know, not even need to, I want to accomplish this task than I need to do for the day. Right. I'm so much more productive. I'm so much happier. My relationships have deepened. I'm a better mother. I'm just all around. Just that, that makes you superhuman right there.

Jonathan Levi: Totally. What else? Cause I know you're a pretty proficient bio-hacker, what are the habits that you've been doing nutritionally, exercise-wise, that keep you performing at such a high level? By the way, I also don't want to denigrate like the stillness one and that not doing so much is a huge one, and it's the one that I'm  working on improving right now. So that's a really, really big one, and I want to honor that. What else is there? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah, I think it really also comes down to, again, like following that inner nature when it comes to exercise, because I'm just not a person that likes to go to the gym and lift weights, or like to get on a treadmill.

So I stopped trying to do that. I've been searching for ways to move my body in ways that it likes to move. And, uh, lately it's been doing these fun afrobeats dance workouts, and it's great, and I freaking love it, and that like energizes my whole body. Like, as my best friend says, you cannot be sad when you're dancing.

So it elevates your mood. I follow that with a cold shower, which also you know, puts you in a great mood too. So yeah, that's exercise wise. Nutrition, again, same thing I'm listening to my body's needs because a lot of times, you know, people are like, oh intermittent fasting. It's so great and amazing, and yeah it's great, and you know what, if we all just listen to our bodies, we probably wouldn't eat all day. Most of us would skip breakfast or dinner.So really listening in and saying, am I really hungry right now? What am I actually craving? And a lot of times it's the fresh stuff. 

Like, man, you know, I really need some vegetables. And then sometimes like, I'll just crave fish, like crazy for a week. So I'm eating tons of fish. Cause I think my brain needs it. Right. Then the other thing is not being so rigid with these routines. Some people get so obsessed with, oh, I can't eat because my intermittent fasting thing is not done for another half hour. Right, or like it's a celebration and no, I'm not gonna even touch that slice of cake. Right. It's okay, we can enjoy life. That's why we're here. It's not gonna kill us to try and practice moderation as much as hard as it is for some of us.

Jonathan Levi: Yeah. I think that's a really, really good one. So we talked about homework. We talked about how people can know if they need a help, if they need a coach or they need help in general. What are some products or services you simply could not live without? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: I think for me, this sounds really weird, but I have this diffuser that I absolutely adore. It's beautiful. It's like, I think you can get on Amazon for like 40 or 50 bucks. They’re the glass diffusers that are like, it looks like a star. It looks like a bunch of stars and it changes colors. So, it's kind of trippy and it's just beautiful, but also, you get the added benefit of aromatherapy.

So for me, the key is always creating an environment of peace around me. So, I would say that that's one, and then kind of second to that is like my big Alexa Echo Speaker, because it simplifies my life and then pretty much at all times I have it playing on this loop of thunder sounds.

Whoever has an echo in their home, just say, hey Alexa play thunder sounds. And it's this beautiful noise, it's music as music to my ears. 

Jonathan Levi: That's really smart. What kind of oil are you putting in the diffuser? I got to know because we have diffusers in every room ever since I've been good friends with Melyna Harrison. It's been a game changer. It's like, you almost can design the mood that you want your household to be in.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. So I do that with aromatherapy, and then either having the thunder sounds or some like very gentle music, but I don't know, I use all kinds of different stuff. I like to use blends and I like to change them on like maybe once a week, because you kind of get used to the same scent and then you put something new on, and it's like, oh okay that's nice and different and fresh. But in general, let's see. I really love lavender's, peppermint, nothing too crazy. I love lemongrass too, I use that a lot in cleaning. So anything that just smells nice.

Jonathan Levi: That's cool. I love it when MDs are hip with all these, because your average MD, and you and I have talked about this at length how you became very dissatisfied with this standard Western medicine approach, and we didn't talk about that too too much throughout this episode, but I love it when MDs are hip to like, oh yeah, totally meditation, essential oils, like all this stuff. Me, I'm a hardcore doTERRA. I love Motivate during the day when I got gotta get work done. At night I like either the piece or just straight lavender. So really to the core. I also had a MD-PhD friend who got me on grounding. I didn't mention this to you in our last coaching session, but actually it's really hard during quarantine to go outside. I don't have access to outside as much as I would like, so I have a grounding mat and I sleep with it under my feet, and it's great. I'm always grounded. It makes such a difference. It's crazy to me. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah. I take a lot of baths because baths, because you know, the water helps ground us and if the water is coming from a good source, it's also a really great way to ground. So absolutely, I think it's essential to our health.

And I just want to mention real quick about the oils. Back to the inner nature, I think that we’re just mentally sizing everything. We're trying to intellectualize everything, and I don't want to take away from all of the science that actually supports different essential oils, but sometimes you just smell one and say, okay, you know, I feel like that one. Right? Not because it has immune boosting properties or what have you, but maybe you just listen to you, like your body and say, okay, this is the one I want right now. Right? 

Jonathan Levi: Yeah, absolutely. Are there any subjects that we didn't talk about that you would have liked to talk about? For example, we didn't touch too much on the Western medicine thing. I don't know if you want to go there. Are there any things I should have asked you that I didn't?

Dr. Juli La Rocca: I did want to mention again, back to plant medicine, because there is such hype and kind of trend and kind of craze around it right now. It is a tool, but I don't think that people need it to have profound, either spiritual experiences, profound realizations about themselves. It is a tool, like I said, but even as you're experiencing now, right? Like you're going through all these different breakthroughs, and I think people around the world, even just with the quarantine, are just forced to look at their lives and force introspection, um, without these substances. So, they're there when we need them, and there is certainly overwhelming science and evidence to support their use, but there's also other ways too. So I just want to mention that.

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely. Juli where should people reach out to you and learn more about all the amazing stuff that you are doing? 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah. Currently, my jam is J-U-L-I-M-D dot com. That's where you can learn about what I'm doing with the mind-body consciousness healing, or if you want to read more of my stories from blog There's a lot of just very, very raw writing there, and you can contact me through either one of those websites. Yeah, that's the best way. 

Jonathan Levi: What's next for you? What are you excited about doing next in your business? I mean, I know you and I are both very excited about doing less, but also what's next for you, and what are you excited about doing more of as you grow your business?

Dr. Juli La Rocca: I'm excited about creating meditations. I don't know why I haven't been doing that because I do them all the time for clients, but now I'm actually gonna record them and start making them publicly available. So I'm really, really looking forward to doing that. 

Jonathan Levi: Fantastic. And Juli, before I let you go, and of course, people should check out the blog post and show notes for this episode where we will have a full transcript of the episode, something new we've started doing at, but last question I want to ask you before I let you go is if people take away one big message from this episode and they carry it with them for the rest of their lives, what would you hope for that to be?

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Okay. I'm going to get a touchy feeling, okay.

Jonathan Levi: Please. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Whoever hears this, I want you to repeat it to yourself. Obviously instead of you, I want you to say I, but the biggest message is that you are deeply, deeply loved. 

Jonathan Levi: Absolutely. 

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Yeah. It's just in my experience, everything comes down to that. Everything comes down to our need to be loved.

And that's okay. That is the essential, emotional need of all of us, and just know that you are and tell yourself that every single day. I am deeply left. 

Jonathan Levi: Beautiful words to end on Dr. Juli La Rocca. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really glad I got to share you with the audience, and I look forward to keeping in touch and our next coaching session.

Dr. Juli La Rocca: Same! Thanks for having me, Jonathan.

Thanks for tuning in to the award winning SuperHuman Academy Podcast. For more great skills and strategies or for links to any of the resources mentioned in this episode, visit While you're at it, please take a moment to share this episode with a friend and leave us a review on iTunes. We'll see you next week!



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